Air cargo plane accidents

There are more accidents and crashes to air  cargo planes  than to passenger planes.

Below are some news stories relating to air cargo plane accidents

7 dead in civilian Boeing 747-400 freighter crash at Bagram airbase, Afghanistan
1.5.2013   Footage purports to show the moment a Boeing 747 US cargo plane crashes on its ascent from Bagram airbase, Afghanistan on Monday. The crash has resulted in the death of all seven American crew members on board. The exact cause of the crash is unknown, although there were thunderstorms in the area. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash.  Link to video footage  (Guardian)


At Least 32 Dead In Congo Plane Crash

December 2, 2012       A cargo plane crashed into houses near Brazzaville Maya-Maya airport while attempting to land in a thunderstorm on Friday, killing at least 32 people, a Congolese Red Cross official said.   The official said the dead included six crew members. The Soviet-made Ilyushin-76 cargo plane, operated by local carrier Trans Air Congo was flying from Pointe-Noire, the commercial capital of the Central African state. It crashed into more than a dozen houses near the airport. Congo Republic, like the Democratic Republic of Congo and many countries in the region, has one of the world’s poorest aviation safety records due to poor maintenance and the use of old planes banned from other skies. In March 2011, another Soviet-made Antonov cargo plane, operated by the same company, crashed into houses in Pointe-Noire while attempting to land, killing 23.  (Reuters)


Cargo Plane Crash Kills 11 In Russian Far East

9.8.2011  A cargo plane has crashed in Russia’s far eastern Kolyma region after its engine failed. The Antonov-12, which was delivering food products to the far-flung region of Chukotka, caught fire and requested to make an emergency return to the city of Magadan soon after take off. The plane was carrying 9 crew members and 2 passengers, as well as 16 tonnes of food products.  The An-12 had been leased to private airline company Avis-Amur, which the prosecutor’s office said was being investigated for possible safety violations that may have led to the accident.

Another cargo aircraft carrying batteries crashes – off South Korea

29th July 2011     Another cargo plane has crashed, killing its two pilots, due to fire in the cargo hold caused by lithium batteries igniting. The Asiana Airlines’ B747 freighter was off South Korea when it crashed into the sea.  It was claimed the pilot had shouted “cargo fire” and “emergency” about 10 minutes before the aircraft disappeared from radar screens. It was carrying electronic products, mobile phones, liquid crystal displays, LEDs,  lithium batteries and liquids    Click here to view full story…


Two UPS pilots killed as freighter crashes near Dubai – due to lithium battery

6th September  2010       Crew reported radio problems and smoke in the cockpit of the B747-400 freighter shortly before the crash. The cause was not known at the time, but is now known to be a fire caused by lithium batteries. The 2 US pilots had reported problems and were attempting to return to Dubai’s main airport shortly after taking off.
The aircraft crashed in an unpopulated area 50 minutes from departure. Non-rechargeable and rechargeable lithium batteries are flammable. (IFW)     Click here to view full story…


Lufthansa Cargo Plane Crash-Lands in Riyadh After Fire Onboard

27th July 2010        

A Deutsche Lufthansa AG freight aircraft was destroyed after crash-landing in
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The pilot of Flight LH8460 reported a fire in the cargo
bay of the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 as he approached King Khaled International
Airport. It was carrying 80 metric tons of freight from Frankfurt to Hong Kong
with stop overs. The cause of the incident is being investigated. The weather
was good. The pilot and co pilot are not very seriously injured.         Click here to view full story…


Cargo plane emergency at Birmingham Airport   (nobody hurt)

A cargo plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Birmingham Airport after
suffering engine failure in the early hours of yesterday morning, the Birmingham
Mail reports. The pilot switched off one of the engines and made the safe landing
around 01:00. Nobody was hurt  and  a
n investigation into the incident is underway.     Click here to view full story…

Airplane fairing panel falls on Miami mall parking lot (nobody injured or killed)

 6th February 2010      

A panel from a cargo plane fell outside a Miami mall but no one was hurt.   A 17-foot piece of fuselage   – a fairing – fell from a 747 cargo plane as it
was flying over Miami on Friday and landed in a Dillard’s parking lot. The  
Atlas Air flight was landing at  Miami, coming  from Santiago, Chile.   There  was
no property damage and the plane landed safely. (msnbc)
Click here to view full story…


Chicago cargo crash kills two 
6th January 2010      
A  small cargo aircraft has crashed near Chicago killing both pilot and co-pilot.
The Royal Air Charter Learjet 35, built in 1977, left Oakland County International
Airport in Michigan and crashed shortly afterwards into the Des Plaines River
near the Chicago Executive Airport, where it was coming into its final approach.
Royal Air Freight of Waterford, Michigan has a fleet of 20 small jets. Click here for full story …..

