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Some recent news about Doncaster Sheffield Airport:

Doncaster-Sheffield Airport vote set to free £138m towards reopening

Doncaster-Sheffield Airport is expected to take a major step towards reopening later this week, with a vote to release £138m of public money to fund it. The site closed in November 2022 after its owners said it was too costly.  South Yorkshire Combined Authority’s board is due to vote on Tuesday on releasing the cash, which is Doncaster’s share of devolution funds. Oliver Coppard, South Yorkshire’s Mayor, said it would “absolutely” be a good use of public money.  If members of the combined authority’s board vote to make the money available to City of Doncaster Council, the authority is expected to lease the airport site from owners Peel Group.  It would then appoint a specialist airport operator to run the business. York Aviation consultancy warned that re-opening the airport would mean Doncaster Council should “not expect any money back”.  “The market is focusing on bigger airports where airlines can make more money. To get airlines to use marginal airports like Doncaster, you have to pay them large sums to get them to operate. In those circumstances, it’s unlikely a smaller airport like Doncaster would be able to cover its operating costs.”

Tory ministers block £30m cash that could help Labour mayor reopen Doncaster Sheffield airport

Conservative Ministers have blocked £30 million in funding that could help  Oliver Coppard, South Yorkshire’s Labour Metro Mayor, re-open Doncaster Sheffield airport.  Local Labour leaders have been working to revive the airport, which closed in November 2022.  They hoped to use a £30 million cash pot – originally earmarked in 2022 for a rail link to the airport before it closed – to help pay for building work at the site. But Tory Transport Secretary Mark Harper has refused to let them re-route the cash – which will likely go unspent within the 5 year time limit. Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA) had domestic flights to London and low-cost airlines taking holidaymakers to European destinations, therefore taking money out of the local economy. When it closed, owners Peel Group said it was not “commercially viable” – despite Mr Coppard and Doncaster Council offering to underwrite operations for a year while a new airport operator could be found. Peel still own it.

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Doncaster Council gets £3.1 million to help it buy Doncaster Sheffield Airport

A £3.1 million financial package has been approved to help Doncaster Council prepare a Compulsory Purchase Order for Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA).   The money is coming from the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) to help with the “complex” preparations. The SYMCA also agreed funding for Doncaster’s Place Plan, which includes the potential purchase of the airport.  Work will now continue on the potential purchase order as well as the negotiations on a potential lease.  There will be costs to reinstate the airport for operations and these costs will form a part of the business plan the council is preparing. The council said it has potential buyers and operators who are aware of this and willing to work with the authority.  The Mayor of Doncaster said: “Peel continues to be unwilling sellers; they have not gone to the open market or made any effort to sell the airport as an operational airport and working business.”

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Mayoral authority to vote on funding to support purchase of Doncaster Sheffield Airport

The South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) is to decide whether to grant £3.1m to support the purchase of Doncaster Sheffield Airport. The authority’s board will meet later to discuss a request from Doncaster Council for funding for legal action to force owners Peel Group to sell the site. Peel closed the airport in November, saying it was not financially viable.  The council is considering pursuing a compulsory purchase order (CPO.)  In April, the local authority agreed to set aside £3.1m towards the costs of taking legal action. It said a CPO would only be needed if all other avenues, such as a negotiated sale or lease, were exhausted.   The council has asked SYMCA for financial support for “the costs of building a case”, a report to the SYMCA’s annual general meeting said.  The council believes its costs could reach up to £6.25m and has warned it may be unable pursue a CPO if funding is refused.

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Doncaster Council considers leasing closed Doncaster Sheffield Airport at considerable expense from Peel

Doncaster Council could lease Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA), which closed recently, from its owners, Peel L&P, under plans being considered. The airport was wound down by Peel in November 2022, citing the financial viability of the site.  At a meeting later this month, the council is set to discuss ring-fencing more than £3m for a compulsory purchase order to buy the airport. The council said Peel had recently offered a lease of the airport.  The council hopes to reopen the site, and provide jobs.  The order to potentially buy DSA from Peel is expected to initially cost up to £3.1m in legal costs. A report looking at what can be done to reopen the airport is set to be discussed at a cabinet meeting on 12 April. The  plan is for the area around the airport to contain a cluster of businesses to compliment the site. The Mayor of Doncaster said, rather over-optimistically, that the airport “has the potential to be the jewel in the crown of the Doncaster and South Yorkshire economy.” In fact, it will generally just provide holiday flights, taking local residents to spend their money abroad.

