Court of Appeal refuses Southend campaigners application for JR on Southend Runway extension

27.7.2011  (SAEN press release)
An appeal by SAEN[1] in the Court of Appeal against the decision to refuse a
Judicial Review of Southend Council’s grant of planning permission for a runway
extension at Southend Airport has today failed.

Acknowledging the decision as a setback in the campaign, SAEN spokesman Denis
Walker said “Yes, we lost today, but this isn’t the end of the story.

“Our legal team are exploring other options at the moment. Regardless of those,
there are further decisions to be made by the Secretary of State before the Airport
can start building.

“Approval is still needed to close or ‘stop up’ Eastwoodbury Lane, the road running
past the current end of the runway. This isn’t expected until September at the
earliest. There is also a public inquiry set to take place in November into the
closure of a section of Public Footpath. No work on the runway can be done until
that decision has also been taken.

“EasyJet are looking to start flying their Airbus 319 planes in April and it’s
looking doubtful that the extended runway will be ready by then. These planes
can’t use the current runway with passengers on board as it is too short.

“It is totally irresponsible for the airport to expand in this way. These noisy
flights will go over more than 20,000 houses and many schools and we are determined
to protect Southend, Rochford and the surrounding area from the destructive impact
of the runway extension. We will hold the airport to account.”

Notes to Editors


1. “Stop Airport Extension Now” (SAEN) was formed to campaign against the runway
extension at Southend Airport. The group is not opposed to the Airport itself,
which has co-existed with the residents of Southend for many years. SAEN is against
the runway extension, which would lead to a massive increase in flights and destroy
the lives of the people living, working or going to school anywhere near the flightpath.
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approve the closure of Eastwoodbury Lane, which runs across the current end of
the runway. While EasyJet want to lean on Stansted and Luton to lower their landing
charges. The extension to the runway is by no means a done deal, with vital decisions
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autumn. Under a 10-year partnership with Stobart Group, easyJet will operate 70
flights a week to a number of European destinations including Barcelona, Ibiza
and Faro.  Around 150 easyJet staff will work at the airport.   (Guardian) 
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