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Economic topics:
•  The OEF report  (Feb 2007)
•  Further Fallible Forecasts  (March 2009)

•  “Fallible Forecasts”  (March 2008)
There are several useful articles by the Aviation Environment Federation (AEF) on a range of economic subjects:
•  Taxing Aviation: NEW briefing by the Green Alliance  June 2010
 •  NEW report by the Policy Studies Institute  June 2010

•  Tourism deficit:

2006 – £18,409,000,000    £18.4 billion
2007 – 19,053,000,000
2008 – 20,515,000,000
2009 – 15,102,000,000
2010 – 14,210,000,000—monthly-release/december-2010/overseas-travel-and-tourism.pdf   page 16
Britain had an annual tourism deficit of over £20.5 billion in 2008, according to ONS figures (June 2009).  This had risen from £19 billion in 2007, and £18.4 billion in 2006, £17.9 billion in 2005, and £17.2 in 2004.  Source, ONS Overseas Travel and Tourism. (The ONS have now moved the place where these documents are on the website making them a bit harder to locate)
In 2009, Britain’s tourism deficit was £15.25 billion, according to ONS figures.
 This was down on the 2008 figures, due to the recession. Spending by tourists visiting Britain in 2009 (still provisional figures) was £16.51 billion (page 18), and spending by UK tourists abroad was £31.76 billion (page 27)
Britain’s tourism deficit was £19.05 billion in 2007  (by subtracting inbound tourism from outgoing at ONS figures.


•  Tourism deficit in the UK in 2004
A group at Luton, LLATVCC, have produced a report (November 2009) showing the economic deficit produced by a net ouflow of finance, due to the excess of outbound cheap flights, over incoming.  This shows that in 2004 (the most recent full data) the East of England region (home to two airports with substantial low-cost flight operations) earned £517 million from overseas visitors, but East of England residents flying abroad spent £2430 million – nearly five times as much, resulting in a deficit to the regional economy of £1913 million in 2004.  All UK regions except London run a substantial economic deficit as a result of aviation-based tourism.  More information and figures at:  UK economic deficit from outbound tourism in 2004

•  Aviation, Economy and Jobs:
“Aviation, the Economy and Jobs” briefing March 2009  (2 pages)

•  Airport Jobs:
AEF Report, March 2009.   The report and executive summary are at:  
•  Briefings on aviation and economics

AirportWatch has produced two documents on the economic aspects of aviation.  The first deals with the contribution aviation makes to the national economy, and to regional regeneration.

The second paper deals with taxation and aviation, and equity and aviation.