Frankfurt airport protesters have picnic breakfast in the peace, away from aircraft noise, outside airport boss’ house

About 20 protesters against the unacceptable noise caused by Frankfurt airport met on Saturday morning to set up their picnic breakfast outside the house of the Frankfurt Airport boss. His house is in a quiet area, not overflown, unlike theirs. They just wanted, on this warm, heatwave morning, to enjoy breakfast in peace outdoors – something they can no longer do in their own homes and gardens.  There were no slogans or chanting, but just a peaceful breakfast.  And there was no sign of the boss, Schulte, whose shutters remained resolutely closed throughout.


Picnic outside Airport boss, Schulte’s house



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The coffee is hot,  the peace heavenly
 Protest breakfast in Bad Homburg. Photo: Martin Weis

Bad Homburg aircraft noise opponents have breakfast in peace and quiet in front of the house of the Fraport Chefs

With what goodies does Stefan Schulte stock his morning table? Is it what is popularly known as sweet tooth? Or does the CEO of Fraport AG tend to savoury breakfast like liverwurst and mountain cheese? The question could not be answered on Saturday – we know that this time, Schulte is eating by himself. Or how it is to be understood that he missed the unique opportunity to have breakfast together with well-off families from the north of Frankfurt?

He’s probably afraid of talking to people who are bringing a serious concern to Bad Homburg. Assembled here outside his house are women, men and children who are disturbed by the aircraft noise. They belong to the citizens’ initiative Frankfurt-North against aircraft noise and they have arrived on this beautiful hot weekend in a protest picnic in front of the Schultes’ property in the street Am pilgrims Rain.

At 9 clock – the shutters are closed at Fraport boss’ house – beer tables, benches and umbrellas are set up. Posters and signs are placed quickly in the thermos jugs and jars also. Already, two policemen are vigilant. Joggers and cyclists passing by are surprised as are the yapping dogs.

There are no loud words, no chanted slogans. “We want to have breakfast again in peace – as Mr. Schulte does,” says BI spokesman Eberhard cwt.  On our domestic patios at home, this is probably not possible, since more and more aircraft  thunder overhead.. “Especially on the weekends it’s bad,” says Heike Farr, who has traveled with her husband from home corner. The permanent noise levels start in the morning at five clock am and stop up again at 11pm.

Homburg also now crosses a plane – it will follow within the next hour more. “Quite tolerable,” gathered my breakfast willing. While on the undisturbed breakfast at Schulte initiated with a glass of “spray”, the blinds remain down at the house of the chairman. Schulte is having breakfast away? Or is he remembering the experience of a few weeks ago still in the bones, when his home reverberated with noise from a sound truck?

More families arrive, lay out their blankets, bring paper bags. A woman of the citizens’ initiative Sachsenhausen is attending – “Save the Frankfurter south” is written on the shirt. Although the adjacent grass area was cordoned off  with warning tape and prohibitive signs, a narrow dirt road provides enough space for the 20-strong group, with a small piece of tree shade.  With cream cheese croissant and the place to meet on approach angle, flight frequency, high blood pressure. Schulte does not show up. This leaves the question billboard “Let your children sleep only 5 to 6 hours?” Unanswered today.,1472864,16922730.html

(article in the original German)



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