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Below are links to stories about aviation biofuels.

US Senate Airmed Services Committee votes that US military cannot use biofuel, due to price

The Senate Armed Services Committee voted on May 24 to prohibit the US military from buying biofuel. This is only because it is more expensive than conventional fuels. There had been much hope by the American biofuels industry that the US military would be an early adopting large customer, and get them going. The committee’s majority also voted to stop the Department of Defense from building its own biofuel refinery. However, United Airlines, Boeing, and UOP (part of Honeywell) have joined with the Chicago Department of Aviation and the Clean Energy Trust to form MASBI, the the Midwest Aviation Sustainable Biofuels Initiative, They plan to "unlock the Midwest’s economic potential for advanced biofuels " etc etc. probably from crops. No mention of not competing with food etc, just creating jobs.

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Continental Airlines, Boeing and GE Aviation Announce Plans for “Sustainable” Biofuels Flight Demonstration

HOUSTON - Continental Airlines, Boeing, and GE Aviation announced plans to conduct a biofuels demonstration flight in the first half of 2009 in an effort to identify sustainable fuel solutions for the aviation industry. They want "sustainable biofuels produced through advanced biomass conversion technologies and processes that have the potential to reduce greenhouse gases throughout their lifecycle". (Continental Airlines)

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Will biofuels power tomorrow’s planes?

On Sunday, a Virgin Airlines Boeing 747 took off from London's Heathrow Airport en route to Amsterdam. This short flight may prove to be a giant leap forward for the aviation industry. The aircraft did not carry passengers - but it was the first commercial aircraft to fly partly under the power of biofuels. (BBC)

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Aircraft numbers may double by 2026

Airbus is warning that more runways are needed to accommodate a doubling of the global aircraft fleet by 2026. The European planemaker predicted that over 28,500 passenger and freight aircraft would be flying in less than two decades' time - more than double the current total of 13,284. Britain will be third-largest customer for new planes (Guardian)

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Biofuel trial flight set for 747 in 2008

Air New Zealand says it plans to mount the first test flight of a commercial airliner partially powered by biofuel. Biofuel trial flight set for 747 in 2008. But Virgin Atlantic is planning to beat Air New Zealand to the punch by having its own biofuel flight early next year. (BBC)

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