Coventry Airport

Coventry Airport – some key information
The airport ceased commercial flights at the start of November 2008. The airport
said it will now “focus on business aviation and freight only”.


Coventry Airport  may eventually re-open.   New  owner – Sir Peter Rigby
Airport bought in late April 2010.
Coventry Airport closed by owners   – 8th December 2009        
 Coventry Airport has been closed indefinitely because of financial difficulties.
West Midlands International Airport, which owns it, had been due to appear in
the High Court on Wednesday to respond to a winding-up petition, but  decided to
close it. Thomsonfly stopped flights out of the airport in November 2008 and a
year earlier the airport saw plans for a new terminal rejected. (BBC)       Click here to view full story…
Around 70 jobs have been lost after struggling Coventry Airport closed down ahead
of a winding-up petition due in court.     More …..

Commercial passenger flights to and from the airport ceased in November 2008.

It has abandoned plans to build a passenger terminal and is focusing on freight
and business flights. UK Airport News  
Coventry Airport abandon terminal appeal

1.2.2009   UK Airport News

Coventry Airport have abandoned plans to appeal against a High Court decision which blocked plans to build a new passenger terminal. The decision brings to an end the airport’s five year battle to build a new terminal, and appears to signal the end of passenger flights for the forseeable future.

The airport took its fight for a new terminal to the High Court after the plans
were blocked by the secretary of state for communities and local government in
April 2007. The airport was then dealt a double whammy last October when the High Court threw out its appeal against the decision, swiftly followed by Thomsonfly’s announcement it planned to pull passenger flights from the airport within weeks.

Now the airport’s management have confirmed that they have abandoned plans to appeal against the High Court decision, and instead intend to concentrate on the executive travel market. Work has started on transforming the airport’s Rapide House into a luxury lounge for business travellers. The airport hopes to cash in on its close location to the likes of the Ricoh Arena and Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre, and its proximity to the heart of the country’s motorway network.

Airport director Brian Cox said: ‘We are extremely excited about the prospect
of this dedicated executive aviation centre. Coventry Airport has always been
popular with the business traveller due to its location at the heart of the Midlands, giving accessibility with a speedy and quietly efficient service.’ The new look  Rapide House looks set to open in April.     Article
Airport Contact Details:
Coventry Airport

Coventry Airport South

Siskin Parkway West

Coventry CV3 4PB

Tel: Coventry Airport Information:       024 7630 8600


Airport Owner:
Patriot Aviation, owned by Sir Peter Rigby. (since April 2010)
Was (until April 2010)CAFCO (Coventry) Limited, a joint venture between Howard
Holdings plc and Convergence-AFCO Holdings Limited (CAFCOHL)
Airport Operator:
West Midlands International Airport Ltd.

Airport website:
Airport Master Plan:     There isn’t one.
Airport Consultative Committee:

CAA figures:       CAA aviation statistics 2007

Terminal Passengers:        thousands –  CAA – Terminal Passengers

2010       – none
2008       331,022   (down 44.7% – no passengers in December 2008)
2007       599,000 (down 2%)
2006       610,000
2005       719,000
2000           2,000
1996           1,000

Air Traffic Movements (approx – thousands):     CAA ATM statistics

2008         4.4   (down 41.1%)

2007         7   (down 8%)
2006         8
2005       10
2000         3
1996         5

Air Freight     (tonnes):       CAA Air Freight statistics

2007       7,469   (down 4%)

2006       7,785
2005       6,142
2000       3,270
1996        21,532

Multimap for Coventry airport
Local community group:       –
Wikipedia on Coventry Airport:     Wikipedia
Runway:     05/23 2,008 metres   6,586 ft Asphalt

Some recent news about Coventry airport:

UK Airport News website

Rigby Group (owns Coventry airport) having bought Exeter airport also buys a large aviation management company

July 6, 2013

Sir Peter Rigby’s Patriot Aerospace Group bought the controlling interest in Exeter Airport from Balfour Beatty very recently. They have now concluded another deal buy RCAM (Regional and City Airport Management Ltd) which is a specialist airport management company responsible for the overall operation of Blackpool and City of Derry Airports. RCAM deals with up to 3m passengers a year and also a range of cargo, freight, corporate and general aviation services. Sir Peter has owned Coventry Airport since 2010 and has always made it clear that he intends to resume passenger flights when he can. Patriot Aerospace says it will be possible now to “leverage synergies” between Exeter and Coventry, making a return of passenger flights from Coventry Airport more likely. Patriot Aerospace also owns British International Helicopters (BIH) which is the UK’s largest British helicopter operating business. Sir Peter wants to capitalise on the opportunity to grow regional airports, due to the alleged airport capacity shortage in the south east.  Click here to view full story…

