Coventry Airport’s application for a new passenger terminal rejected by Government

The main reasons given were the additional noise which would be suffered by local
communities and the inadequacy of access by public transport.   The application
depended on a number of constraints and mitigation measures, but the Government
has concluded that these were not sufficient.   Government inspectors decided not
to allow a new passenger terminal, capable of handling more than 2 million passenger
a year, to be built at the Baginton site.   After almost 4 years and 2 full-scale
enquiries, the Secretaries of State for Communities and Transport have concluded
that the environmental impact and noise from the proposed development would significantly
harm the quality of life for nearby residents.   They have also stated that public
transport to and from the site is a problem as well as the airport’s relationship
with nearby Birmingham International (BIA), which has always opposed any expansion
at Coventry.   Warwick District Council is pleased the issue has finally been resolved,
after the ongoing saga which is estimated to have cost taxpayers more than £750,000.  
A spokesperson for BIA, which thought the new terminal would damage its own chances
of expansion, said: “Birmingham Airport acknowledges the decision. “The Airport
will now take the planning decision into account in the finalisation of its Master
Plan which it intends to publish later this summer.”   (Leamington Observer article
for more details   15.6.2007 )
For the Inspector’s report, see the Communities and Local Government website

Coventry Airport expansion plans blocked
Later note:     Please note there is a factual error re:
Coventry Airport.   Warwick District Council, the local planning authority, supported
the proposal for a new permanent passenger terminal at
Coventry  Airport, subject to the usual package of planning conditions and agreements.   Whatever
they might say, the Sec of State’s decision was as much a blow for them as for
the Airport itself.