Birmingham Airport launch Noise Action Plan consultation

1.7.2009   ( Birmingham Airport website)

Draft Noise Action Plan

On 1st July 2009, the Airport Company launched a 16 week Public Consultation,
to seek your views on Birmingham International Airport’s Draft Noise Action Plan.
Noise Action Plans are a requirement of the Environmental Noise Regulations (2006)
– major Airports are required to develop Noise Action Plans to manage noise issues
arising from aircraft operations.

Noise management is given top priority at Birmingham International Airport.  
Aircraft noise, both air and ground has long been recognised by the Airport Company
as a sensitive issue for the local community and as such, a comprehensive noise
mitigation plan has been in existence for many years. The Draft Noise Action plan
seeks to assess, manage and where possible, improve the noise climate around Birmingham
International Airport.

Through the Public Consultation, we are seeking your views on our Draft Noise
Action Plan. The Draft Noise Action Plan can be downloaded from this website.

The Public Consultation ends on 21st October 2009. Following the Public Consultation,
the Airport Company will review the responses and produce its Noise Action Plan.

We would also like to invite you to meet with us, at local community venues,
where you will have the opportunity to discuss the Draft Noise Action Plan with
members of Birmingham International Airport’s Environment Team. These events will
take place on the following dates:-




9th July 2009

10am -12pm

Arden Hall Castle Bromwich

16th July 2009

10am – 12pm

Shard End Community Centre

23rd July 2009

10am -12pm

Fentham Hall, Hampton in Arden

30th July 2009

10am – 12pm

Balsall Common Library

6th August 2009

5pm – 7pm

Arden Hall Castle Bromwich

13th August 2009

10am – 12pm

Marston Green Library

20th August 2009

5pm – 7pm

Fentham Hall, Hampton in Arden

27th August 2009

10am – 12pm

Valley Church Centre

3rd September 2009

5pm – 7pm

Shard End Community Centre

10th September 2009

10am – 12pm

Castle Bromwich Library

17th September 2009

5pm – 7pm

Balsall Common Library

24th September 2009

5pm – 7pm

Marston Green Library

1st October 2009

5pm – 7pm

Valley Church Centre, Elmdon

The Airport Company will also be presenting at the following Ward Committee Meetings.
 Please contact us nearer the time for times and venues:  

Shard End Ward Committee: 14.09.09

Hodge Hill Ward Committee: 16.09.09

For more information, please email: or call the Environmental Helpline on 0121 767 7433

(press release)

Draft Noise Action Plan   (47 pages, pdf)




Pages 24 and 25 state:

Night Flying

Night flying is recognised by Birmingham International Airport as a very sensitive
issue and as such the Night Flying Policy was voluntarily introduced and subsequently transposed into the Section 106 Planning Agreement with Solihull
Metropolitan Borough Council.

The Night Flying Policy was designed to minimise disturbance in the local community
during the night period (2330-0600). The Night Flying Policy firstly includes
Annual Limit to restrict the number of aircraft allowed to operate during the
night, to
5% of total movements in the previous financial year.   The Annual Limit is split
season; 24% winter and 76% summer 1.  

The Night Flying Policy includes an annual night Noise Quota Count Limit of 4,000.  
All aircraft operating during the night period are assigned a noise quota ranging
0 to 16 dependent on the noise certification of the aircraft.     Noisy aircraft
assigned a high noise quota value whereas quiet aircraft are assigned a low noise
quota value.     Aircraft with a noise quota of 8 or more are not allowed to operate
during the night period.

The Night Flying Policy also includes a night noise limit of 87 dB(A)2.    If
an aircraft
registers a noise level above this, at our centreline noise monitors (Noise Monitors
and 2), the airline is surcharged an amount equivalent to a full runway charge.    
funds from night noise violations are placed into a Community Trust Fund, a registered charity that benefits projects in the local community.   The Community
Trust Fund is core funded with an annual donation of £50,000 from the Airport

Daytime Noise Limit

If a departing aircraft exceeds 92 dB(A)3 at our centreline noise monitors (Noise
Monitors 1 and 2), the airline is surcharged £500 plus a further £150 for every
decibel recorded over the limit. All funds generated from this Policy are placed
the Community Trust Fund.

1 The 5% Night Movement Limit applies to 2300 to 0600

2 Tolerance of 0.4 dB(A) applies

3 Tolerance of 0.4 dB(A) applies


Aircraft Track Keeping

Birmingham International Airport stipulates that all aircraft should follow Noise
Preferential Routes (NPRs) for the first 3,000 feet of the departure.   The NPRs
consist of flight corridors of 3 km in width, which are designed to take departing
aircraft over the least populated areas. The Airport Company has set a target
95% of departures to be "on-track."

Continual Decent Approaches (CDAs) were introduced at Birmingham International
Airport, during May 2009.   The basic principle of a Continual Decent Approach
is that
arriving aircraft stay higher for longer, by descending at a continuous rate.  
require significantly less engine thrust, which leads to reduced air emissions

Engine Ground Running

Engine Ground Running is required by airlines following essential aircraft maintenance and only takes place when absolutely necessary. To minimise the disturbance from engine ground running we have an Engine Ground Running Policy
which briefly includes the following provisions:

– Specified engine ground running locations to create least noise disturbance
local residents

 – Engine ground runs can only take place from 0600hrs until 2300hrs (Monday
Saturday) 0800hrs until 2300hrs on Sundays (and not between 1030-1230 hrs Sundays)

– All engine ground runs require prior approval

– Monthly reports are compiled and provided on a quarterly basis to the Airport
Consultative Committee and Environmental Monitoring Working Group



The “Action Plan” section (no dates or targets) is from Page 28.