£4million deal to get Coventry Airport back in business  
 15.6.2010       Coventry Telegraph
The airport’s new owner Sir Peter Rigby has
signed a £4 million contract with Serco for air traffic services.   Less than five weeks after buying the airport, the tycoon’s aviation group Patriot Aerospace has secured the deal in a bid to get the airport operational again as quickly as possible. Sir Peter said: “We are confident we have selected the best
option in Serco for the future air traffic service for the airport, and with the
co-operation of the Civil Aviation Authority and the new provider we will have
full air traffic services operational shortly.   This underpins our strategy to
resume full operations including attracting business jet traffic, freight and
potentially future airline operations.”   Full article ….


New owners agree deal to save Coventry Airport

 28th April 2010      

A deal has been signed for Sir Peter Rigby to become the airport’s new owner.
Negotiations between the airport landowners Coventry City Council and Sir Peter’s
aviation group Patriot Aerospace, have been ongoing for several months. He says
his plans include resurrecting commercial flights from the airport and creating
more jobs. He hopes for low cost flights to Europe, including scheduled flights.
(Coventry Telegraph)     Click here to view full story…



Deal for takeover of Coventry Airport close

23.02.10     Tycoon Sir Peter Rigby is closing in on a deal to take over Coventry
Airport, the Birmingham Post reports. He could conclude a deal for the airport
in a matter of weeks, it suggests. The Patriot Aviation Group-owner has been holding
talks with tenants and users of the airport and has reportedly gained a support
in his quest to reopen the site – which has been closed since December last year.
Click here to view full story …..

Sir Peter Rigby lining up swoop for Coventry Airport

18th February 2010       Midlands tycoon Sir Peter Rigby is lining up a dramatic swoop to buy Coventry
Airport. One of the richest men in Britain – with an estimated fortune of £300m
– he has financial muscle and a passion for aviation. Sir Peter has begun detailed
talks with Coventry City Council about taking over the business.   Sir Peter has
been given “exclusive due diligence”. (B’ham Post)
Click here to view full story…

Local firm interested in Coventry Airport takeover ?

15th February 2010       A Midlands-based company is reported to be looking at buying and taking over
the running of Coventry Airport, the council has said. The news comes after Switzerland-based
business support firm ADP pulled out of a proposed deal to take it over.
Click here to view full story…

27.1.2020   Switzerland-based firm looks at buying Coventry Airport

30.12.09 Talks to reopen Coventry Airport

Coventry Airport closed by owners

8th December 2009               Coventry Airport has been closed indefinitely because of financial difficulties.
West Midlands International Airport, which owns it, had been due to appear in
the High Court on Wednesday to respond to a winding-up petition, but  decided to
close it. Thomsonfly stopped flights out of the airport in November 2008 and a
year earlier the airport saw plans for a new terminal rejected. (BBC)       Click here to view full story…

Around 70 jobs have been lost after struggling Coventry Airport closed down ahead
of a winding-up petition due in court.     More …..

Winding up petition served to Coventry Airport

 2nd December 2009         Coventry Airport is facing an uncertain future after the company which owns it
–    West Midlands International Airport Ltd – it was served a petition to ‘wind
up’ its business amid rumours of spiralling debt.   The airport
has been up for sale since May of this year.  A hearing is due to take place
at London’s Royal Courts of Justice on Wednesday, Dec 9.   If the court grants
the petition and makes the winding-up order, the airport will be placed into compulsory
liquidation. (Birmingham Post)

Click here to view full story…

Coventry confident of business aviation future

 23rd June 2009         Coventry Airport is confident in its ability to transform itself into a business
aviation centre as its new fixed-base operation nears completion. Last year, owner
Howard Holdings failed to get the green light to develop a new 2 million passenger
terminal and lost scheduled services from low-cost airlines Thomsonfly and Wizz
Air. The airport is now up for sale, and wants to develop as a UK cargo, ad hoc
charter and executive jet hub. (Flight Global) Click here to view full story…

