3 arrests after Plane Stupid block Heathrow tunnel for 3 hours using a van + activists locked onto it

The main road entrance tunnel to Heathrow’s Terminals 1 and 2 was blocked by climate change activists from Plane Stupid,  for about 3 hours, from 7.40 this morning. Three activists parked a vehicle across both lanes of the entrance tunnel and locked themselves to it, unfurling a banner quoting David Cameron’s election promise in 2010: “No Ifs, No Buts: No Third Runway”.  Three people were arrested, and the tunnel was finally cleared. Some travellers may have been delayed or could have missed flights. Local resident Neil Keveren, a builder from Harmondsworth, whose house would be bulldozed for the 3rd runway, was fined after blocking the same tunnel with his van for half an hour on 2nd July, the day after the Airports Commission announcement. Neil said: “No one wants to do this. They feel they have to. People feel they have no choice. After we campaigned for years, David Cameron was elected promising ‘no ifs, no buts: no third runway’. …. We have tried every other option. We have been forced to be disobedient just to be heard. To save our homes and our planet.”  There is already airport capacity for families taking a couple of trips per year, or wealthy foreign visitors to the UK, but a new runway would be for the most wealthy to take multiple leisure trips each year. Plane Stupid apologised for causing inconvenience, but believe the strong arguments against a Heathrow runway must be heard.


Heathrow protest: Five arrested as Plane Stupid climate change demonstrators block road tunnel at airport

26.11.2015   4pm.
by Jamie Bullen  (Evening Standard)

Five people [it was 3 people] have been arrested after climate change protesters blocked the road tunnel leading into Heathrow Airport and locked themselves to a van.

The protest against a third runway blocked the road access into terminals 2 and 3 for three hours from just before 7.45am, causing traffic chaos for thousands of travellers.

Anti-airport campaign group Plane Stupid claimed responsibility after it confirmed three activists parked the van across the tunnel and chained themselves to it.

Scotland Yard said five people were arrested.

A Met Police spokesman said during the incident: “Officers are currently dealing with a protest near the inbound tunnel of Heathrow airport. They were called at 7:42am on Thursday, November 26.

A video showed a white van with a “No New Runways” sign blocking traffic.

A Heathrow spokesman said this morning: “We can confirm there is a protest taking place in the inbound tunnel which is currently affecting traffic around the central terminal area and terminals 2 and 3 at Heathrow.”

He added any decision to delay flights or push back check-in times would have to be made by the airlines.

Drivers said queues stretched all the way back to the M4.

A contraflow was put in place on the outbound section of the tunnel in an effort to clear traffic.


Highways England said traffic was heavy on the M4 westbound between junction 4 and 4a for Heathrow.

The protest came on the day Parliament discussed airport expansion after a recommendation was made to build a new runway at Heathrow.   [The debate can be seen on Parliament TV  starting at about 13.56 and ending at 17.00.  It will be on Hansard shortly. ]

…. and it continues ….




Plane Stupid blockade Heathrow entrance tunnel

26.11.2015 (Plane Stupid press release)  – 8 am

Heathrow tunnel 26.11.2015

Tunnel blocked 26.11.2015

Heathrow tunnel No Ifs No Buts banner 26.11.2015

Heathrow entrance

The main road entrance to Heathrow airport has been blocked by climate change activists since 7.40 this morning.

Three members of anti-airport expansion campaign group Plane Stupid parked a vehicle across both lanes of the entrance tunnel and locked their bodies to it, unfurling a banner quoting David Cameron’s election promise: “No Ifs, No Buts: No Third Runway”. David Cameron has promised a decision by the end of the year on whether to build another runway at Heathrow.[Link]

Local resident Neil Keveren, a builder whose village, Harmondsworth, would be bulldozed for the third runway, arrived later at the tunnel. He was fined after blocking the same tunnel with his van on 2nd July. [Link]

He said, “No one wants to do this. They feel they have to. People feel they have no choice. After we campaigned for years, David Cameron was elected promising ‘no ifs, no buts: no third runway’.[Link]

“In 2010 the High Court ruled third runway plans “untenable in law and common sense” because they breached the Climate Change Act.[Link]

“Now Cameron might just build it anyway. We have tried every other option. We have been forced to be disobedient just to be heard. To save our homes and our planet.”

Plane Stupid spokesperson Cameron Kaye said, “Airport expansion would wreck the legally binding Climate Change Act,[1] risking wiping out 55% of species this century[2] and displacing 75 million more people from their homes by 2035.[3] if aviation growth isn’t reduced, by 2037 aviation alone could emit all of the carbon it’s safe for the UK to emit.[4] The government needs to choose: build new runways or stop climate chaos: it’s that simple.

“There is already airport capacity for families taking their yearly holiday. New runways only benefit the roughly 15% of flyers who take 70% of our flights,[5] cooking our planet. These are rich frequent leisure flyers. The most reliable predictors of frequent flyer status are a household income over £115,000 and owning a second home abroad,[6] but it’s the poorest people who suffer most from climate change.”

On 13th July Plane Stupid blocked Heathrow’s North runway, reportedly causing 22 flights to be cancelled and hundreds delayed.[Link]

Photos can be used freely from twitter.com/planestupid  @planestupid

Plane Stupid press team:  07799360351    press@planestupid.com



[1] Aviation Environment Federation, 16 June 2015, ‘All set for take off? Aviation emissions to soar under Airports Commission proposals’, p.1, http://www.aef.org.uk/uploads/All-set-for-take-off-AEF-report.pdf

[2]Over 3.5 degrees, 40 to 70 per cent [average 55%] of all assessed species will be extinct. If no action is taken, this will happen by 2100.: IPCC Fourth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2007, 3.4 Risk of abrupt or irreversible changes, https://www.ipcc.ch/publications_and_data/ar4/syr/en/mains3-4.html If no action: 3.7 degree rise by 2100 if representative concentration pathway 8.5 (RCP8.5) is followed. IPCC: Table SPM-2, in: Summary for Policymakers, in: IPCC AR5 WG1 2013, p. 21 http://www.climatechange2013.org/images/report/WG1AR5_SPM_FINAL.pdf

[3] Global Humanitarian Forum: Human Impact Report, 2009, http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2009/may/29/1, http://www.ghf-ge.org/human-impact-report.pdf

[4] Page 5 of Growth Scenarios for EU & UK Aviation: contradictions with climate policy, Summary of research by Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research for Friends of the Earth Trust, Drs Alice Bows, Paul Upham, Kevin Anderson, The University of Manchester, 16 April 2005, http://www.foe.co.uk/sites/default/files/downloads/aviation_tyndall_summary.pdf

[5]Table ATT0601, Public experience of and attitudes towards air travel, DfT Statistical release, July 2014. Analysis by afreeride.org (passenger survey data), https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/335069/annex-a-tables.xls

[6] Air Transport Statistics, House of Commons Library Standard Note SN0370, p.9,http://www.parliament.uk/briefing-papers/SN03760.pdf

Heathrow Tunnel Blocked By Protesters

Thursday 26th November 2015

Protesters have caused havoc at Heathrow by blocking the tunnel to the airport.

