European ‘Day Of Action’

A European ‘Day of Action’ on aviation happened across Europe on 10 June 2006.

The action demonstrated that airport nuisance and airport expansion threats are
widespread and sent a message to politicians and decision-makers that protestors
are not just ‘nimbys’ who are happy for their problem to solved by sending flights

In Britain there were events at Heathrow, Stansted, Luton, Southampton, Bristol
and Aberdeen.

Abroad, events included Brussels, Amsterdam (Schiphol), Athens and several French

There was extensive press coverage of the events.

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Protest to mark the end of the NATS Terminal Control North consultation

There will be a  small protest in London against the NATS proposed changes to
airspace north of London.  
This will take place at
12.30pm on Thursday 19th June,
on the Thames Embankment close to the National Film Theatre and the southern
end of Waterloo Bridge.
The event is entirely legal and peaceful.
Protestors will assemble with colourful banners and placards, to draw attention
to their concerns about the changes to airspace associated with new flight paths,
and new stacking areas for Stansted, Luton and London City airports.   Many people
will be coming from rural areas of Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and
Essex – in order to demonstrate to NATS their opposition to changes to be inflicted
on them.
Several MPs, representing constituents to be affected by the proposals, will
be attending the event and speaking  briefly.
The protestors and MPs will then march over the bridge, to hand in a letter to
NATS in their London office, on the north side of Waterloo Bridge.
There will then be the opportunity to relax in Victoria Embankment Gardens, share
picnics and network with others from elsewhere in the affected areas.
If you would like to attend the protest, or for more information   – please contact
Sarah at AirportWatch.          
 or   01372 722341
Many people who are currently not overflown will find they have planes overhead,
once the NATS proposals come into effect.   For those in rural areas, where the
ambient background noise is very low,  aircraft noise, even at 5,000 feet or so,
will be very noticeable and intrusive.   Others will find themselves on a new flight
path, with the potential to be over-flown repeately by many planes, hour after
hour and day after day.
NATS launched their consultation in February, and the consultation period (which
would have ended in May) was extended to 19th June.
For more information on the proposals, click here.
There is a lot of information about the NATS proposals on the Stop Stansted Expansion
and also on the LADACAN   (Luton and Distrct Association for the  Control of Aircraft
Noise) has useful information,  

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