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Local opposition growing to expansion plans by Southampton airport

A group within Southampton Friends of the Earth has set up a campaign to oppose Southampton Airport expansion. Despite the Government’s recent commitment to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, there are many airport expansion applications across the UK. This expansion cannot enable the aviation sector to meet even its current, easy, carbon target – let alone the much more stringent one required for a zero-carbon Britain by 2050. The airport will probably submit its planning application to extend the runway by 170 metres to Eastleigh Borough Council in the next few weeks. The scoping report and Master Plan have received approval in principle from Southampton City Council. Twyford Parish Council has objected, due to a proposed increase of flights over the village. Eastleigh Greens are likely to be objecting as well.  Friends of the Earth Southampton are currently putting together a petition to Southampton City Council to ask them to re-think their support for airport expansion, given that the Government is asking for net zero carbon by 2050. Campaigners started a group here to oppose the proposed expansion but it has not got a name yet. People interested can get in touch via the local FoE group

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Heathrow Airport Holdings has completed the sale of Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports.

December 18, 2014
The three airports have been sold to a consortium formed by Macquarie and Ferrovial. Heathrow chief executive John Holland-Kaye said: “This sale enables us to focus on improving Heathrow for passengers and winning support for Heathrow expansion.” Southampton Airport issued a statement this morning saying it was ‘very much business as usual’ under the new ownership. “We will still continue to operate independently as an airport under local management in a similar way to before. It is very much business as usual as we head into the busy Christmas period,” said MD Dave Lees. Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton are the last airports, outside Heathrow, owned by the former BAA after regulators forced the sale of Gatwick, Stansted and Edinburgh.


Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports sold to Ferrovial and Macquaire, by HAH, in £1bn deal

Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports have been sold by Heathrow Airport Holdings (HAH) in a £1 billion deal. All three will now be owned by a consortium formed by Spanish firm Ferrovial and Australia-based Macquarie, and managed locally. The sale is expected to be completed in January 2015. Ferrovial already part-owns Heathrow, and holds a 25% stake in HAH, which was previously known as BAA. So from January 2015, HAH will only operate Heathrow, while some years back it owned and ran seven airports. Heathrow itself is 25% owned by Ferrovial with other stakes controlled by investment vehicles from Qatar, Quebec, Singapore, the US, and China. (Nothing English). By passenger number in the UK, Glasgow ranks 8th, Aberdeen 14th and Southampton 18th. The airports are not anticipating any particular changes due to the sale. The uncertainty over ownership has not been helpful for the airports, but the investors will be wanting a return on their billion pounds.

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Glasgow, Aberdeen & Southamptom Airports put up for sale by owners Heathrow Airport Holdings by end of 2014

July 31, 2014

Heathrow Airport Holdings want to complete the sale of the three airports by the end of the year. Key staff at Glasgow Airport were given the news at a briefing this afternoon. Spanish-owned BAA later issued a statement through Heathrow Airport Holdings Ltd. “Over recent months Heathrow Airport Holdings group shareholders and management have been considering their strategic position in relation to our three airports, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton. As a result the group is now formally entering a sale process. Whilst there is currently no certainty that a sale will be concluded, the group intends to work towards completing a transaction by the end of the year.” BAA’s sold Edinburgh airport for £807 million in May 2012 to Global Infrastructure Partners. A Glasgow Airport source said: “The feeling here is that BAA need to raise cash to invest in Heathrow, but they are carrying too much debt.”


Noise pollution fears over plans to extend Southampton Airport’s runway

March 14, 2014

Southampton Airport has plans for a 450 ft runway extension, that would enable larger and heavier planes to take off and land at the airport. However, this may not only increase the noise per plane, from heavier aircraft, but also the number of planes and passengers. Some local residents, living under flight paths, are concerned about the noise implications. A resident from Bitterne Park Residents’ Association, said she had only been told that the starter strip was to make taking off and landing safer at the terminal and questioned whether extending the runway was permitted. The airport’s managing director said of the runway extension: “We are talking about a starter strip adding up to 150 metres to the existing runway, which is currently just over 1,700 metres, so it would be under 10% longer. We would like to see this in the next 10 years and before a major new runway is built elsewhere in the south east. I would anticipate this could be within 5 to 10 years.” He said the investment in the extension “would not mean extra costs for passengers” and there would be no change to restrictions on operating hours at the airport.

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Southampton airport planning runway extension for heavier planes to further away destinations

March 13, 2014

Southampton Airport plans to build a 450 ft (137 metres) runway extension. The airport says this would enable heavier planes, to further afield holiday destinations, like Greece, southern Italy, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. There would also be routes to eastern European countries, as there is a large Eastern European population in and around Southampton and Portsmouth. It the airport gets it way, it could have a “starter strip” at the northern end of the 1,723m runway in 5 years. That would make the total 1,860 metres. The airport hopes to increase its number of passengers from some 1.7 million in 2013 (much lower than the numbers for 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009) to 2.5 million by 2024. There are the usual wildly exaggerated claims of huge numbers of jobs – a doubling – with 1,000 new jobs claimed. In reality, low cost airlines add about 200 or less jobs per extra million passengers]. Southampton airport says there would be no increase in the size of aircraft but the extension would enable planes to take off carrying a heavier load of fuel, meaning longer flights. Local residents know these heavier planes would mean more noise. The airport claims it would “inject an extra £50 million into the local economy” – while in reality is will just be more cheap flights for those taking leisure money out of the UK to spend elsewhere.