Plane Stupid Demonstrators are angry about plans to build a third runway at the airport.

Ian Stopher was at the front of the queue in the tunnel and took this video of the huge jam caused by the protest.

The tunnel is the main entrance to terminals 1, 2 and 3.

The Met Police are on the scene, but no arrests have been made at present.

A contraflow has been put in place in the northbound tunnel to get passengers to the airport, but traffic is stretching back along the trunk road to the M4.

…. with short video  at




The last time the tunnel was blocked: 

Protester whose Harmondsworth home would be destroyed by 3rd runway, blocks Heathrow tunnel for half an hour

A blockade of Heathrow’s road access tunnel to Terminals 2 and 3 brought traffic to a halt for more than half an hour at 12.45pm today. The protest follows yesterday’s announcement that  the Airports Commission report recommends the building of 3rd runway at Heathrow.  This would require the destruction of over 1,000 homes in Harmondsworth, Longford and Sipson with a further 3,000 homes made uninhabitable due to excessive noise and pollution. Neil Keveren, a Harmondsworth resident, used a large white van to block both lanes to incoming traffic. He then unfurled a banner that covered the side of his vehicle to face the stationary traffic saying, “Residents Against Expansion – No ifs, no buts, no third runway”.  The banner refers to David Cameron’s pledge prior to the 2010 election. His entirely peaceful protest was only ever intended to last 20 minutes, to avoid disruption to the airport. His co-operation enabled the police to avoid an evacuation procedure that would have caused further disruption to traffic.  Neil Keveren made it clear his action was a personal protest, and was not part of his role as Chair of the Stop Heathrow Expansion (SHE) campaign group. However, his action were supported by many local residents and the local MP, John McDonnell.

Heathrow tunnel blocked 2.7.2015

Full story at  http://www.airportwatch.org.uk/2015/07/26823/




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“No 3rd Runway” flashmob at Heathrow Terminal 2

Around 60 protesters staged a flashmob in Heathrow’s Terminal 2, expressing their opposition to plans for a 3rd runway. With red “No 3rd runway” T-shirts and chanting “No ifs, no buts, no third runway!” There are already hugely more people affected by disturbing levels of plane noise at Heathrow than at any other airport in Europe. People who suffer from plane noise do not want more of it, and those who get some periods of “respite” during the day do not want to see this decrease.  If there was a new runway there would be around 250,000 more flights per year using Heathrow – making a 50% increase compared with the existing number now. The level of noise, the new areas affected, and the hundreds of thousands more people to be newly affected would make the addition of a new runway unacceptable. And that is not to mention the increase in air pollution, the road congestion, the rail congestion, the huge cost to the taxpayer over many years.  There is also the not inconsiderable matter of the demolition of 780 homes, making their occupants homeless.  For all these reasons, a large number of groups and organisations from a wide area oppose the runway. People at the flashmob came from Hammersmith, Ealing, Chiswick, the Heathrow villages, and areas west of Heathrow affected by flight paths. They are adamant that protest at a runway will not go away.


No Third Runway 21.11.2015


Flash mob protests against third runway at Heathrow Terminal 2


Heathrow flashmob 21.11.2015

Campaigners opposed to a 3rd runway  protest at Heathrow today Credit: ITV Meridian

Protesters arrived at around 11am on Saturday, November 21, and could be seen and heard by passengers throughout the terminal.

John Stewart of Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise (HACAN) represented one of the many groups.

He said: “The timings were to send a strong message to Heathrow Airport and to David Cameron, that if the green light was given for a third runway, there will be continual protests from the community.

“Whatever decision the Government make about the third runway, the local community is not going to go way and believes that it can defeat the proposals, as it did 10 years ago.”

Other groups showing their support for the cause included: Plane Stupid, Chiswick Against the Third Runway, Communities Against Increased Aircraft Noise (CAIAN), west London Friends of the Earth and residents from all boroughs surrounding the aiport.

Christine Taylor, a Stop Heathrow Expansion campaigner whose home in Harlington will be lost under a third runway, said: “From all aspects it was a successful flash mob.

“It was simply to remind people that, with everything else that’s in the news, we are still fighting to prevent the airport from expanding and we’ll continue to fight until the Government sees sense and rules out a third runway at Heathrow.










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David Cameron reminded of his “No its, no buts, no 3rd runway” pledge on its 6th anniversary

On Monday 19th October, Heathrow campaigners parked a replica plane outside Downing St to mark the 6th anniversary of Prime Ministers ‘No ifs, no buts, no 3rd runway’ speech.  On 19th October 2009 David Cameron, then leader of the opposition, made his now famous promise in a speech at a rally in Christ School in Richmond.  When the Coalition Government came to power in 2010 it ruled out any new runways for the duration of that Parliament.  But in 2012 it set up the Airports Commission, under Sir Howard Davies, to look at the case for new runways. In July this year the Commission recommended a third runway at Heathrow.  The Prime Minister is expected to announce before the end of the year whether he accepts that decision. Margaret Thorburn, spokesperson for the campaigners said, “Today’s colourful stunt is a visible reminder to David Cameron of the promise he made on this day six years ago.  If he breaks it, he will not be forgiven by tens of thousands of people in and around London and countless environmentalists across the country.”


No ifs Downing St

The plane “parked” at the entrance of Downing Street

No ifs

The plane “parked” outside Parliament on College green.



Report of the original speech



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Huge rally against Heathrow 3rd runway demonstrates intense cross-party opposition in London

A huge rally against a 3rd Heathrow runway, attended by one to two thousand activists who are determined not to let it ever be built, They heard impassioned speeches from all the main London mayoral candidates, who reiterated the extent of the environmental impacts – noise and air pollution in particular.  The rally sent a clear message to government that a runway is deeply opposed, and would be fought strenuously. The repeated chant at the rally was:  “No ifs, no buts. No 3rd runway.” Zac said: “We know that our air pollution problems in London would be unsolvable if we expand Heathrow. And we know it requires the demolition of more than 1,000 homes. It is a catastrophic price to pay. I think we have won the arguments, I think we are winning the campaign. The environmental case against a third runway is devastating and makes expansion both legally and morally impossible. The economic case has completely disintegrated.” Sadiq said: “It would be madness to build a new runway. People who care about London and the health of London, who worry about the noise, who worry about the infrastructure, are united against it.”  John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor and Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington, said: “In my constituency at the moment, people are literally dying. They’re dying because the air has already been poisoned by the aviation industry.”

The crowd

Part of the crowd in Parliament Square. Groups who came along in force included Teddington Action Group, CHATR in Chiswick, Stop Heathrow Expansion, HACAN, CAIAN, Richmond Heathrow Campaign, Friends of the Earth groups, Greenpeace, Plane Stupid and AEF – to name just some

Rob, hat and umbrellas

Hacan’s Rob Barnstone wearing the hat

heathrow rally with hat

We have a right to breathe clean air

362 schools

Noise and air pollution are a real concern for parents (and children) living in areas affected by Heathrow

Gut full from Heathrow
Teddington Action Group placard 

Mrs Taylor and Christine

Mrs Taylor, (84) with daughter and grand-daughter, who all live in the Heathrow villages threatened with eviction for a 3rd runway

Mrs Taylor

Adam Afriye, Sadiq Khan, Maderline Taylor, Gita Parihar, Caroline Pidgeon,

All the speakers 10.10.2015

All the speakers on stage at the end of the rally


Heathrow protest: Mayoral candidates join forces to back ‘largest ever’ protest against airport expansion


(extracts below)

Activists angry about aircraft noise and the environmental impact were staging the largest ever protest against plans for a third runway in Parliament Square this morning.

