Effects of Aircraft Noise on Children’s Cognition and Long Term Memory


Staffan Hygge, Kungl Tekniska H̦gskolan РRoyal Institute of Technology, Centre
for Built Environment, Laboratory of Applied Psychology, Gävle, Sweden.

FICAN Symposium, February 16, 2000 San Diego, California

Three set of studies:

  • Classroom noise experiments on long term memory
  • The Munich airport noise study on children
  • Laboratory studies on noise and memory

General conclusions:

  • There are impairing noise effects on long-term recall, both from acute and chronic
    noise exposure
  • The noise effect on recall is sometimes reversible
  • The noise effects on long-term recognition is smaller than for recall
  • The noise effects are not mediated by attention
  • Aircraft noise is more impairing than road traffic noise and irrelevant speech


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