Bournemouth International airport

Some general information about Bournemouth Airport (also known as Hurn Airport):

Airport Owner: Manchester Airport Group   (MAG – also owns Manchester, East Midlands and Humberside).

Airport Operator:      Manchester Airport Group (MAG)  

Airport website:

 Airport Master Plan:   May 2007.   Bournemouth Airport Master Plan   Consultation was  in 2006


Key details of Master Plan:    

It states:   “We do not currently anticipate any need for modification to the runway and taxiway system in the period 2015 – 2030.”   and “We do not need additional land in order to meet the Government’s aspirations for Bournemouth Airport,”

It   states:   “The White Paper, published in 2003, suggests that Bournemouth could
grow to between 3 and 4 million passengers per year by 2030. In 2005/2006 we were
close to 1 million passengers.”

Airport Consultative Committee:

 (not easy to find past papers ….)




Bournemouth Airport. Flights and CO2 emissions.

Analysis of flights, routes, and top 10 destinations from Bournemouth Airport in 2011. Also carbon emissions.
And passenger growth and numbers over the past 15 years.



CAA figures:      CAA airport statistics 
Terminal Passengers:  
CAA – Terminal Passengers 1998 – 2008

UK Airport Statistics: 2012 – annual  (Table 10.3)  Terminal Passengers  2002 – 2012

2012     689,755  ( up + 12.6% on 2011)
2011     613,000  (down – 18% on 2010)
2010    749,790   (down – 13.7% on 2009)  provisional
2009    868,724   (down – 19.5% on 2008)
2008    1,079
2007    1,083
2006      961
2005      829
2000      271
1996      157


Air Transport Movements

Number of ATMs (thousands)
 CAA ATM statistics 1998 – 2008
UK Airport Statistics: 2012 – annual  (Table 4.2) ATMs 2002 – 2012
2012     7,182   ( up + 14.8% on 2011)
2011     6,000 ( down – 16%  on 2010)
2010     7,000
2009    9,272 ( down – 21.4% on 2008)
2008    12 thousand (- 3% on 2007)
2007    12
2006    12
2005    12
2000     6
1996     4

Air Freight

Freight tonnage  
UK Airport Statistics: 2012 – annual  (Table 13.2) Freight 2002 – 2012
2012    1,121
2011     none
2010     none

2009         4   (down – 76% on 2008)

2008        17 (- 93% on 2007)
2007       253
2006    5,068
2005    5,719
2000    5,389
1996    5,569




Airport Contact Details:

Bournemouth International Airport Limited
BH23 6SE       Tel: 01202 364000

Multimap:     Map for   BH23 6SE

Runway length:       The airport has one runway, which is 2,271 metres in length.
Local community group:   East Dorset Friends of the Earth 

Proportion of domestic passengers, out of total passengers
CAA  statistics, annual figures   – comparing Tables 9 and 10.2

2006       11.4%
2007       10.3%
2008       14.7%

Business Aviation:   Number of business flights (= private jets)  

CAA  statistics, annual figures – Table 3.1

2007           3,364
2008           4,414
DfT forecasts: The DfT has done forecasts of future numbers for UK airports. This can be found

UK Air Passenger Demand and CO2 Forecasts   (Nov 2007)

The numbers for  Bournemouth are  (page 108):

Low    forecast:    2005   –  less  than 1  million

2015   –  2

2030   –  4

Central forecast:   2005   –  less than 1

 2015 – 3

 2030 – 5

High  forecast:       2005   – less than 1 million

2015   – 3

2030   – 5                      


Local Authority: Bournemouth Borough Council



Some Bournemouth airport recent news:
(There is a limited amount of news on the Bournemouth airport website at:  )
News stories about the airport can be found at the UK Airport News website   (see below)  :  