They were joined by London mayoral frontrunners Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan, along with Lib Dem candidate Caroline Pidgeon and Green Party contender Sian Berry, who all addressed the crowd to lend their support.

Speaking before the march, John Stewart, chairman of Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise (HACAN), said: “Thousands are expected to send a clear message to the prime minister that they will fight any decision to give the green light to a new runway at Heathrow.

It comes a few weeks before the government is expected to make a decision on whether an extra runway will be built at Heathrow or Gatwick.



The full list of speakers:

  • John Stewart, Chair HACAN (to welcome and introduce)
  • John McDonnell, Labour MP for Hayes & Harlington
  • Zac Goldsmith, MP for Richmond & North Kingston (and Conservative Mayoral candidate)
  • Sadiq Khan, MP for Tooting (and Labour Mayoral candidate)
  • Sian Berry, Green Party Mayoral Candidate
  • Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat Mayoral Candidate
  • Peter Whittle, UKIP Mayoral candidate
  • John Sauven, Chief executive of Greenpeace
  • Gita Parihar, Head of legal at Friends of the Earth
  • Tania Mathias, Conservative MP for Twickenham
  • Daniel Moylan, Transport for London Board Member
  • A long-standing resident from the Heathrow villages, Mrs Taylor,who faces losing her home

At London rally, John McDonnell hits out at “lying” aviation officials over Heathrow claims

At the huge anti-Heathrow 3rd runway rally, Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell lashed out at ‘lying’ aviation officials, saying ‘poisoned’ air is killing residents in the area. He said the aviation industry has ‘consistently lied’ about expanding the UK’s largest airport. He said if it would be ‘down to people power’ to prevent the 3rd runway being built, if the expansion is backed by Parliament and court appeals against the decision fail. “I will welcome back to my constituency, climate camp and all those demonstrators that will take action to prevent this runway being built.”… He said in his Hayes & Harlington constituency, next door to Heathrow: “… at the moment, people are literally dying. They’re dying because the air has already been poisoned by the aviation industry. …They’ve promised us after every inquiry, no further expansion. They are liars. They have consistently lied to us. They now tell us if they get a 3rd runway, there’ll be no increase in noise and no increase in pollution. They lie every time to us.” He said up to 4,000 homes would be demolished, or rendered unliveable in his constituency. Both main mayoral candidates, Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan, also addressed the rally, and spoke about the seriousness of the risk to ever worse air quality – with its health implications.

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Mayoral candidates join third Heathrow runway protest

10.10.2015 (BBC)

  • two umbrellas


Rival mayoral candidates have united to condemn plans for a third runway at Heathrow Airport.

They addressed a protest in Parliament Square, central London, attended by more than 1,000 people.

Conservative contender for City Hall, Zac Goldsmith, warned it would be “catastrophic”. Labour’s Sadiq Khan called it “madness”.

A Heathrow spokesman said a third runway was needed to keep London “at the heart of the global economy”.

Mr Goldsmith told the crowd: “We know that our air pollution problems in London would be unsolvable if we expand Heathrow. And we know it requires the demolition of more than 1,000 homes. It is a catastrophic price to pay.”

Mr Khan told BBC London: “It would be madness to build a new runway. People who care about London and the health of London, who worry about the noise, who worry about the infrastructure, are united against it.”

Green candidate Sian Berry, Liberal Democrat Caroline Pidgeon and UKIP’s Peter Whittle all gave speeches against the proposed expansion, joined by environmental campaigners and local residents.

‘People are dying’

John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor and Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington, also addressed the crowd. He said: “In my constituency at the moment, people are literally dying. They’re dying because the air has already been poisoned by the aviation industry.”

A Heathrow spokesman responded: “London’s future success as a global city, and as a centre for finance and investment, will depend on the strength of links with existing and new markets.

“The Airports Commission has confirmed that Heathrow expansion will keep the capital and the whole of the UK at the heart of the global economy, meet environmental targets and balance the needs of local communities.”



Thousands attend protest against plans for third runway at London airport Heathrow

10.10.2015 (IBT)

Thousands of protestors have joined all five London Mayoral candidates, MPs and national organisations in Parliament Square, London, today for the largest ever rally against a third runway at Heathrow today, 10 October. The campaigners were part of a rally organised by the Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise (HACAN).

Cabinet members are debating plans for a third runway after the Airports Commission’s recommendation that Heathrow, rather than Gatwick, would be a better site to match rising demand for flights to and from the Capital. Campaigners believe that a new third runway will cause intolerable noise, breach EU limits on air pollution, cost millions in road improvements, and force thousands to move from their homes.

John Stewart, chair of HACAN galvanised supporters under the hashtag #no3rdRunway today on social media. He said outside Parliament Square: “it’s a really great event, with a great turnout, Parliament Square is absolutely full, people have got their signs all over the place, people have come from all over London and beyond to send a very, very strong message to the prime minister.

“This is very much a cross-party objection to a third runway at Heathrow. I firmly believe we are going to win. It’s too politically difficult to build a third runway at Heathrow”

Yesterday the Environmental Audit Committee said it would hear evidence on implications for noise, carbon emissions and air quality if the airport is allowed to expand. And the owners of Gatwick airport have continued to make the case for a second runway there instead.

MP for Richmond Park, Zac Goldsmith, described Mr Stewart as a “hero”. He said: “We have people from every political party, Ukip, the Greens, Lib Dems, Labour, Conservative all the mayoral candidates – it’s a real united front.

“I think we have won the arguments, I think we are winning the campaign. It’s a magnificent turnout.”

The Tory candidate for mayor added: “The environmental case against a third runway is devastating and makes expansion both legally and morally impossible. The economic case has completely disintegrated and I am confident that the Government will make the right decision.”

Goldsmith joined other Mayoral candidates Sadiq Khan, of Labour, Sian Berry of the Green Party, Caroline Pidgeon, of the Lib Dems and Peter Whittle of UKIP. John McDonnell, Labour MP for Hayes & Harlington, Tania Mathias, Conservative MP for Twickenham also joined John Sauven, chief executive of Greenpeace, and Gita Parihar, head of legal at Friends of the Earth at the event.