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Ferrovial makes bid to buy Aberdeen, Glasgow & Southampton airports – hoping to make more profit than at Heathrow

February 18, 2014

Ferrovial had made an offer – for an undisclosed amount – to buy Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports from its partners in Heathrow Airport Holdings. The price might be as much as £800 million. Ferrovial is the largest shareholder in Heathrow, with 25%. Heathrow Holdings has made it clear for sometime that it is eager to sell its other remaining airports. It is understood that Ferrovial is not making the offer in partnership with any other company, though some reports suggest that Australian infrastructure companies Macquarie and Industry Funds Management are also involved. It is not known if Ferrovial’s bid will be accepted. A Portuguese bank has valued the 3 airports at £952m using an equity value/earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation of 12.3 times for Aberdeen and Glasgow and 10.7 times for Southampton. Ferrovial bought BAA in 2006 for £10.3bn. It has since offloaded Gatwick, Stansted and Edinburgh in order to lower its debt. Now it is keen to buy again. Ferrovial hopes UK regional airports will grow strongly for the next few years, if the UK economy starts to grow, as they have a large amount of unused capacity. By contrast, the CAA has limited the amount Heathrow can charge airlines for landing charges, so decreasing the return available from Heathrow.

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Speculation that GIP, Ferrovial and MAG interested in buying Aberdeen Glasgow and/or Southampton airports

November 13, 2013      Sky News has learned “from banking sources” that various infrastructure investors are interested in buying Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports – amid expectations that their owner, Heathrow Holdings, will opt to sell them – to focus on its ownership of Heathrow. It is understood that Heathrow is considering a plan to offload, following a string of unsolicited approaches from prospective buyers. Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) which owns Gatwick and City airports, has expressed an interest in buying Aberdeen airport, although it has not yet made a formal bid. A number of Heathrow’s shareholders and board members are said to be keen to dispose of the 3 regional airports but its board has not yet made a formal decision. Ferrovial now only owns 25% of Heathrow,and is reported as now likely to be interested in buying one or more of the airports, through a separate vehicle. MAG is also understood to want to buy one or more of them.    Click here to view full story…


Scotsman speculates that Heathrow Holdings may sell Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton airport to raise cash for Heathrow runway

November 4, 2013       The Scotsman speculates that Heathrow Holdings Ltd (aka BAA) is considering selling Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports, for a figure in the range of £1 billion, so it can focus more on Heathrow and getting a third runway. Some 8 0 – 905 of its business comes from Heathrow. The Scotsman says it has learnt that Heathrow Airport Holdings has held talks with advisers with a view to seeking buyers. Ferrovial, which has reduced its stake in Heathrow to 25% since buying BAA in 2006, is thought to be considering a deal to buy out the other shareholders in the 3 regional airports. Heathrow Airports declined to comment, but analysts believe a decision to sell makes sense, particularly if the airport was to secure approval for the extra runway. The sale would help Heathrow raise capital for a new runway. The potential prices will depend on passenger numbers. It is speculated that Glasgow might sell for £600 million, and Aberdeen + Southampton might go for £450 – 500 million for the two. They are all thought to be marketable.       Click here to view full story…


22.08.11 Eastern extend Southampton – Dijon flights
17.08.11 Eastern add Southampton – Aberdeen flights
13.06.11 Southampton Airport passengers down 1.1%
20.05.11 Five new summer routes for Southampton Airport
12.05.11 Southampton Airport passengers up 18.5%
04.05.11 Eastern Airways announce Southampton – Dijon flights

12.04.11 Passengers down 8.7% at Southampton Airport
08.04.11 Southampton Airport targets business passengers

11.03.11 Flybe announce Southampton – Beziers flights
Flybe release popular winter flights

15.02.11 Southampton Airport passengers up 4.8%
13.01.11 Southampton Airport passengers down 22%

More services from Southampton to Europe’s oil capital, Aberdeen

16.8.2011 (BAA)   Eastern Airways is introducing additional non-stop direct flights from Southampton Airport to Aberdeen. Eastern, which is the UK’s 2nd largest regional airline, wwill increase non-stop flights from two to three each weekday in both directions from 5 September 2011.  Weekday flights will leave Southampton at 6.50am (Monday only), 9.05am (Tue-Fri), 11.20  (Monday only), 2.10pm (Tue-Thu), 4.35pm (Friday only) and 6.45pm (Mon-Thu). From Aberdeen weekday flights will depart at 6.50am (Tue-Fri), 9.05am (Monday only), 11.50 (Tue-Thu), 2.15pm (Friday only), 4.30pm (Mon-Thu) and 6.55pm (Friday only). A Sunday service will also continue to be offered to Aberdeen from Southampton.   Link to article

