Transition Heathrow. We’re not going anywhere !

Transition Heathrow’s “Grow Heathrow” project were due to be in court on 17th November, for a hearing about having them evicted from the site they are occupying at Sipson.  The judge took into account the human rights arguments and adjourned the case to the higher authority of Central London County Court where a two day hearing will take place in a few months time. The owner of the site wants the land back, though it had been neglected for years, and Grow Heathrow has turned it into a thriving community venture.

17.11.2011 (Transition Heathrow)

Court case adjourned again. The judge took into account our human rights arguments and adjourned the case to the higher authority of Central London County Court where a two day hearing will take place in a few months time. This means we’re here at least until the new year!

After months of negotiations the landowner decided to take us to court and try to remove the community project. John McDonnell MP came to court to speak as a witness to highlight the benefits the project provides as a community resource and how he is strongly against any possible future eviction. However he wasn’t even called upon to speak as the judge made his ruling after only an hour and half.

Speaking outside court Grow Heathrow member Rachel Greene said:

“This ruling today is unheard of for squatting cases. It shows the importance of community spaces as the government violently cuts public services and criminalises squatting. In Sipson we will keep fighting to put derelict spaces back into use to the benefit of community life.”

 Residents Association support ‘Grow Heathrow’ in eviction threat

November 15th, 2011

 Days before ‘Grow Heathrow’ go to court, which could lead to eviction of the Sipson community garden, residents’ group Harmondsworth and Sipson Residents Association (HASRA) have come out strongly in support of the project.

‘Grow Heathrow’ first took over the former-market garden site on Vineries Close, Sipson, in March 2010 after years of neglect causing social problems in the area. Residents and the Transition Heathrow group cleared up the land removing 30 tonnes of rubbish and began running the space as a community-hub and garden.

The landowner Imran Malik has now decided to take ‘Grow Heathrow’ to court and try to remove the community project. The project is due in court this Thursday. Supporters are being encouraged to show their support outside court at 9.30am.

Harmondsworth and Sipson Residents Association has published a letter defending the Sipson gardeners stating:

We would strenuously encourage Mr Imran Malik to sell the land to members of Grow Heathrow” and “any attempts to use the site for improper business ventures, as has been done in the past, will receive strong opposition from the residents of the villages.”

The letter added:

The people involved with this project (Grow Heathrow) have transformed the site. In the process they have created a much-needed community hub for local people who have spent years living under threat of destruction due to proposals for a third runway at Heathrow Airport. Their tireless efforts and support have regenerated enthusiasm for community working that inspires the many people who visit.

Grow Heathrow campaigner Alex Goldsman said:

“We really don’t want to see the land go back to causing the problems it did before. It’s brilliant to get support from HASRA who we’ve been working with the last few years- as well as John McDonnell MP, members of Hillingdon Council and the .ComCafé in West Drayton. We put in an offer to buy the land last year as we really want to make Grow Heathrow a long-term community project.”


Notes to editors

  •  Grow Heathrow are due to be in court this Thursday 17th November 2011, at Uxbridge County Court, 501 Uxbridge Road, Hayes, UB4 8HL. .
  •  The full HASRA letter can be downloaded from HERE.


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23rd January 2011   New court papers arrived yesterday morning revealing our next court date. November of this year, a whole 10 months away. Amazing news for the community and for the project!