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Protesters blast aircraft noise outside hotel of Conservative Party conference at 4.30am

Though not permitted into the Conservative Party conference, Plane Stupid campaigners have held a number of eye-catching (or ear blasting) protests outside. They played full volume sound of landing aircraft outside the Midland Hotel, where conference delegates were staying, at 4.30am – which is the time when the first flight arrives into Heathrow. The sound system was concealed in a wheelie bin. Plane Stupid campaigners wanted to give politicians a taste of daily life for those living under Heathrow’s (or other) flight paths. They also show that a decision for a 3rd runway will be met with fierce resistance to save the future of homes and communities in the Heathrow villages. As well as the 4.30am noise, protesters from Plane Stupid and the Heathrow villages paraded a giant model plane outside the conference, emblazoned with the words: “No third runway. No ifs, no buts” – a reminder of David Cameron’s pledge before the 2010 election. They also hung up a giant banner from a building opposite, saying “2015. No ifs, no buts. No new runways.”  To rub salt into the wounds for the Heathrow villages residents, Heathrow has also revealed new images of their dreamed of new NW runway, showing how it erases hundreds of homes and makes other communities too noisy and polluted to realistically be habitable.



Conservative MPs get early wake-up call from Heathrow Airport protesters

6.10.2015 (Get West London)


Plane Stupid campaigners blast recorded aircraft noise outside hotel where Conservative Party conference delegates are staying

Neil Keveren and the noise outside hotels
Plane Stupid protester – and resident of Harmondsworth – Neil Keveren with the sound system hidden in a wheelie bin

Heathrow 4.30am noise protest Tories

Tory MPs got a rude awakening when Heathrow protesters blasted recorded aircraft noise outside their hotel at 4.30am.

Campaigners from Plane Stupid, who oppose expansion at Heathrow, said they wanted to give politicians a taste of daily life for those living under the airport’s flight paths.

Neil Keveren, who lives near the airport, used a sound system hidden in a wheelie bin to disrupt the sleep of Conservative Party conference delegates staying at The Midland Hotel in Manchester.

Sandra Davis, who also lives close to Heathrow, said: “We want to send a clear message to Tory MPs, staying just over the road, that a decision before Christmas to give the green light to Heathrow’s third runway will be met with fierce resistance to save the future of our homes, communities and environment.

“The air my family are breathing is already over the legal pollution limit with two runways. A third runway would mean an extra 250,000 flights a year using Heathrow, only exacerbating lung and heart-related diseases linked to flights.”

The stunt on Tuesday morning (October 6) followed another anti-third runway demonstration on Monday (October 5) outside the hotel, where protesters unveiled a giant model plane emblazoned with the words: ‘No third runway, no ifs, no buts’ – a reminder of David Cameron’s pledge before the 2010 election.

PS plane at party conference

Heathrow protesters unveil a giant model plane in Manchester, where the Conservative Party conference is being held

No runway plane outside Conservative party conference

The Airports Commission earlier this year recommended a third runway at Heathrow, subject to a number of conditions, and the Government is expected to announce its plans for aviation expansion before Christmas.

Lord Andrew Adonis’s decision to resign the Labour whip and lead a National Infrastructure Commission set up by chancellor George Osborne will fuel speculation the Government intends to give Heathrow expansion the go-ahead.

Lord Adonis was transport secretary for the Labour government from 2009 to 2010 and is a prominent supporter of a third runway at Heathrow.

This week, Heathrow bosses revealed what a third runway at the west London airport could look like by publishing a series of new computer generated images of the proposed expansion.




Banner Drop

Plane Stupid also dropped a vast banner from a building across from the Conservative party conference.   Saying:   “No ifs, No buts, No new runways.”

6.10.2015PS banner drop at Conservative conference


Banner drop at Conservative conference no ifs no buts

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Protesters set up camp in forest due to be cleared for Frankfurt airport 3rd terminal and access road

The operator of Frankfurt airport, Fraport, is planning a 3rd terminal, as it claims this is needed for it to remain competitive against other European hub airports.  This new terminal would add enough capacity for 14 million more passengers a year when it opens in the first half of 2022. The airport can currently handle 64 million, but Fraport says there will be demand for 68 million to 73 million passengers by 2021.  Over 4 days, airport protesters set up a camp in the nearby Treburger Oberwald forest, that is to be cleared in the course of the construction of a third terminal at Frankfurt airport.  The peaceful event, “Forest instead of concrete,” organised by the group,  Robin Wood, made the point that not only would be increased number of flights increase the carbon emissions of German aviation, but the loss of some 60 hectares of forest for the terminal and access road would also increase CO2. The protesters also hang up a banner in protest outside the concrete and gravel supplier Sehring, which profits from the environmentally damaging construction projects. Before the construction of the new north-west runway, the activists had occupied trees in Kelsterbach Forest for 9 months until their camp was cleared in February 2009 by the police.

Summer Camp at Frankfurt airport: Forest instead of concrete – Protest at Kieswerk Sehring


 [Imperfect translation from the original German below].


Banner action outside the factory of Sehring AG against forest destruction for the airport expansion (Photo: M. Flörsheimer)

Robin Wood Frankfurt protest 28.8.2015

In protest against the planned expansion of Frankfurt airport, this afternoon at Waldsee Langen in front of Kieswerk Sehring, activists from the group ROBIN WOOD demonstrated. Two activists climbed trees outside the factory and hung up a banner with the slogan: “We know no mercy in the forest for concrete”.

The concrete and gravel supplier Sehring is a profiteer of socially and environmentally incompatible airport expansion. The company wants to grub up 60 hectares for further Auskiesung in Bannwald am Waldsee Langen. By contrast, there are many years of resistance, including in court.  So the Hessian Land Association of BUND tried to stop the company’s destruction of the land by their action.

“Forest instead of concrete” is also taking part in the climate camp in Treburer Oberwald, which began today. It is located in a wooded area that is to be cleared in the course of the construction of a third terminal at Frankfurt airport. The new terminal makes a huge capacity expansion possible. More air traffic means more noise, dirt, more damage to health and more climate damage.

ROBIN WOOD demands: Bannwald obtained – No Terminal 3 – deconstruction instead expansion of Frankfurt Airport!



No Terminal 3 – deconstruction instead of expansion Summer camp against airport expansion in Frankfurt has begun

Original German at 


(Frankfurt / Main) Summer camp against the construction of a third terminal at Frankfurt Airport has started today in the Treburer upper forest.  Environmentalists who are part of the Robin Wood initiative, are  in the wooded area south of Zeppelinheim, which is due to be cleared for the construction project of the 3rd terminal.  They will be there till Sunday, for 4 days.

Fraport AG wants to make the ground-breaking ceremony starting work for the terminal this autumn.

ROBIN WOOD calls for the renunciation of Terminal 3. The environmental organization supports the Alliance of Citizen Initiatives against airport expansion with the camp in the region. They say:

“The Rhine-Main region cannot cope with a further increase in air traffic. We request demolition [of the airport] instead of expansion”, says ROBIN WOOD activist Peter Black. “With our camp we want to experience the forest, that is due to be destroyed for The Juggernaut airport “

For the construction of a motorway connection and the site access to the third terminal, the airport plans to clear six acres of mixed forest.   [??] 60 hectares of forest for more The Project by Gravel Mining Company eats watch ring the Waldsee Langen. The total amount of land over the decades would be more than 2,000 hectares of forest destroyed for the Rhine-Main airport.