3 dead in cargo plane crash in Shanghai

28th November 2009        

A Zimbabwe cargo plane crashed as it took off from Shanghai’s main international
airport, killing 3 crew members. One other crew member was seriously injured,
and three more were slightly hurt. China Central Television said the plane’s tail
struck the ground on takeoff, and an airport warehouse also caught fire in the
crash. The report showed billowing thick black smoke.     Click here to view full story…


Hercules crash’s death toll reaches 68   – Indonesia

20.5.2009       At least 68 people died after a An Air Force Hercules cargo plane,
which crashed and burned in Magetan, East Java, on Wednesday morning, an official
said.   Air Force official Suyono says he expects the death toll to rise following
Wednesday morning’s crash.    
The C-130 Hercules Alpha 1325, carrying 14 crews and 98 passengers, was on its way from Halim Perdanakusuma Airport in Jakarta for Biak in Papua when it crashed only four kilometer from Iswahyudi Airport.   Air Force spokesman Bambang Sulistyo said earlier that the plane was on a routine training mission when it crashed near the air base in East Java province, smashing into houses and then skidding into a rice field and bursting into flames. (dre)     click here for full story …..


Crashed Convair 580 (cargo) had reversed elevator trim cables

US investigators have confirmed that elevator trim cables on a Convair 580 freighter
had been reversed before the aircraft crashed in Ohio last September with the
loss of all 3 occupants. The aircraft, operated by Air Tahoma, had undergone maintenance
before the 1 September flight, including disconnection, rigging and reconnection
of all flight-control cables in the empennage. The cables were reversed, so nose-up
trim became nose-down trim. 9.5.2009   Click here for full story…


Six dead in Indonesia cargo crash

15th April 2009    

SIX people were killed in a cargo plane crash in Indonesia. The Aviastar Mandiri
BAe 146-300 aircraft was trying to land at the town of Wamena in Papua province.
Wamena, like many towns in Indonesia, is largely cut off from the rest of the
country so the plane was carrying essential supplies. Indonesia has one of Asia’s
worst air safety records. The EU has banned all Indonesian-registered aircraft
from its airspace. (Air Cargo News)  

Click here to view full story…



FedEx Plane Explodes on Landing in Tokyo

23.3.2009       A FedEx cargo plane burst into flames after bouncing off a runway
in unusually high winds at Tokyo’s main international airport Monday, killing
the pilot and copilot and closing a major runway for several hours.
The flight from Guangzhou, China, skipped along the main runway at Narita Airport before skidding to a fiery halt, footage from airport security cameras showed.  Firefighters and rescuers immediately swarmed the plane.   More …..


Cargo plane crashes in Uganda’s Lake Victoria


A cargo plane carrying equipment for peacekeepers in Somalia caught
fire and crashed into Uganda’s Lake Victoria shortly after take-off today, authorities
said. There were at least seven people onboard but conflicting reports on casualties.
Uganda’s Civil Aviation Authority said there were seven passengers and four crew
members onboard and it was possible that there may be survivors. It did not report
any deaths.

An army spokesman had previously said everyone onboard died. There was no immediate explanation for the discrepancy in numbers offered by the army and the aviation authority.     The aviation authority said the Ilyushin 76 was carrying equipment for Ugandan peacekeepers in Somalia. The cause of the crash was under investigation and police said investigators had been sent to the site.         More …..


Civilian cargo plane crashes in Iraq, 7 killed

13.11.2008       A civilian cargo aircraft crashed in western Iraq on Thursday killing
all seven people on board, the U.S. military and shipping firm FedEx said.  

The plane was operated by a company called Falcon Aviation and was carrying FedEx
cargo, FedEx spokeswoman Sandra Munoz said.
The Soviet-built AN-12 plane crashed shortly after take off, said Captain Charles Calio of the U.S. army. It had just left an air base near the western city of Falluja.   More …..


2nd Kalitta Air 747 Freighter Crashes at Bogota – and one in Brussels in May

8.7.2008     More …..



Cargo aeroplane crashes in Khartoum

 30.6.2008   Aljazeera.     More …..


Juba Air Cargo crashes killing two airport’s guards

8.11.2007     At least 2 persons have been killed this morning [Thursday, November
08, 2007] when an Antonov aircraft belonging to Juba Air Cargo Company crashed
at Khartoum International Airport at 8:00 0clock in the morning .


In an interview with the Nairobi based Sudan Radio Service (SRS) in Khartoum
few hours after the plane crashed, the General Manager of Juba Air Cargo Company,
Mr. Baha-din Amin Akasha said the plane crashed as a result of engine failure
caused by bird strike. He said an eagle entered the aircraft’s engine just 2 minutes
after the plane toke off from Khartoum International Airport.     More …..



Cargo Plane Crashes After Takeoff in Miami; 4 Crew Members Die; Many on Ground


A cargo plane plunged into a heavily populated commercial area moments
after takeoff from Miami International Airport today, killing its four crew members
but sparing hundreds of people on the ground, many of whom fled in terror as the
DC-8 jet skidded across an eight-lane street before coming to rest in a shopping
mall parking lot.

Witnesses said the plane shot “up like a rocket” seconds after takeoff, then
crashed into a field, where it spewed flames and parts as it rammed through a
wire fence and glided across the thoroughfare.    
More …..