‘Jet-setting’ government clocked up 300 million air miles last year

25.3.2008   (Independent)

By Nigel Morris, Home Affairs Correspondent

Ministers were accused of hypocrisy and extravagance after the Conservatives
calculated that Whitehall departments and major public bodies clocked up more
than 300 million “air miles” last year.


The Tories said the flights would have been enough to take politicians and civil
servants to the moon 1,280 times or make 12,240 journeys around the world.

The figures came after the Sustainable Development Commission, an environmental watchdog, warned the Government that it urgently needed to
“raise its game” to reduce its environmental footprint.   It called on Whitehall to set a target for cutting air travel in favour of greener

The Tories calculated the total journeys by public bodies after obtaining details
of the amount of carbon offsetting by the Government in 2006-07.   It was the first
time Whitehall has disclosed the figures for carbon offsetting.

The highest air travel totals were recorded by the Foreign Office (90.5 million miles), the Ministry of Defence (43.4 million, excluding military travel) and the Department for International Development (42.2 million).

But several largely domestic departments also ran up large totals.   The Cabinet Office, including Downing Street, accumulated 38.5 million miles, HM Revenue and Customs staff covered 17.3 million miles and the Home Office accounted for 9.4 million miles.

Ministers and officials from the DCLG  covered 555,000 miles travelling to four continents, while the DEFRA   covered 1,658,000 miles to the likes of Thailand and Australia.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police travelled 16.9 million miles, Transport for London 1.6 million miles and the Greater London Authority 637,000 miles.

The Tories estimated the total travel by ministers and civil servants over the
period to be 306 million miles.

They claimed the price of the tickets to the taxpayer would have been £50m, excluding
expenses such as hotel bills and the cost of food.  Francis Maude, the shadow
Cabinet Office minister, said: “Ministers – and Ken Livingstone – are failing
to practise what they preach on the environment, as they and their civil servants
jet around the world on foreign jaunts. Labour ministers should start showing
some social responsibility and set clear targets to reduce unnecessary travel,
in order to reduce carbon emissions and save taxpayers’ money.”

Tony Bosworth, senior transport campaigner for Friends of the Earth, said: “Tackling
aviation growth is essential to cutting climate change emissions. The Government
should be setting an example and not use planes where there are good rail alternatives

A spokesman for the Cabinet Office said: “The Government would never indulge
in unnecessary air travel, but no one should try to suggest Britain’s interests
can only be pursued over the phone.   For example, Defra sent delegations to important
international environmental talks, helping to secure crucial environmental commitments.”

The Independent disclosed last week that two thirds of cabinet ministers travel
in vehicles occupying the top emissions bands.

Favourite destinations

Between April 2006 and December 2007, ministers and staff from DEFRA   (the Department
for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and its agencies spent £1.8m on 2,361
separate flights to foreign countries

Australia £59,124

Austria £29,308

Belgium £59,889

Brazil £90,620

Canada £67,618

China £115,579

Denmark £22,220

Ethiopia £9,578

Finland £46,203

Germany £82,411

Hong Kong £26,770

India £109,694

Indonesia £104,045

Japan £71,898

Kenya £127,938

Luxembourg £30,090

Mexico £92,301

Switzerland £34,456

Thailand £39,160

United States £316,751


Government clocked up 300m air miles last year

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Full air travel breakdown by department

Full air travel breakdown by department

Air travel by department/agency CO2e (tonnes) offset for air travel Estimated air travel (km) Estimated air travel (miles)
Total 128,482 492,644,804 305,990,562
Foreign & Commonwealth Office 38,000 145,705,521 90,500,324
Ministry of Defence – civilian travel 18,224 69,877,109 43,401,931
Dept for International Development 17,734 67,997,546 42,234,501
Cabinet Office (including No. 10) 16,163 61,976,476 38,494,706
Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs 7,278 27,906,442 17,333,194
Metropolitan Police Service 7,080 27,145,706 16,860,687
Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform 4,470 17,138,267 10,644,886
Home Office 3,935 15,087,193 9,370,927
Dept for Work and Pensions 3,819 14,643,175 9,095,140
House of Commons 2,626 10,069,747 6,254,501
HM Treasury 1,487 5,701,879 3,541,540
Dept for Transport 1,357 5,202,186 3,231,171
Northern Ireland Office 1,149 4,404,870 2,735,944
Dept of Health 918 3,518,482 2,185,392
Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 696 2,668,712 1,657,585
Transport for London 681 2,610,353 1,621,337
Dept for Children, Schools and Families 468 1,793,635 1,114,059
House of Lords 453 1,735,660 1,078,049
Serious Fraud Office 327 1,254,333 779,089
Greater London Authority 267 1,024,847 636,551
Dept for Communities and Local Government 233 893,137 554,743
Dept for Culture, Media and Sport 214 820,782 509,803
Crown Prosecution Service 203 780,061 484,510
Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science 192 736,963 457,741
Export Credits Guarantee Department 190 726,610 451,311
Valuation Office Agency 83 318,252 197,672
London Development Agency 77 294,210 182,739
Ministry of Justice 61 234,739 145,801
Treasury Solicitors 32 122,086 75,830
Revenue and Customs Prosecution Office 30 113,459 70,471
Attorney General’s Office 15 55,828 34,676
The Rent Service 14 55,445 34,438
HM CPS Inspectorate 8 31,097 19,315