Air Freight news before February 2008


Transport Committee hears from CAA and MAG

  (27.2.2008)   Summary …..


Beyond Crews Control – shortage of pilots for Chinese air freight

 (3.3.2008)   More …..


Ethiopia is blooming due to troubles in Kenya so air freight is rising

(15.2.2008   More …..


International Air Freight Demand Slows in 2007  – IATA figures

 (31.1.2008)    More …..


Air freight   – a useful background article  on freight, trends and climate change

 (11.12.2007)  More ….. 


Soil Association – rule on flown-in organic food will change

 (25.10.2007)    More …..     and   Soil Assn Press release.


Heathrow’s Air Cargo Soars, but declines at Gatwick and Stansted

(17.1.2008)       More …..


Beijing-Hamburg train halves time taken by cargo by sea

 (28.1.2008)    More …..


Air freight fights for space – Christmas rush

26.11.2007   More …..


UK top for flying fashion

 28.11.2007.   More …..


Busy 2007 for British Airways World Cargo

 30.11.2007   More …..


Air freighted food; freshly flown in?

Autumn 2007   More …..


Giant sail technology could cut shipping emissions

 2.1.2008      More…..


New storage means rise in food air-miles

Letter from Rose Bridger, in the Independent, (29.10.2007)         More …..


Do consumer concerns – as with “clothes miles” – threaten fast fashion?

28.8.2007     More …..


Examples of crazy cargo being air freighted – some really heavy stuff

Nov 2007     More ….. 


Pentagon Hands Air Carriers $3.6 Billion

 Nov 2007.   More …..


‘Food miles’ soared by 31% in a year, study reveals

 (26.10.2007)     Independent story


Some bizarrely huge things that have been air freighted – a tram and a ferry

17.8.2007     More …..


EU rules change sees more post at Exeter Airport

9.12.2007       More …..