Frankfurt Airport handled 60 million passengers in 2014. After the completion of the two stages of construction of the third terminal it might be 90 million passengers.  That is a huge increase in capacity, which roughly corresponds to the passenger traffic of the airport of Dusseldorf and Cologne / Bonn. The expansion would allow an increase in the annual number of aircraft movements by approx. 490,000 to 701,000.

From the perspective of ROBIN WOOD, it is irresponsible and unfair to build the infrastructure for air transport, which is the most dangerous transport for climate change. Air transport contributes at least 5% to global warming. Only a small fraction of the world’s population benefits from it.   The people in the global South are the first to feel consequences of Climate Change.

“Aviation is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. The protection of the forest is the most effective way to protect the climate. We are here to [?] prevent the dual climate damage caused by the planned third terminal, as well as the loss of the forest “, says ROBIN WOOD traffic manager Monika.  

The Summer Camp cordially invites all interested parties to come.   They will be offered a varied program:   this includes a botanical tour (10: 00 ), trial climbing lessons (from 12 noon), workshops on nuclear shipments (14: 00) as well as noise and ground water pollution (5: 00) and a concert of singer-songwriter Siggie Lama (8: 00) on Saturday (Friedrichswerder ). A journey through the history of resistance against airport expansion expected visitors from 11:. 00 on Sunday (30.8) Then, the traditional cake stand of civil initiatives in the region takes place at 14: 00. [? !]


For Further inquiries:
ROBIN WOOD contact at summer camp, Tel 0176/94 92 09 56th

Monika put, traffic officer, Tel. 040/380 892 21, Monika Lege, Transport Officer, tel. 040/380 892 21,

Ute Bertrand, Press Officer, tel: 0171/835 95 15, Ute Bertrand, Press Officer, Tel 0171/835 95 15.



Frankfurt Airport to Build Terminal 3 as Spare Capacity Runs Out

By Richard Weiss
April 15, 2015
Fraport AG, the operator of Frankfurt airport, said it will build a third terminal at a cost of as much as $3.2 billion in a bid to remain competitive against other European hubs.
Terminal 3 will add capacity for 14 million more passengers a year when it opens in the first half of 2022. The airport can currently handle 64 million, which will be overtaken by demand for 68 million to 73 million by 2021, Fraport said.
“We are already late in realizing the third terminal, we would need it in 2020 rather than in 2022,” Chief Executive Officer Stefan Schulte said at a press conference at the airport today. “We must remain competitive against state-of-the-art terminals in London, Paris, and Barcelona.”
The building in the southern part of the airport will cost almost  €2 billion, and the price for connecting it to local rail systems is another €500 million, Chief Financial Officer Matthias Zieschang said.
Costs to build highways may bring the total to as much as €3 billion, he said. Fraport previously said the terminal would open in 2021.
Fraport shares rose 3.1% to €58.13 at 3:22 p.m. in Frankfurt, taking the advance to 21 percent this year.
Istanbul Growth
The airport may soon lose its place as Europe’s third-largest hub. In 2014, travelers through Frankfurt rose 2.6 percent to 59.6 million, while numbers at second-placed Paris Charles de Gaulle climbed 2.8 percent to 63.8 million.
Istanbul airport saw an 11 percent surge to 57 million, fuelled by expansion of Turkish Airlines, taking it past Madrid and Schiphol, with a growth rate that suggests it may take third place, or even second, in 2015.
Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Fraport’s biggest customer, has capped its fleet at 400 aircraft compared with earlier plans to increase it to 480, and is shifting some long-haul operations to Cologne airport to save costs.
Two alternatives to Terminal 3 suggested by the local state government will continue to be evaluated but wouldn’t add enough capacity for projected passenger growth or the additional space needed by larger planes such as Airbus A380s, Schulte said.


Robin Wood Frankfurt and Istanbul
Robin Wood protesters in solidarity with fellow campaigners fighting against the huge environmental destruction, and loss of land including forest, for a planned new 3rd airport at Istanbul.

Frankfurt Airport given planning permission to build Terminal 3, to increase passenger number

Frankfurt airport currently has 2 passenger terminals with a capacity of approximately 65 million passengers per year, plus 4 runways. In 2009, the German government decided there should be a new Terminal 3 in order to handle the expected passenger flow of 90 million per year by 2020.  The new terminal is scheduled to be built by Fraport, south of the existing terminals. Fraport has now announced that it has been granted approval of its planning application, by the city of Frankfurt. However, it still needs a demand assessment. The building of a new terminal has been deeply controversial, and has been strongly opposed – as it is a means by which the airport can grow substantially. Fraport hopes the first phase of construction will start next year. Fraport say the airport will reach its maximum passenger capacity of about 64-68 million passengers a year by 2021 and that the new terminal when finished will allow it to serve up to 25 million more. Opponents say the airport already creates too much noise and does not need to be expanded. The CDU and the Greens said in their coalition agreement at the end of 2013 that they were in favour of looking at alternatives to building a new terminal. Opponents say they will keep fighting the expansion plans.








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Protest by “Heathrow Homeless” on Bank Holiday Monday, to deliver runway to airport bosses

The proposed north-west runway at Heathrow would mean the compulsory purchase of 750 homes, and the eviction of their residents. Another 3,000 homes may be bought up by the airport, as they would be  too unpleasant to live in. Map. The Heathrow Villagers affected are understandably highly anxious, depressed, angry and desperate at the prospect of losing their homes, their communities, and areas where they may have lived and raised families over many decades. On August Bank Holiday Monday a group set off on a coach trip to express their fears and their outrage at the prospect of the demolition of their homes. They went first to the house of Heathrow CEO, John Holland-Kaye (who was out), and then the constituency office of the Conservative Party in David Cameron’s constituency, and then the home of Matt Gorman, Heathrow’s Sustainability & Environment Director. They laid out a fake plastic runway in his drive, in the pouring rain. The protesters felt their action was justified as there are no plans to create new housing for displaced people; no schemes have been put into legal documents; no support is planned for tenants made homeless. These are issues that need to be addressed BEFORE a decision is made on Heathrow expansion.



“Heathrow Homeless” deliver runway to airport bosses

31.8.2015 (Stop Heathrow Expansion)

Villagers under threat of losing their homes if Heathrow gets the go-ahead for expansion took their protest to houses owned by two airport bosses on Bank Holiday Monday to deliver a roll-out plastic version of the third runway.

A group calling themselves Residents Against Expansion, organised and funded a “Heathrow Homeless Coach Tour”, inviting residents and their supporters to bring a suitcase to highlight the plight of thousands of people who would be forced to look for alternative places to live. Their destination was kept a secret until everyone was on the coach ready for departure from Harmondsworth Village at 9.30am.

The first stopping point was Heathrow CEO John Holland Kaye’s £3m house in Oxford. As the coach pulled up nearby it was evident that the detached, four-storey property was undergoing a major renovation and expansion programme of its own and was unoccupied. Undeterred, the residents quickly unrolled a 4m x 25m plastic version of the third runway bearing the slogan “No If, No Buts”, a reminder of David Cameron’s anti-expansion stance before the 2010 General Election.