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Doncaster Sheffield airport to close after no ‘tangible proposals’ put forward

Doncaster Sheffield airport is to close later this year, its owners have confirmed, despite the offer of financial aid from public funds. This leaves hundreds of staff facing redundancy and comes days after Liz Truss said she had instructed ministers to protect the airport.  The airport’s owners, the Peel Group, which had extended a public consultation period by 10 days, said a strategic review had ended without any clear proposals on the airport site’s financial viability, or a potential buyer. They said the high costs of running the airport, whose flight numbers have fallen by more than half since 2019, meant it would start winding down operations from 31st October.  Peel is in consultation with staff about losing their jobs. Local politicians wanted the government to provide more public money for it, but at present the UK government has massive and increasing debts, partly from capping household and business energy costs, and no cash to spare.  Peel realises subsidising a permanently loss-making airport is not a sensible use of scarce public funds.  It has made big losses since the start of the pandemic, and there are other airports in the area (Leeds, Manchester) that travellers can easily use.

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Doncaster Sheffield Airport: Mayor wants more government help on plan


The airport opened as an international commercial airport in 2005. The mayor of South Yorkshire has called on the government to change its “short-sighted hands-off” approach to helping secure the future of Doncaster Sheffield Airport.  Oliver Coppard said the government was invited to be part of a working group, but had “sadly declined”.  A consultation on the airport began recently after directors said it “may no longer be commercially viable”.  The government said it was in “close contact” with the airport.  Transport Secretary Grant Shapps had previously suggested South Yorkshire’s mayor could follow the example of Teesside Airport, which was taken over by the regional mayor in 2019.  He said public ownership for the airport should be considered.  Members of the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority, Doncaster Council and representatives from airport owners Peel Group met on Monday.  The future of the airport was put in doubt after directors said it had “never achieved the critical mass required to become profitable”, citing issues including Covid and the impact of airline Wizz Air cancelling flights.

Construction starts on Robin Hood Airport ‘workpods’

09 November 2014

Contractor Henry Boot Construction has begun work on the new Doncaster International Business Park project at the airport. The firm has started construction after winning a contract to carry out the first phase of the development – known as Fountain Court Workpods – in a competitive tender. The 62,000 sq ft scheme, which is due for completion in May next year is expected to create over 130 new jobs, providing “environmentally sustainable” office accommodation for 134 staff in 41 ‘workpod’ office units of 1,450 sq ft and 1,600 sq ft in 2, 3, and 4-unit blocks. The project has attracted £1.5 million from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of Europe’s support for the region’s economic development through the Yorkshire and Humber ERDF programme 2007-13. Previously owned by the Ministry of Defence, the business park site was home to RAF Finningley’s parade ground and barracks before the air base was closed and redeveloped as Robin Hood Airport in 2005. In its new incarnation it will be home to “eco-friendly workpods” hoping to be energy efficient. The workpods will feature large windows, super-high insulation and roof lights equipping them to retain maximum heat and light from the sun.


Local survey says 90% would use Doncaster Robin Hood airport if more destinations were offered

January 29, 2014

The small airports in the vicinity of Manchester fear they are losing out, as more passengers prefer to fly from Manchester. The local press in Yorkshire reports that Manchester continues to be the first choice airport for most travellers from South Yorkshire, followed by East Midlands airport. More than 66% of South Yorkshire flyers say they use Manchester “often” or “very often” while 25% said the same of East Midlands, while around 15% used Heathrow on a similar basis. Just one in 14 said they used Robin Hood often or very often – a similar proportion to those using Leeds Bradford and fewer than use Stansted or Liverpool John Lennon Airports. However, 90% said they would like to use Robin Hood if it had flights to a wider range of destinations.Little regional airports hope travellers would prefer them to larger airports, particularly to destinations in Europe – because that cuts the time they spend in the airport. Only 10% were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with the range of destinations served by Robin Hood airport. Around 30% said the problem was lack of accessibility and connectivity with poor public transport and an inadequate bus service. Road access improvements from the M18 are planned.

