Staff to go at East Midlands Airport

6.1.2010     (Book FHR)

East Midlands Airport has announced that staff will be made redundant due to
fewer flights running from the travel hub.

A reduced number of passengers travelling from the airport was also to blame,
according to G4S Aviation Services, the organisation responsible for the employment
of these staff.

Up to 30 security workers could lose their jobs, however, the union Unite has
said it will work to ensure as few people as possible are laid off.

East Midlands Airport Officials said that the safety of passengers would not
be compromised by the move.

“The importance of passenger safety remains paramount at all times and the airport
will continue to apply the strict security regime set by government,” a spokesperson
for the travel hub said.

Weather conditions are not currently affecting flights at East Midlands Airport
(January 6th). However, it recommends people keep an eye on the website for any
changes in circumstances.