02.01.10 Bournemouth Airport to install noise monitoring equipment in homes

19.12.09 New Bournemouth routes for Ryanair

11.12.09 bmibaby announce new Bournemouth – Jersey route

14.09.09 Bournemouth Airport launches carbon offset scheme

31.07.09 Ryanair adds Bournemouth routes


Bournemouth Airport launches Airport noise consultation
9.7.2009       Residents are to have their say on how noise is controlled at Bournemouth
Airport.  A 16 week public consultation has been launched by the airport on its
draft plans to manage aircraft noise and review the measures currently in place.
The plans are part of a European Union directive that requires all main sources
of environmental noise – including airports, major roads, railways and urban conurbations
with more than 250,000 residents – to produce Noise Action Plans.   The consultation
period ends on 21st October.   More …..
NAP consultation document
Night flights to take off from Bournemouth airport
9.7.2009       Residents living under the flight path of Bournemouth Airport could
have a rude awakening next summer should newly proposed timetables get the go-ahead.
Thomson Holidays and First Choice, have announced they want to incorporate new
routes to Turkey, Corfu, Tunisia and Sharm el Sheikh. Many of these will arrive
at night, often around 1 – 2 am.   The airport has an annual quota for night flights
and is allowed some, as long as the quota is not exceeded.       More …..
MAG puts another £13m into Bournemouth Airport expansion
25.7.2008   (Crain’s Manchester Business)     Manchester Airports Group is reported to have injected an additional £13m into
a £45m project to expand Bournemouth Airport.    
The project had been delayed after New Forest National Park requested a judicial
review into Christchurch Borough Council’s decision to allow the project to go
ahead.Work on the new terminal is now expected to go ahead following an April decision
by the High Court who heard the application from New Forest National Park.     The
Dorset Echo reports MAG have set a target of Spring 2010 for the completion of the project.Peter Duffy, managing director at the airport told the newspaper: &lquot;We were originally
hoping to fast track the building work but this was delayed by various factors
beyond our control, such as a need to satisfy the requirements of some statutory
consultees and the application for a judicial review by the New Forest National
Park.&rquot;   He added: &lquot;However, now that we have this additional funding secured,
we will be able to move on to the next phase of the redevelopment within the next
three or four weeks.&rquot;article  



30.01.09 Bournemouth Airport expansion nears completion  
22.11.08 Bournemouth Airport expansion ‘on course’01.11.08 Ryanair launch Bournemouth – Paris flights
27.10.08 Bournemouth airline celebrates 50 years01.10.08 Work to start on Bournemouth Airport terminal 
15.09.08 Wizz axe Bournemouth flights; leave passengers stranded
24.08.08 Bournemouth aviation museum saved21.07.08 Bournemouth Airport £45m revamp back on track26.06.08 New fencing at Bournemouth Airport24.06.08 Bournemouth Airport ‘vulnerable to intrusion’29.05.08 Ryanair announce 14 routes02.05.08 Bournemouth Airport set for growth as New Forest appeal fails

02.04.08 Ryanair paper plane challenge to celebrate Bournemouth flights

14-03-2008 New route to Gdansk from Bournemouth Airport 

29.02.08 Ryanair announce leap year giveaway in Liverpool and Bournemouth

28-02-2008 Ryanair announces Edinburgh route from Bournemouth 05.02.08Campaigners link up to fight Bournemouth Airport growth 
23-01-2008 Airport launches new Community Fund 

21.01.08 Bournemouth Airport shows flight movements on website

16.01.08 Bournemouth Airport crash driver died of natural causes

09.01.08 Ryanair to open new base at Bournemouth Airport


17.12.07 easyJet launch Bournemouth – Grenoble flights

08.12.07 Ryanair Bournemouth – Alicante flights take off

28.11.07 Thomsonfly axe five routes from Bournemouth Airport

02.11.07 easyJet launches new Bournemouth – Krakow route

30.09.07 Bournemouth Airport enjoys record summer

22.09.07 Coventry and Bournemouth Airports gain new Polish route

31.08.07 Ryanair announces new ski routes from Liverpool and Bournemouth

16.08.07 Ryanair increases Dublin flights to UK airports

09.08.07 Ryanair announce Alicante base; East Midlands, Robin Hood and Bournemouth flights

July 2007

27.07.07 Thomsonfly adds 12 new routes for summer 2008

21.07.07 Bournemouth Airport expansion given go-ahead

20.07.07 Concerns over Bournemouth Airport night flights 

20-07-2007 Planning decision heralds new future for bournemouth airport  

12.07.07 easyJet add Bournemouth Airport – Grenoble ski route

05.07.07 Virgin Atlantic to run flying without fear course at Bournemouth Airport