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Plans for new Doncaster Robin Hood Airport link road from M18

February 3, 2012    Plans for a new link road to Robin Hood Airport in South Yorkshire are to be unveiled at 3 public meetings. The road, including a route to Rossington and a bridge over the East Coast Main Line, will run for 2.5 miles (4km) from junction 3 of the M18 to the A638 near the airport. Doncaster Council received £18m funding from the Regional Growth Fund. Subject to planning permission being granted, work on the road could start in summer 2012 with it opening in early 2014. FoE says the new link road doesn’t go to the airport; instead there’s less than 1 mile of new dual carriageway from the M18, followed by a single carriageway extension of about another 2 miles, but then they’re back on the existing road network for the last 3+ miles. Clearly the airport will gain some advantage by this but not excessively.     Click here to view full story…


Flybe’s Doncaster Robin Hood to Belfast City flights pulled

7.10.2011   AIR passengers from Doncaster will no longer be able to fly to one of the UK’s capital cities from 30th October. Flybe has blamed fewer domestic flight passengers for the decision to pull daily services. Flybe and Robin Hood bosses have criticised the government’s APD  (all of £12 on each ticket)  for contributing to falling numbers of passengers. So the route is no longer viable for the airline, probably more due to the recession tnan the £12.

Doncaster Robin Hood airport wants change in planning rules to get more business

7th January 2011     DEVELOPERS want planning rules to be relaxed in a bid to significantly expand Robin Hood Airport’s business park.  Peel Investments Ltd is asking for regulations which only allow airport-related businesses to be located on the site to be waived in a bid to attract more businesses.   The details are included in planning applications the firm has submitted to Doncaster Council.    Click here to view full story…




Peel Holdings to sell airports (Liverpool, Doncaster and Durham Tees Valley) to fund purchase of ports company?


9th March 2010    It seems likely that Peel Holdings, a private company, intends to sell a majority stake in its airports division to help fund the £800 million acquisition of Forth Ports, one of Britain’s biggest port operators. Peel Holdings is fundamentally a property developer, and has 3 secondary level airports (Doncaster, Durham Tees Valley, amd Liverpool, as well as a general aviation facility at Manchester City airport. Two of the airport are in direct competition with the primary level Manchester Airport.    Click here to view full story…

Doncaster Council approve Robin Hood Airport night flight changes

4th February 2010    Doncaster Council’s Planning Committee has approved variations to planning conditions at Robin Hood Airport that previously restricted certain categories of aircraft from operating from the airport at night. The changes mean up to 100 bigger, noisier aircraft will be allowed to operate at the airport at night each year, however the overall night flight noise limits have been cut. The Council has approved the airport’s proposal to lift the current QC4 aircraft restriction. (UK Airport News)      Click here to view full story…

New talks on Robin Hood Airport night flight plans

08.01.10   New talks will be held next week over proposals to loosen restrictions on night flying at Robin Hood Airport, the Express & Star reports, after the airport re-submitted a consultation document to Doncaster Council’s planning department to modify the night flying restrictions imposed on them this week. Following discussions with the airport and consultation with interested parties and residents, Peel Airports has submitted revised consultation documents that replace the documents put forward in January last year.

Currently a ban exists on the noisier aircraft, known as QC4s, flying in and out of the airport at night. The consultation documents seek to amend the number and types of planes that may operate at night. The document proposes that the aircraft which make the most noise – QC8s and QC16s – will not be allowed to operate at night from the airport. The number of QC4 aircraft is proposed to be limited to 100 movements a year.

Robin Hood Airport director Mike Morton told the newspaper that the airport wants to ease the restrictions because it would give them more chance of attracting freight operators. He hopes it could lead to 440 jobs being created in airfreight by 2016. He said: ‘It would mean more revenue for the airport and for the local region there are huge job opportunities on the back of these businesses coming in.’