After a brief group photo with their suitcases, the group repacked the coach and headed off to David Cameron’s constituency office in Witney, Oxfordshire.

On reaching Witney’s high street, Harmondsworth resident Armelle Thomas (69) went over to the solitary door, which is sandwiched between two shops. She clutched an old photograph of her husband Tommy as a young member of the RAF during the Second World War. Tommy had died on Friday morning, aged 93, but Armelle was determined to join the coach party to voice her disgust that her husband’s last months had been made a misery by the news on 1st July that Sir Howard Davies had recommended Heathrow and the destruction of their longtime home.

Neil Keveren of Residents Against Expansion delivers a reminder of Cameron's pledge


John Holland Kaye told reporters on that day that “the argument was settled once and for all” (even though it wasn’t and the government has yet to make a decision) and later said Heathrow could get “shovels in the ground in 2019″. The CEO’s ridiculous and insensitive boasting demonstrated that it was business as usual at Heathrow after years of trying to convince the public that it would not adopt the untrustworthy and deceitful behaviour typical of BAA. Holland Kaye’s comments to the press destroyed years of attempts to improve community relations.

On route to the next destination, a road sign declared that Witney is twinned with Le Touquet in France, which added to Armelle’s sense that her late husband was with the group in spirit; Le Touquet was Tommy’s birthplace.


Pouring rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the protesters and they stepped out of the coach at the third and final stop in Henley-on-Thames, the home of Matt Gorman, Heathrow’s Director of Sustainability and Environment. The house was unmistakable from the road as there was a large “Proud to Back Heathrow” poster in the window and a sticker in the back window of the car on the drive. Mr Gorman doesn’t keep a low profile. On reading these public declarations of support for the third runway proposals, the residents decided to deliver Mr Gorman something he might like – a runway outside his front door.

Later online research showed that the 5-bed detached house was bought in 2008 for £1,025,000 and could now be worth £1,365,000. If that estimate is accurate, Matt Gorman’s profit alone in the past 8 years is greater than the full valuation of many homes in the Heathrow villages. Little wonder that wealthy bosses at Heathrow don’t understand the fears of people living in blighted homes. No plans are being made to create new housing for displaced people. No schemes have been put into legal documents. No support is planned for tenants made homeless. These are issues that need to be addressed BEFORE a decision is made on Heathrow expansion.

At the Henley house, a calm and confident young woman came to the front door and talked to two villagers. They reassured her that this was a short peaceful protest and they’d soon be on their way. It was a good-natured conversation, as was the protest until half a dozen neighbours decided to come out of their houses to vent their anger about having protesters in their street. Their behaviour was a marked contrast to the sympathetic response from people in Oxford and Witney. Mr Gorman’s neighbours found it acceptable to make provocative, threatening and offensive remarks to people who had arrived to conduct a peaceful protest about their situation.

Soon afterwards, as protesters were preparing to leave, Mr Gorman arrived followed by a police officer.

Armelle Thomas shows what it means to be proud

Mr Gorman asked the police officer various questions to ascertain if there were laws to use against the people from the Heathrow communities who had visited him, who he had been told were taking photographs of the house and had walked on his driveway. No crime had been committed and the residents went happily on their way leaving the tiny cluster of Henley moaners to shuffle out of the rain and back into their expensive homes, free from aircraft noise and choking pollution.

One wonders how these people would react if Mr Gorman wanted to force them from their homes to build a real runway!

Mr Gorman has claimed to be interested in feedback from communities but on his day off from work he made it clear he had no interest in their views.





Film on YouTube

Film on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvJmG4M1soU&feature=youtu.be
While the village communities of Harmondsworth and Sipson will be torn apart by a third runway, the village of Longford will be erased from the map
With it hundreds of years of English heritage will be buried beneath the tarmac.

Map shows the area (red line) that would be compulsorily purchased (750 homes), for a Heathrow north west runway, and the area (purple line) which Heathrow will now also offer to buy (total 3,750 homes).  http://your.heathrow.com/newpropertycompensationqa/


Map below shows Heathrow north west runway location, and approximate airport boundary.From Heathrow document.

Heathrow north west runway option 31.7.2013

Harmondsworth Open Day shows the extent of the threat of a Heathrow runway, and what it would destroy

On Sunday 12th April the village of Harmondsworth hosted an open day, to show off the village – and inform visitor about what plans for a Heathrow north-west runway would mean for the area.  The Heathrow Villages are fighting for their survival.  If Heathrow is allowed to build its north west runway, Harmondsworth will be destroyed.  Much of it would be built over, with the airport’s northern boundary slicing off around half of the village. Longford would disappear altogether. During the open day, held on the village green, there were tours of the magnificent early 15th Century Great Barn, and walking tours of the village and of Harmondsworth Moor. A huge canvas had been created, showing a plane and a wire boundary fence – which would be where the airport would come to within a few yards of the current village centre. Though the Great Barn and the Church of St Mary the Virgin would not be demolished, their proximity to the airport boundary would mean the level of noise and air pollution would be intolerable. In an effective short video, Neil Keveren explains how people in the area have been living through hell, unable to plan for their future – or even make decisions about whether to do improvement work on their homes – because of the Sword of Damocles threat hanging over them. And Christine Taylor shows on a map what would be destroyed.



Heathrow hopes to buy off Harmondsworth with about £320,000 per property demolished

Heathrow is to spend hundreds of millions of pounds in an attempt to buy off local opposition to a proposed 3rd runway, with plans to use a massive new fund to compensate homeowners and insulate homes and public buildings against aircraft noise. Heathrow knows noise is a key reason why its runway is politically toxic. It also knows the bad publicity of destroying Harmondsworth and Sipson, and making other areas un-liveable. Now – publicising its runway plan tomorrow – Heathrow is proposing to pay the market price, unblighted, of homes plus 25% and the costs of legal fees, moving costs and stamp duty of buying a new home. For a £250,000 property, homeowners would receive £312,500 compensation, plus £7,500 stamp duty costs and legal fees. [About  £320,000 each – for a £250,000 house.  ie  £304 million for the 950 houses Heathrow would demolish].  This of course does not cover homes nearby, where life would become unpleasant. Heathrow is planning another public consultation in July to decide how the money should be divided up. There might also be more money for noise insulation in areas beyond the  usual”noise contour” (57dB) and help for schools. 






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13 Plane Stupid activists who invaded Heathrow plead not guilty – trial in January

Thirteen members of Plane Stupid, who invaded part of Heathrow on 13th July as a protest about a possible 3rd runway, were charged with aggravated trespass and entering a security restricted area of an aerodrome.  At Uxbridge magistrates’ court on 19th August, they all pleaded not guilty to both charges. Dressed in polar bear costumes or wearing David Cameron masks, and carrying placards – they were surrounded by supporters and arrived to chants of “no ifs, no buts, no third runway!”   Many of the 40 or so supporters could not get into the public gallery. One of the accused, Sheila Menon, said people are already negatively impacted by Heathrow, and the UK already has enough runway capacity. An extra runway would largely cater for leisure travel by a minority. She believed the government was failing to act responsibly, and: “It is against this background and the failure of democratic processes, we believe our actions were reasonable, justifiable and necessary.”  The 13 were released on bail on the condition not to enter Heathrow or the area considered to be its perimeter. A trial date was set for 18th January. It is thought the case will last two weeks, with each defendant expecting to give evidence.



