Newquay Airport expansion given go-ahead

21.1.2008     (UK Airport News)

Expansion plans for Cornwall’s Newquay Airport have received planning approval.
The upgrade will include a larger arrivals hall and departure lounge with an extra
gate, a new retail outlet, business lounge and more seating. Airport car parking
spaces will also increase and a covered walkway will be built to link arrivals
and departures halls.

An airport spokesman said the improvements were needed to cope with expected
growth in passenger numbers and 13 new destinations being served.  Chris Cain,
project director at the airport, said: ‘We have been gearing up to start work
as soon as planning permission was received so this week’s decision was great


In October 2007, Groundswell Cornwall commissioned a study into the problems with the proposed expansion of the airport.    

The report is called     “Newquay Airport Expansion: The Case Examined”

Its purpose is to assess the case for the expansion of Newquay Airport. The report
has been prepared by Elizabeth Baines, a postgraduate student at King’s College,
Groundswell says:

The plans for the expansion of the airport come at a pivotal time for Cornwall
and its development. Decisions have to be made against a background of rising
concern about the impact of climate change, anxiety about energy supplies – particularly
oil – a strong desire to protect the economic development of Cornwall, growing
pressures on the public purse, and the backdrop of the EU Convergence Programme.
Substantial investment is required to bring the airport up to CAA standards. Further
significant funds will be required to cater for the proposed dramatic increase
in passenger numbers.

However, these funds will be invested into a project that will increase Cornwall’s
CO2 emissions, that does not appear to take account of rising oil prices, and
that will damage our local environment. Furthermore, the report suggests that
even the business case for the airport is not as robust as is claimed.

It’s time for a debate. We all wish to see a successful, outward looking society,
a protected and strengthened environment and a thriving economy for Cornwall.
Our fear is that the plans for the airport may undermine the very thing we wish
to achieve.

For the full report click on the following link

Newquay Airport The Case Examined revised Oct 2007