The consultation period closes on January 25, with the application set to go before the council’s planning committee early in February. Residents wishing to submit their views should do so in writing to Robin Hood Airport Consultation, Directorate of Development, Development and Planning, Colonnades, Duke Street, Doncaster, DN1 1ER.    (UK Airport News)

Keep the noise down

27 April 2009    Jazz star Dennis Rollins is considering quitting Doncaster because of the impact he claims Robin Hood Airport has had on his home.  Dennis and wife Danielle are threatening to leave the borough just two years after the award-winning musician was made a freeman of the borough for his services to music in the town.  He moved back to the town where he grew up seven years ago after having spend time in London, and developed his own studio at his home in Bawtry. But now the couple say they are considering leaving because the noise caused by jets using the airport interferes with his recording.  “We think it is unacceptable. It may be legal what they are doing, but that does not make it right. It’s so unnecessary – they only have to direct the flights slightly to the west over farm fields to avoid spoiling all our quality of life.”  Click here to view full story …

Council objects to Doncaster Robin Hood Airport cargo flights

March 2009
Armthorpe Parish Council has objected to plans to lift restrictions on night-time cargo flights at Robin Hood  Airport. The airport wants to overturn a ban on noisier aircraft such as Boeing 747s flying at night, to bring it  in line with other airports that accept cargo flights. The application is for a variation to the provisions of the
Quiet Operations Policy of the Section 106 Agreement to permit it to operate QC4 aircraft at night, and  coincides with the Master Plan consultation.
CPRE and the Green Party are also objecting to the Peel application for night-time cargo flights, and say the massive expansion that Peel has in mind will impact on people throughout South Yorkshire. Parish councils don’t have the power to stop it and Doncaster council is going to put few obstacles in Peel’s way, so local people need to stand up and make themselves heard before the airport takes over their lives.

Night flights controversy at Robin Hood Airport

 17 February 2009
Controversial plans to increase the number of night freight flights at the Robin Hood Airport have come under fire from Bawtry residents.  Those who attended a public meeting in Bawtry on Friday voted to object to the Doncaster Sheffield airport’s plans to allow noisier ‘Quota Count 4 flights’.   The airport wants to alter its agreement with Doncaster Council to include these flights so it can attract more and bigger business. A spokesman for Peel Airports said: “What we are trying to do is expand the freight potential of the airport which could offer huge economic benefits to Doncaster and South Yorkshire.”   “It will mean less than two of the night flights a week and they will not begin before 2016.”   He added: “These planes are only slightly noiser than the ones that are currently used.”  (local Guardian)    Click here to view full story …

Right to object to night flights – Doncaster

28th February 2009     CPRE and the Green Party are objecting to the Peel application for night-time cargo flights at Robin Hood airport. They say the massive expansion that Peel has in mind will impact on people throughout South Yorkshire, and that the parish councils don’t have the power to stop it and Doncaster council is going to put few obstacles in Peel’s way. Also that local people need to stand up and make themselves heard before the airport takes over their lives. (Free Press)     Click here to view full story…

Doncaster Airport hopes to lift restrictions on cargo

9th January 2009      Robin Hood Airport has gone ahead with an official bid to lift restrictions on night-time cargo flights to create more jobs. But the move has sparked concerns from pressure group Finningley Airport Network which has set up a petition protesting against the plan. Since opening in April 2005 Robin Hood carried around 600 tonnes of cargo annually in its first 2 years. its current restrictions are from 11pm and 7am. (The Star)    Click here to view full story…

Robin Hood Airport applies for freight night flying

7th January 2009             Robin Hood Airport has officially applied to Doncaster Council to lift restrictions on night-time freight flights in a bid to create more jobs. It has submitted plans to relax the limitations. It wants to overturn a ban on noisier aircraft like Boeing 747s – known as QC4s – operating at night because officials are concerned the current ruling is hampering efforts to attract a freight operator to set up base at Robin Hood. (Doncaster Free Press)   Click here to view full story…

Airport bosses quash rumours of Thomson exit from Robin Hood Doncaster

 26th December 2008     Rumours had surfaced that Thomson was to pull out of the Finningley airport possibly cutting a number of jobs. However, Robin Hood chiefs insisted that Thomson – part of the TUI group – had a long term commitment to the airport. Thomson currently flies to 21 destinations from Robin Hood, including Spain, Greece and Turkey. The company also denied the rumours but stated that flight services were continually up for review. (Doncaster Free Press)     Click here to view full story…



09.05.09 New Kos flights take off from Robin Hood Airport


16.03.09 Ryanair axe Dublin flights from Robin Hood and Durham Tees Valley
04.03.09 Passengers down at Robin Hood Airport


