(26.9.2007   BIA press release)

Birmingham International Airport Ltd (BIA) today released an Interim Statement
on its long-term development plans up to the year 2030, ahead of the publication
of the new Airport Master Plan, which will be released later this year.   The details
follow a consultation process on the Draft Master Plan in 2005/06 and review of
the feedback received.  

The Master Plan Review Process has identified a number of revisions to the draft
Master Plan, which include:

·   Revised traffic forecasts of 27.2 million passengers per annum and 205,000
Air Transport Movements per annum in 2030 (comparative numbers for 2006 were 9.2
million passengers and 108,658 ATM’s);

·   A reduction in the overall Airport Operational Area, i.e. the amount of land

·   Priority given to an extension to the main runway, which could be open before

·   The updated traffic forecasts now indicate that a second runway should not
be needed before 2030 and the Airport is being planned on that basis (so compensation  
schemes would not be triggered);

·   A third passenger terminal on the existing Airport site, with Phase 1 proposed
for 2018;

·   Development of commercial and operational facilities at the Elmdon Terminal
site, to include a dedicated Engine Ground Running Facility;

·   Long-term improvements to M42 Junction 6, and no dedicated Junction on the
M42 for the Airport, resulting in less land-take;

·   New Public Transport Modal Share targets, (including a target of 35% of people
reaching the airport via public transport in 2030);

·   Continuing programmes of environmental mitigation.


In October 2005 the Airport Company published a draft Master Plan and carried
out an extensive consultation exercise that included a series of briefings, exhibitions
and public meetings, and provided all stakeholders and interested parties with
an opportunity to consider and comment on the proposals for Birmingham International
Airport’s future.   Within that draft Plan, it was proposed to publish the new
Master Plan in late 2006; however, owing to a number of issues, this has not been

Commenting on the release of the Interim Statement, Joe Kelly, BIA’s Acting Managing
Director, said: “The purpose of the Interim Statement is to provide clarity and
advance notice of the key changes to the original draft Master Plan.”

The Airport is also currently finalising a Planning Application for the extension
of its main runway following Board approval in January this year.   BIA intends
to submit the Planning Application before the end of 2007, bringing the possibility
of completing the work by 2012, in time for the Olympic Games.

The 400-metre extension to the southern end of the existing runway would dramatically
increase the capability and range of services from the Airport, by providing the
opportunity for direct flights to the West Coast USA, the Far East and other long-haul


The Draft Interim Statement from BIA can be found at: