BAA still making plans to resurrect dead Heathrow runway

29.5.2010   (NoTRAG)

The letter sent to residents to confirm the end of BAA’s buy-up, also reveals
that BAA is still considering applying for planning permission for a third runway.

Homeowners who thought they could now settle back and stop worrying about the
future of their village and the loss of more neighbours, have now been told that
it is not too late to apply for a bond and sell up.

This might look like an attractive proposition because BAA is refusing to give
any respite from the threat of bulldozers.

BAA has said that residents who wish to sell under the Property Market Support
Bond scheme have until 22nd June to obtain a bond and declare an interest in selling
to BAA.

Residents who receive an offer will have six months to complete the sale before
the purchases under the scheme stop.

However, the letter goes on to say that even after the buy-up ends eligible homeowners
can continue to apply for a bond as BAA may yet apply for planning permission.

The letter demonstrates that BAA will continue to push for expansion at Heathrow
until a rational government forces the company to rethink its strategy.


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BAA to halt its property purchases in Heathrow’s threatened villages

Date : Monday 24th May 2010

As part of BAA’s decision to stop working on plans for a third runway, the company
is to stop buying homes in what was the proposed demolition area.

The scheme to buy eligible homes in Sipson and Harmondsworth was originally due
to begin when BAA applied for planning permission (possibly in late 2010) but
was implemented as “a goodwill gesture” in October 2009, with the intention that
it should run for a year.

However, when the Labour Party failed to get an overall majority at the General
Election, the final nail was hammered into the third runway’s coffin and the burial
of BAA’s property buy-up scheme seemed inevitable.

Colin Matthews, BAA’s chief executive officer, said: “The policy intentions of
the new government are clear and it is no longer appropriate for us to purchase
properties. Equally important is our intention to stand behind our commitment
made to provide time for those local residents who wish to sell their properties
to us, to do so.

BAA press release says: “Heathrow will continue to consider buying properties
which have been issued with a bond under its long-term property market support
(PMSB) scheme until 22 June 2010.”

Harmondsworth and Sipson Residents’ Association (HASRA) has been told that BAA
will send out letters on Friday to residents in the area covered by the Property
Market Support Bond Scheme (PMSB).

These letters should explain the situation regarding house sales. HASRA’s AGM
will take place in Sipson on 9th June.




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Runway scrapped but BAA still buying homes in Heathrow villages

Date : Friday 14th May 2010

A third runway at Heathrow has never seemed less likely, yet BAA are continuing
to buy up homes in Sipson and Harmondsworth villages in preparation for demolition.

On 20th October 2009 BAA announced it would buy up homes “as a goodwill gesture”
to aid some local residents who insisted they needed to move due to urgent problems,
such as severe overcrowding.

At that time most residents either wanted to stay or were not eligible to take
part in BAA’s Property Market Support Bond Scheme. However, the buy up is having
a big impact on the community.

When homeowners sell up and leave, their neighbours become unsettled and concerned
about the tenants who will replace them. This then prompts them to move.

This has created a domino effect with home after home being sold to BAA.

Of 700 homes in the demolition area, 400 are eligible for the bond. About a quarter
of those have now either gone or are in the process of leaving.

After having a stagnant property market for nearly a decade, the sudden exodus
is marked and is hitting local businesses.

If BAA has its way the purchase of properties will continue until October 2010
but, as the scheme relies on funding from airlines, it could be halted abruptly.

It is hard to imagine why struggling airlines would want to throw more money
into expanding BAA’s property empire.




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Residents of Sipson, near Heathrow, divided over house sales

26th January 2010       A quarter of residents of Sipson, which will be wiped out if the  3rd runway goes
ahead, have tried to sell their homes to BAA – which  has  offered to buy 400 homes.  
Almost 100 owners have applied for their properties to be purchased and BAA has
made offers on 45, since it launched  its its Property Market Support Bond scheme  in
October 2009. Campaigners and residents fear the community is being destroyed
and have urged other residents not to sell up. (BBC)        
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