Battle of the email campaigns on third runway at Heathrow

Battle of the email campaigns   – Greepeace against, and Unite in favour

Greenpeace have a campaign to ask all their supporters to email the 57 Labour
MPs who signed the EDMs against Heathrow expansion.

Details can be found at:

Greenpeace email action.

Greenpeace email action to 57 MPs.

Next Wednesday (28th January)  there is a critical vote on the government’s support
for the expansion of Heathrow with a third runway and a sixth terminal.
Despite government greenwash about ‘green’ planes and strict regulation, it’s
clear that the third runway will be a climate disaster, and leave the government’s
green credentials in tatters.
We are asking you to contact Labour MPs who have demonstrated their opposition
to a third runway, and tell them to stand up when it counts and vote against a
third runway next Wednesday.
If enough MPs vote against the government on climate grounds it will demonstrate
the scale of opposition to the plans, and make it more difficult for the runway
to be built.
Greenpeace  have provided an email action, to write to the   57 key Labour MPs.
Greenpeace email action.
You can send  the letter  as it is, but it will have more impact if you personalise
the email and write your own subject line
Don’t worry if the email does not seem to have sent – it will have gone.   Be
patient, wait a few mintues, and ignore an error message.   The site is just working
too hard !


Unite the   Union (Amicus) has asked all its member to – likewise – contact their MPs to show support for
building the runway.

(worth looking at, for interest …. some of the arguments are very thin ….)

The campaign has a logo:

Unite asks:

Urgent: email your MP to ‘back our jobs and back Heathrow expansion’ this Wednesday
28th January in Westminster debate


What you need to do now!

Email your MP. There will be an opposition day debate in Parliament this Wednesday
28th January on the expansion of Heathrow. It is vital that you contact you MP
without delay urging them to vote for expansion and vote for securing our jobs

You can download a copy of the text to your MP from the campaign web page click

Please note there are two different letters.

Letter One is for those Unite members who are employed directly and indirectly
through Heathrow and live in the surrounding area.

Letter two is for all other members.

 Please take care to amend the sections [ INSERT… ] with your relevant details
and make sure you include your address – this is important so your MP knows you
are a constituent.   Also, personalise your email where you can – it helps if MPs
do not all receive identical emails.

If you aren’t sure who your MP is you can find out by going to and typing in your postcode where directed. You should then find a link to your
MPs website and a contact email. Any problems with this you can contact for assistance.