Plane Stupid activists plead not guilty over Heathrow expansion protest

19.8.2015 (Guardian)

Supporters join the 13 Plane Stupid activists outside Uxbridge magistrates court on Wednesday.

More photos at Demotix
Thirteen charged with aggravated trespass and entering a security restricted area of an aerodrome after runway demonstration in July. Supporters join the 13 Plane Stupid activists outside Uxbridge magistrates court

Thirteen members of the activist group Plane Stupid have pleaded not guilty to charges of aggregated trespass during a protest at Heathrow airport last month.

The seven men and six women are accused of cutting a hole in a fence and chaining themselves to railings on the north runway to protest against the airport’s expansion.

The demonstration at around 3.30am on 13 July – which caused delays for passengers around the world, with 22 flights out of the airport cancelled – coincided with the publication of a long-awaited report that recommended a new runway should be built at Heathrow rather than Gatwick.

After three years of investigation, the Airports Commission said Heathrow was best placed to provide “urgently required” capacity. But environmentalists warn that building a new runway there will make it harder to reduce air pollution and climate change emissions.

The activists are charged with aggravated trespass and entering a security restricted area of an aerodrome. All thirteen, supported by a packed public gallery at Uxbridge magistrates court, took turns to stand and plead not guilty to both charges.

On arriving at the court on Wednesday, the protesters stopped for a statement to be read on their behalf. Surrounded by supporters – dressed in polar bear costumes or wearing David Cameron masks, and carrying placards – the 13 arrived to chants of “no ifs, no buts, no third runway!”.

One of the accused, Sheila Menon, 43, read: “Some of us are part of the local community that is already feeling the hugely negative impact of existing air traffic from Heathrow by way of noise and air pollution, and blight on the area.”

She said the UK had more than enough capacity to deal with the “ordinary people” taking their annual holidays and that airport expansion was being driven by a “minority of wealthy frequent flyers”.

The government was failing to act responsibly, said Menon, adding: “It is against this background and the failure of democratic processes, we believe our actions were reasonable, justifiable and necessary.”

Menon, of Hackney, east London, is accused along with Rebecca Holly Sanderson, 27, of Machynlleth, Powys; Richard Steven Hawkins, 32, and Kara Lauren Moses, 31, both of Heol y Doll, Machynlleth; Ella Gilbert, 23, of Norwich; Melanie Strickland, 32, of Waltham Forest, north-east London; Danielle Louise Paffard, 28, of Peckham, south-east London; Graham Edward James Thompson, 42, of Hackney, north-east London; Cameron Joseph Kaye, 23, Edward Thacker, 26, Alistair Craig Tamlit, 27, and Sam Sender, 23, all of West Drayton, west London; and Robert Anthony Basto, 67, of Reigate, Surrey.

A number of the group’s supporters, a total of about 40 people, were unable to get into the courtroom owing to lack of space and stood outside for the morning, waiting for the hearing to finish.

One of them, who wished only to be named as Margo, said: “I am here to support the amazing, brave activists and to show my solidarity with them. If they get found guilty then it could be an incredibly terrifying sentence for them, because it is a big thing they are being accused of.”

The defendants were released on bail on the condition not to enter Heathrow or the area considered to be its perimeter. A trial date was set for 18 January. It is thought the case will last two weeks, with each defendant expecting to give evidence.





Heathrow disruption: Plane Stupid activists in court

19.8.2015 (BBC)

Thirteen climate change activists have pleaded not guilty to charges of trespassing on Heathrow’s north runway.

The Plane Stupid demonstration on 13 July led to delays and the cancellation of 22 flights.

The activists, who were protesting against plans to expand the airport, allegedly cut a hole in a fence and chained themselves to railings.

Supporters chanted “No ifs, no buts, no third runway!” outside the court.

Sheila Menon, one of the accused, read a statement outside Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court. She said the pollution and noise caused by air traffic at Heathrow was already blighting the area.

She said the proposed expansion – recommended by the Airports Commission in its final report last month – was driven by “wealthy frequent flyers” rather than ordinary holidaymakers.

Plane Stupid’s actions were “reasonable, justifiable and necessary”, said Ms Menon.

The activists were charged with aggravated trespass and entering a restricted area of the airport without permission.

They were bailed on condition that they do not enter Heathrow or its perimeter, with a trial expected to begin on 18 January.





Plane Stupid activists set up protest, locking themselves together, on Heathrow northern runway

At around 3.30am a group of 12 climate change activists from the group Plane Stupid cut a hole in the perimeter fence at Heathrow, and set up a protest on the northern runway. They set up a tripod of metal poles, and metal fencing panels, and locked themselves onto these. Some were attached by D locks around their necks, onto the fence. Others used arm locks (two people link arms, handcuffed together, inside a hard tube) to make it difficult for police to remove them. Police arrived on the scene shortly after the protest was set up. The first flights arrive at Heathrow from around 4.30am. Flights were delayed while the airport needed to shift runways. Six protesters were removed quite quickly. The protest was due to the recommendation of the Airports Commission that a 3rd runway should be built at Heathrow. Besides the serious negative impacts of the runway on noise, air pollution, destruction of Harmondsworth, huge costs to the taxpayer and considerable social disruption for miles around, the issue which has been glossed over is the CO2 emissions that the runway would create from greatly increased flights, many long-haul. The Commission itself was aware that a new runway would mean the UK could not achieve its aviation carbon cap, and make it less likely the UK could meet its legally binding carbon target for 2050.

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Around 900 people stage protest over Gatwick flight paths


Around 900 people, many from Sussex and Kent, gathered in a field at Penshurst, Kent, to protest against changes to flight paths. Campaigners have unveiled a huge sign, 100 metres across [the width of the new, narrowed and concentrated flight paths being introduced by NATS and the CAA] consisting of people with hay bales, and  that can be read by aircraft passengers (and pilots) landing at the airport.

Gatwick Obviously NOT photo 16 Aug 2015

Martin Barraud is chairman of the group “Gatwick Obviously NOT”. He commented that it is about sending a message to the airport from  the people on the ground, making it clear there are a massive number of people who are affected by aircraft noise from Gatwick airport.

Flight paths are now lower over their area, and concentrated – so people suffer from intense aircraft noise,often every two minutes or so, for most of the  day.  Planes also fly over them at night, though less often than in the daytime.

Someone who attended commented that is was not only people over a certain age who took part, but also a large number of younger people, who are also concerned about the noise.


Watch the video of how the huge sign was populated by over 1,000 people   here.

Two short video clips at  http://www.itv.com/news/meridian/update/2015-08-16/more-than-a-thousand-people-stage-protest-over-gatwick-flight-paths/




“Gatwick, how low can you go” say residents of Kent, Sussex and Surrey

Led by West Kent protest group, Gatwick Obviously Not, residents protested at Gatwick’s indifference to newly created narrow noisy highways in the sky.

