More people used London’s airports in 2000 than used all the Paris airports in 2007

11.1.2009   (HACAN press release)

So Where’s the Competition?  

New research released by the campaign group HACAN challenges the view that, unless
Heathrow expands, business will go elsewhere in Europe (1).   The publication of
the research coincides with a press conference which BAA is holding in association
with industry groups and some trade unions to argue that the expansion of Heathrow
is vital to the London economy (2).

The HACAN research shows that more passengers fly in and out of London than any
other city on earth, giving it some of the best air connections in the world.

HACAN Chair John Stewart said,   "The industry misrepresents the situation because
it doesn’t compare like with like.   It compares Heathrow with Paris, Frankfurt
and Amsterdam.   What it should do is compare the number people using all London’s
airports with the number using all the airports at these other so-called competitor
cities.   When that is done as very different picture emerges."

The research showed that in 2007 a combined total of 139 million passengers used Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted,
Luton and City airports.   That compares with 88 million who used all of the Paris
airports, London’s closest European rival.

In fact the research reveals that more people used London’s airports in 2000
than used all the Paris airports seven years later in 2007.

Stewart said, "These figures destroy the myth that London has poor connections.  
London remains the best connected city in Europe.   It is a pity that, in their
desperation to see Heathrow expanded, the aviation industry chooses to play fast
and loose with the facts."



(1)   Research can be seen at  :

London airports the busiest in Europe 

(2)   The Press Conference is being held on the morning of Monday 12th January
in the America Conference Centre, EC3N 2LB.

For further information:

John Stewart on 0207 737 6641 or 07957385650