David Lees new MD at Southampton airport, as Kevin Brown moves to Edinburgh

20th June 2010     David Lees has been appointed the new managing director of Southampton Airport, after three years working there. He will take on the role from July 31 and replaces the Kevin Brown, who is is currently managing director of Aberdeen and Southampton Airports. Kevin Brown now takes control of sister BAA airport Edinburgh. The move follows last month’s announcement that Gordon Dewar – current Edinburgh MP – is moving to be chief executive of Bahrain Airport.  Click here to view full story…

Campaigners call on Southampton airport to soundproof 12,000 homes

16th December 2009     Environmental campaigners have called for Southampton Airport to soundproof the homes of almost 12,000 Hampshire residents. They claim noise from aircraft could be affecting the health of residents living nearby. Environmental Protection UK also says 7 local schools under the flight path should be provided with sound proof glazing. Southampton is one of the few English airports that does not have a Sound Insulation Grant Scheme. (Echo)     Click here to view full story…
04.12.09 £2.9m boost for Southampton Airport train station
13.11.09 Southampton Airport to get £7m investment
01.11.09 New Durham Tees – Southampton route takes off
09.10.09 Eastern to launch Southampton – Durham Tees flights
30.06.09 Concerns over Southampton Airport noise plans
22.06.09 Southampton Airport plan noise monitoring stations
20.06.09 Southampton Airport launches noise consultation
18.06.09 Eastern adds more Southampton – Aberdeen flights
04.06.09 Eastern to add early morning Southampton – Newcastle flight

Southampton Airport launches action plan to manage aircraft noise

18th June 2009    Southampton Airport has launched a 16 week public consultation on its proposed plans to continue managing aircraft noise impacts over the next 5 years, to 2015. The airport is seeking views on its draft Noise Action Plan until 2nd October 2009. The plan will then be reviewed and, “where possible, views and comments will be incorporated into the revised plan” which will be submitted to the Secretary of State for Transport by 30th November 2009. (BAA)     Click here to view full story…
18.06.09 Eastern adds more Southampton – Aberdeen flights
04.06.09 Eastern to add early morning Southampton – Newcastle flight

10.03.09 Southampton Airport passengers down 20%

17.02.09 Protest at Southampton Airport
09.02.09 Eastern announce Leeds Bradford – Southampton flight

21.12.08 Flybe wants Southampton Airport sale

20.11.08 South coast airports suffer flights decline

30.10.08 Award for Southampton Airport
11.10.08 Flybe announce new Southampton flights

28.09.08 Two new ski routes for Southampton Airport
02.07.08 Southampton Airport ambassadors

29.06.08 Blue Islands add Southampton – Guernsey flights

18.06.08 Southampton Airport night flight plan blocked
A bid to introduce night flights at Southampton Airport has been blocked, but could lead to a daily 90-minute delay on the post.

As previously reported, Royal Mail submitted controversial proposals for an aircraft to fly into Southampton every weekday at 02:30. They wanted to divert its regular Bournemouth Airport service to Southampton for six months from next month whilst work is carried out on Bournemouth’s runway.

Southampton Airport dismissed the request and last night it was also unanimously turned down by Eastleigh borough councillors. Royal Mail has, however, warned that if it cannot fly mail into the region each night, the south will have to accept postal deliveries from the north will arrive an hour-and-a-half later each day.  (UK Airport News)

13.06.08 Protests over Royal Mail Southampton Airport night flight plans
30.05.08 Eastern add Southampton – France flight for Le Mans fans
21.05.08 Flybe double capacity on Inverness – Manchester / Southampton routes
20.05.08 Southampton Airport ground city balloon plans
13.05.08 Flybe axe UK – Ireland routes
10.05.08 Flybe Inverness flights take off
21.03.08 Eastern lowers Southampton fares
29.02.08 Flybe boosts Southampton – Bergerac service
24.02.08 BAA in £1bn regional airports fundraising
22.02.08 Eastern announce lower fares on new routes
02.02.08 Expansion for Eastern Airways at Aberdeen and Newcastle

27.01.08 Aurigny blames Flybe for its failure to launch Guernsey – Southampton flights
15.01.08 Record year for Southampton Airport

 28.11.07 Flybe add three new routes at Southampton Airport – Aberdeen, Inverness and Newquay
27.11.07 New Inverness routes to Birmingham, Manchester, Exeter and Southamptobn for Flybe
23.11.07 Anger over south coast flight path plans
21.10.07 Flybe puts summer 2008 flights on sale from Exeter and Southampton
18.10.07 Eastern announce French route from Southampton Airport
15.10.07 Southampton Airport ‘key part’ of city’s success
16.07.07 Strong six months at Southampton Airport
04.07.07 Flybe adds eight new routes for winter
22.06.07 Blue Islands announce new Southampton – Guernsey flights
14.06.07 bmi consider Southampton – Manchester flights
13.06.07 Flybe add Southampton – Manchester flights
23.05.07 Flybe and Ryanair battle again at south coast airports
20.05.07 New airline flying Southampton to Guernsey
16.05.07 Inghams / Flybe launch Southampton – Verona flights