Today (Sunday 16th August at 5pm) around 1,000 residents sent a message to Gatwick management and those in aviation.

“For over a century the aviation industry has done exactly as it pleased with our skies and it’s respect for ground-dwellers is virtually non-existent. This has to change,” said Martin Barraud, Chair of Gatwick Obviously Not.

The creation of noise ghettos by stealth through the dramatic narrowing of flight paths is devastating tens of thousands of people’s lives.
Gatwick is only the start as soon the industry will try and roll this out across the nation.

“This gathering, and the message for the planes is a message from Penshurst and indeed Kent, Sussex and Surrey, for the industry itself; wake up and start treating those affected by aircraft noise with real respect,” said Martin.

Presently there is no statutory body with any power to protect those on the ground from aircraft noise.

The intention of NATS, Gatwick and the CAA (no one will accept total responsibility for the changes and we keep being passed from one to the other) is to narrow a flight path to the East from around 7 miles wide to one just a little bit wider than this 100 metre message today.

“We have dubbed them ‘aerial superhighways’. One plane a minute, day in, day out, over the same areas, 15-30 miles from the airport to the East – soon to be repeated throughout the nation. And they are doing it without consultation with residents”, said Martin.

Gatwick Obviously Not asks, “Can you imagine a new motorway being planted right next to your house, out of the blue, without consultation?”

Gatwick Obviously Not’s goal is simply to change national policy for the benefit of all working closely with all the groups that surround Gatwick and Heathrow.

Last week with Gatwick’s extraordinary exaggeration of the numbers affected by noise at Heathrow (in a ruling by the ASA over Gatwick’s ads) illustrated Gatwick the low regard for accuracy and are playing a very aggressive game in its desire for ever-increasing landing fees through increased throughput derived from narrowing the flight paths.

Please note NATS state such changes will enable throughput to increase by up to 15% – but at what price to the lives of those on the ground?

“There is a widespread belief that the substantial increase in aircraft traffic is also exacerbated (inexplicably) by flying lower than they ever have done both to the West and the East.

Gatwick not only needs to review altitudes, they need to rethink their attitude towards those on the ground,” concluded Martin.



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Permission refused for Gatwick Obviously NOT’s Judicial Review. They appeal.

Gatwick Obviously NOT, the flight path group set up last year in response to the newly concentrated arrival flight paths to Gatwick, has been refused permission to proceed with their JR against the CAA. Though disappointed, the GON’s Strategic Team of 15 spent much of the weekend conferring on the best way forward.  They had to review and understand the reasons for the Order to Refuse and take the advice of their QC, John Steel. Having done so, the very strong consensus was to go to Appeal, and Counsel has been instructed. It is expected that this will we have now given those instructions to our Counsel. We expect that this will happen in the autumn.  It is, however, a daunting task to take on the CAA, the Secretary of State for Transport, Gatwick airport and NATS. The decision to go for Appeal was taken with great care – and fundraising is under way to raise the necessary funds. GON say the judge, Mr Justice Haddon-Cave, while refusing the Permission, added a postscript, seeming to suggest that there may be an issue about the need for consultation for ‘seismic’ events (such as the flight path changes introduced without notice) that is more a matter for the law-makers, not the lawyers. GON are staging a huge outdoor photo stunt on 16th August. Details below.

The Judicial Review – Permission has been Refused

4.8.2015 (Gatwick Obviously NOT – GON)

Gatwick Obviously NOT heard late last Friday that they had been refused Permission to proceed with their JR against the CAA.

Naturally we were disappointed and GON’s Strategic Team of 15 spent much of the weekend conferring on the best way forward. They had to review and understand the reasons for the Order to Refuse and take the advice of their QC, John Steel.

Having done so, the very strong consensus was to go to Appeal, and GON have now given those instructions to their Counsel. They expect that to happen in the Autumn.

It is not without some thought that one takes on the CAA, Secretary of State for Transport, Gatwick and NATS and the same care was given to our decision to go to Appeal.

GON are grateful for all the support they have received, both financial and moral since they launched the JR process back in February.  GON’s chair, Martin Baraud, managed to write to over 30 of their major donors individually over the past few days, informing them of the situation.  He said the responses received  have been wonderful, generous and kind.

Intriguingly, Mr Justice Haddon-Cave, while refusing the Permission, added this postscript, seeming to suggest that there is indeed perhaps an issue about Consultation for ‘seismic’ events (such as people in west Kent have all suffered in their skies, and core to the GON JR) – simply, in his opinion, one for the lawmakers, not the lawyers:


25. As was acknowledged by Counsel for the CAA, Mr Nardell QC, at the oral hearing, the Secretary of State has a general power to give directions as he thinks necessary or expedient in relation to matters concerned with environmental impact (see s.39 of the Transport Act 2000). This could include further directions to licence holders to consult in certain circumstances. Whether there is a case for doing so in relation to what some might be regard as ‘seismic’ changes in vectoring practices is, however, a matter for the Secretary of State, not the Courts.



For the JR, the “Ground of Claim” is that there has indeed been a change in the use of airspace and that the CAA should first have consulted on such change before it was put into effect by GAL and NATS. To date no consultation has taken place and this whole procedure has been bypassed. GON wants proper consultation, and that a full airspace change process is carried out.


Video clip of the noise

Short video by Gatwick Obviously NOT illustrating the aircraft noise problem they have, with a concentrated flight path overhead.   YouTube


“Gatwick Obviously NOT” serves Judicial Review upon the CAA, on airspace change, with Gatwick Airport as an “Interested Party”

The relatively new campaign, “Gatwick Obviously NOT”, (GON) which was set up in response to changes to flight paths to the east of Gatwick airport during summer 2014, has served a Judicial Review upon the CAA, with Gatwick Airport Limited and the Secretary of State for Transport listed under the CAA as an ‘Interested Party’. The claim is being brought by Martin Baraud, the Chair of GON. The “Ground of Claim” is that there has indeed been a change in the use of airspace and that the CAA should first have consulted on such change before it was put into effect by GAL and NATS. To date no consultation has taken place and this whole procedure has been bypassed. GON wants proper consultation, and that a full airspace change process is carried out. They also want there to be no airspace changes by the CAA without approval by the Secretary of State. GON has already succeeded in raising over £100,000 and they will be fundraising further, for more legal costs.

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Flight Path Protest Meeting

At Penshurst –  Rogues Hill, Penshurst, Kent TN11 8BN
Sunday 16th August at 5pm

(lasting about 90 minutes).

Crowd needed!  Please come if you can!

For details, please contact GON on ask@gatwickobviouslynot.org   Anyone who can help distribute flyers about the day is asked to get in touch.

Everyone is invited to join GON as they reveal a giant message for the planes over 100 ft long, laid out in a field in the heart of the village.  There will be full media attendance.

Bring as many dogs and children as you like. Great pub very close.  Free parking in the village

Martin (a professional photographer)  will be directing and photographing it from a small crane, helping the press get their pictures. A high-end professional drone team have also been secured to record moving footage for PR and media purposes.






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