Coventry Airport put up for sale

 8th May 2009         Coventry Airport, which lost its only passenger airline last year and has seen
plans for a new terminal rejected, has been put up for sale. Thomsonfly left in
November. Plans for a new terminal were dropped in February. A public inquiry
had found they would have an adverse impact on noise in the area. The airport
director said they are concentrating on developing the airport as a ‘Midland hub’
for cargo, executive jets and ad hoc charter operations. (BBC)         Click here to view full story…

Coventry Airport operator ‘could be dissolved’

07.04.09       The company that operates Coventry Airport will be wound up unless it files its accounts, the Courier reports. Companies
House has threatened to strike West Midlands International Airport Ltd from its
register and dissolve the business, as its accounts are 5 months overdue.

A statement issued on Monday said: ‘The Registrar of Companies gives notice that,
unless cause is shown to the contrary, at the expiration of three months from
[April 7 2009] the name of West Midlands International Airport Ltd will be struck
off the register and the company will be dissolved.’

However, Coventry Airport director Brian Cox told the newspaper: ‘The late registration
of our 2007 accounts with Companies House is being addressed by both our finance
department and external accountants. I would personally like to apologise for
any inconvenience this delay has caused and to assure all concerned that this
oversight will be rectified immediately.’

01.12.09 Coventry Airport served with winding up petition
27.09.09 Potential buyer for Coventry Airport
22.08.09 Coventry Airport partners with luxury car company

16.08.09 Art exhibition at Coventry Airport

29.06.09 Coventry Airport seeks new customers

21.06.09 Coventry Airport sale update

05.06.09 Business group to help with Coventry Airport sale

29.05.09 Coventry Airport boss angry at MP’s ‘end of runway’ jibe

22.05.09 Coventry Airport outsource air traffic control

08.05.09 Coventry Airport for sale

07.04.09 Coventry Airport operator ‘could be dissolved’


09.11.08 Last passenger flight from Coventry Airport

08.11.08 Coventry Airport terminal appeal

29.10.08 Job losses at Coventry Airport

19.10.08 Coventry Airport to target business and cargo

16.10.08 Thomsonfly pulls out of Coventry Airport

07.10.08 Coventry Airport loses planning appeal

03.10.08 Thomsonfly ‘reviewing’ Coventry operation

22.08.08 Speed record from Coventry Airport

18.08.08 Five killed as small planes crash near Coventry Airport

13.08.08 Wizz Air axes Poland flights from Coventry Airport

06.08.08 Coventry Airport to offer aircraft parking

29.07.08 Coventry airport decision reserved

23.07.08 Four new routes for Coventry Airport

20.07.08 Coventry Airport terminal bid goes to High Court

12.07.08 Coventry Airport launch ‘take off’ magazine

04.07.08 Coventry Airport blackout

24.05.08 Coventry Airport outsource security

08.05.08 Wizz axe Coventry – Poland flights

04.05.08 Coventry Airport enjoys busy weekend

10.04.08 Massive slump in Coventry Airport passengers

08.04.08 Coventry Airport ‘best in UK’

19.03.08 Coventry Airport freight growth

17.03.08 BAE supply air traffic control simulator to Coventry Airport

15.03.08 Wizz launch Coventry – Gdansk flights

09.03.08 Coventry Airport plans private jet expansion

02.03.08 Small businesses back Coventry Airport plans

17.02.08 New traffic lights near Coventry Airport

16.02.08 TUI challenges airlines to reveal emissions

08.02.08 Coventry Airport planning appeal brought forward

31.01.08 Campaigners say Coventry Airport terminal legal challenge a waste of money

30.01.08 October court date for Coventry Airport terminal appeal

24.01.08 Staff fears over Coventry Airport restructuring

20.01.08 Football club park and ride for Coventry Airport

07.01.08 Coventry Airport retains one-bag limit


28.10.07 Thomsonfly scrap Coventry – Barcelona flights

25.10.07 Passengers say Coventry Airport the best for queue free travel

28.09.07 Coventry Airport ‘winning battle’ with unruly passengers

24.09.07 Coventry Airport owners to battle on for a new terminal

22.09.07 Coventry and Bournemouth Airports gain new Polish route