Protest at Lelystad airport (Netherlands) about its expansion, to take holiday flight pressure off Schiphol

Several hundred activists demonstrated at Lelystad Airport  in the Netherlands, against the planned expansion of the airport. They had placards, banners and horns to blast noise. Lelystad is scheduled to take over flights from Schiphol as of April 2019, when its runway extension opens. It will be taking some of the pressure off Schiphol, acting as an extra runway for holiday flights to European destinations. Local people are very worried that the 25,000 flights per year will cause a significant noise burden, and many people are horrified about the noise threat which they could not have anticipated years ago when they bought their homes. The protesters want the weather and environmental impacts re-calculated. There are due to be discussions with government agencies on flight path routes. In October 2017 the government admitted there had been errors in calculating the amount of noise, or how much noise each plane makes, but did not expect the errors to affect the chosen flight path routes or the airport opening in 2019.  A petition in September got 68,000 signatures, and while a huge number of people oppose the plans, some welcome the more convenient holiday flights the move to Lelystad would allow.



Action leaders protest against expansion Lelystad Airport

11.11.2017 (

A few hundred activists have demonstrated at Lelystad Airport against the expansion of the airport. They had plates and banners with them. Also, it was well-torn to blow noise out of noise.

Lelystad is scheduled to take over flights from Schiphol as of April 2019. Against the plans, there is a lot of resistance, because the routes of traffic would cause a lot of noise.

The manifestation was also members of GroenLinks, the Party for the Animals and the SP. The manifestation was organized by several action groups. They demand that the weather and environmental impacts be re-calculated. Former Secretary of State Dijksma investigated the effects of enlargement. Later it turned out that calculations were made.

Action leaders against expansion Lelystad Airport ANP
According to Laagvliegroute Action Group NO, the demonstrators not only came from the region, but also from Eindhoven and Rotterdam, where regional airports are also. Minister van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management has invited a delegation of residents from North Holland, Gelderland, Drenthe, Overijssel and Flevoland to discuss the approach routes.


Action Laagvliegroute NO says not to push the NOS for consultation with the Citizens’ Committee. “The Ministry sets conditions that we can not meet, so we must agree with the renewed airport, and we will not do that,” says Leonhard Beijderwellen of Laagvliegroute NO. A spokesman for the ministry does not agree that people who are in favor should agree.

A third of the inhabitants in the region do not see the expansion of Lelystad Airport, according to a survey by the regional newspaper De Stentor. 46 percent of respondents rightly welcome the plans. A petition of opponents was signed in September 68,000 times.



Lelystad airport may accommodate some 25 thousand annual flights within four or five years after its , the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment confirmed to the Telegraaf.

The airport is intended to serve as an extra runway for Schiphol, taking some pressure off the Amsterdam airport by handling many holiday flights to destinations within Europe. The Ministry’s intention is to initially give Lelystad 16 of Schiphol’s flights, amounting to 68 daily landings and takeoffs, according to the newspaper.

Lelystad airport has a competitive location, being just under 50 kilometers from Amsterdam Oost, Amsterdam Zuidoost, Utrecht, Amersfoort and Apeldoorn. It is also located within 40 kilometers from Almere and Hilversum.

Not everyone is happy with the plans to expand Lelystad airport. According to the Telegraaf, residents of Flevoland, Friesland, Gelderland and Overijssel are protesting against it, because they did not know they would face noise from Lelystad’s approach routes when they bought a house in the area.


State Secretary acknowledges a calculation error in Lelystad airport report

16th October 2017

Deputy State Secretary Sharon Dijksma acknowledges that there are accounting errors in the investigation into the environmental impact and the associated noise pollution of Lelystad Airport. She will correct the calculations, but do not expect the errors to affect the chosen route routes and to the airport opening in 2019.

Some type of aircraft make more noise than was calculated by the National Aerospace Center, Dijksma writes in a letter to the Lower House.

Consequences very limited

Dijksma lets the data recover, but the effects of the errors seem very limited. She does not expect a new environmental impact report to be reported, reports Flevoland .

Lelystad has to take over many holiday flights from Schiphol in 2019. There are many concerns with citizens about noise pollution due to the expansion of the airport.

The wrong assumptions came to light after questions from the action group HoogOverijssel, reports RTV Oost . According to the foundation, Gelderland, Flevoland and Overijssel suffered much more noise from the new approach routes than was concluded.