Vortex damage to houses from overflying aircraft
Briefing containing information on the problem, with links to some of the airport Vortex Protection Schemes.  Vortex Damage
Public Safety Zones (PSZs) and Third Party Risk at airports
 AirportWatch has produced a simple introduction to the subject of Third Party Risk, and Public Safety Zones, at airports.  (March 2009 – updated November 2010) 
 The land close to the end of an airport runway is a risky place to be.  While Public Safety Zone (PSZ) planning policy, if properly applied, should prevent significant growth in the numbers of people at heightened risk of death or serious injury, they do not address all of the possible risks to the public.  Local planning authorities should ensure that the overall risk is kept within tolerable limits.  Public Safety Zones DfT document
There is a page on the CAA website about Public Safety Zones. 
The CAA document called Control of Development in Airport Public Safety Zones contains relevant information.
The PSZs for the largest airports in the UK are controlled by the CAA and are reviewed every 7 years.  In summer 2010 the PSZs at Bristol, Bournemouth and Newcastle airports were reviewed and there was a consultation period.  The PSZs are predicted to shrink at Bristol but grow at Newcastle where the A696 dual carriageway is set to fall in the inner PSZ.
 PSZs Reviewed 2009/10 = Southampton, Bournemouth, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, Bristol & Newcastle.

PSZs to be reviewed 2010/11 = Humberside, Plymouth, Gatwick, Liverpool John Lennon, London City and establish a new PSZ at Blackpool airport.


Third Party Risk – AirportWatch briefing
“Third Party Risk around airports” Briefing,  March 2009 
Also a briefing from the Aviation Environment Federation (Oct 2011) on  “Airports, risk and the public interest”
Details about PSZs on the CAA website  including list of the airports where the PSZ has been reviewed.






Air safety and air accidents  has a lot of data on plane crashes, details, numbers of casualties etc.
Data on the causes of crashes 
European Commission list of airlines banned within the EU