Heathrow give every MP a tin containing Scottish shortbread (and chocolate) as PR stunt on air freight

On about 21st July, Heathrow airport had a tin containing chocolate and Scottish shortbread delivered to every MP. Its aim was to try to persuade them that it is vital to ship UK exports from around the country via Heathrow, rather than them being exported from other airports. While it could be questioned whether there is a need to ship langoustines and salmon all the way across the world, it could also be questioned whether Scottish companies would prefer to use a Scottish airport. With an increasing desire by many in Scotland to be more independent from England, Edinburgh and Glasgow airports would be happy to build up their own long haul routes and take care of their own exports. All the time that Heathrow dominates UK aviation, new routes to long haul destinations (such as those for exports) will not be profitable from regional airports.  Is Scotland really happy to continue to ship its produce via Heathrow?  Do those affected by the environmental impacts, especially noise, from Heathrow really want Scottish products being freighted and then re-freighted over their heads?  And as shortbread has a shelf life of at least 6 – 12 months, why is it being air freighted at all? Surely transfer by ship would be cheaper and more fuel efficient?


Every MP was sent a tin from Heathrow, (21st July 2015?) with some publicity blurb and a letter, a mug, some shortbread and some chocolate.

Many MPs were not impressed.

Caroline Lucas with the shortbread

Caroline Lucas MP with her tin

This is the letter that came with it.

Heathrow letter to MPs with mug

This says, in case it is hard to read: 
“Inside this tin are a couple of the UK’s food exports that leave the country through Heathrow.

• Walkers Shortbread, an established Scottish brand selling all over the world and a supporter or Heathrow expansion
• [and Louis Barnett Chocolate – not from Scotland].

There are plenty of other things we wanted to put in but couldn’t. Scottish salmon, for example,is the UK’s biggest food export of which £290 milloin worth went through Heathrow in 2014. British food products from Cornish clotted cream or langoustines from Inverness all travel via Heathrow to clients across the globe. “



All MPs given mug, shortbread & chocolate by Heathrow. Financial value trivial, so no need to declare “gift”. But dubious given to EVERY MP?

Shortbread not persuading that expansion ‘taking Britain further’ but towards chaos

J Jul 25

  1. All MPs got this box of goodies promoting a 3rd runway as a holiday present from Heathrow. Holiday captions please…

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  2. Of course Britain faces a choice: cheap shortbread or butter shortbread. Pleased to see Heathrow has got it right. Pure Butter!