06.02.09 Council objects to Robin Hood Airport cargo flights


26.12.08 Thomson ‘not pulling out of Robin Hood Airport’
12.12.08 Flybe double Jersey flights from Robin Hood Airport
19.11.08 New Robin Hood Airport hotel opens
10.11.08 Robin Hood Airport £90 clamping fee for OAP
08.11.08 Consultation briefings for Robin Hood Airport masterplan
04.11.08 Robin Hood Airport want quicker road link
03.11.08 Job cuts at Robin Hood Airport

October 2008

31.10.08 Robin Hood Airport announce expansion plans
30.10.08  Doncaster airport master plan launched
20.10.08 Robin Hood Airport top for leisure and women
18.10.08 Strike at Robin Hood Airport
16.10.08 Most drive and park at Robin Hood Airport
02.10.08 Busy month at Robin Hood Airport
01.10.08 New Turkey flight for Robin Hood Airport


September 2008

29.09.08 Fedex rejects Robin Hood over noise limits
26.09.08 Robin Hood Airport gets cruise flights
18.09.08 Robin Hood Airport masterplan update
13.09.08 Two new routes for Robin Hood Airport
11.09.08 Robin Hood Airport masterplan to be revealled
07.09.08 Robin Hood Airport lose rates appeal
05.09.08 Free massages at Robin Hood Airport

‘Snub’ blow for Doncaster Robin Hood airport

17th September 2008       DONCASTER’S Robin Hood airport has been rejected by a major airfreight firm – Fedex – because of its strict limits on aircraft noise. The airport is expected to reveal how it hopes to develop a 100,000 tonnes a year freight operation by 2030 when it publishes its masterplan next month. Fedex looked at Doncaster as a possible base – but decided to move to Manchester because flights known as QC4 flights are banned under its operating conditions. (Star)    Click here to view full story…


August 2008


26.08.08 Robin Hood Airport wants to land big airlines
25.08.08 Robin Hood Airport expects horse race boost
13.08.08 New recruit at Robin Hood Airport


July 2008


29.07.08 Robin Hood Airport increases cargo business
20.07.08 Robin Hood Airport boss unconcerned about £1m monthly loss
19.07.08 Three new directors for Robin Hood Airport
11.07.08 Robin Hood Airport losing £1m a month
10.07.08 New boss at Robin Hood Airport
05.07.08 New flight paths for Robin Hood Airport
01.07.08 New design centre plans Robin Hood Airport site


June 2008


27.06.08 Reptile friendly road at Robin Hood Airport
26.06.08 Robin Hood Airport rail station plan moves forward
19.06.08 Robin Hood Airport wants night flight permission
16.06.08 Locals concerns over Robin Hood Airport flightpath changes
08.06.08 Job losses at Robin Hood Airport


May 2008


29.05.08 Robin Hood Airport expansion on agenda
24.05.08 New FBO at Robin Hood Airport


April 2008


07.04.08 Councillor backs Robin Hood Airport rail link
06.04.08 Robin Hood Airport passengers up 12 percent
03.04.08 Wizz Air begins new Robin Hood – Warsaw flights


March 2008


22.03.08 Wizz to increase frequency on new Robin Hood – Poland routes
14.03.08 Robin Hood Airport criticised over masterplan delay
12.03.08 Passengers up 6.4% at Robin Hood Airport
01.03.08 Wind farm near Robin Hood Airport approved


February 2008


09.02.08 Wizz carry 100,000th passenger at Robin Hood Airport
07.02.08 Robin Hood Airport passengers up 5.7%


January 2008


31.01.08 Robin Hood and Belfast Airport work together to promote link
16.01.08 Robin Hood Airport boss resigns
10.01.08 Flybe to double Robin Hood Airport – Jersey flights


December 2007


14.12.07 Thomsonfly launch Robin Hood – Geneva flights
13.12.07 Official opening for new Robin Hood Airport access road
05.12.07 Wizz Air announce new flights from Robin Hood Airport to Warsaw


and more ……..


November 2007


27.11.07 Flybe announces new summer flights to Jersey from Aberdeen and Robin Hood
17.11.07 Ryanair launch Robin Hood – Alicante route
09.11.07 Robin Hood Airport passengers up 18.9%, but loses Amsterdam flights


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