Farnborough Airport planning application


Farnborough Airport planning application to increase flights from 28,000 to 50,000 per year

 Farnborough Airport – Planning Appeal by TAG

 TAG Farnborough Airport Ltd lodged an appeal against the decision by the Council
to refuse planning permission.      The Public Inquiry started on  26 May 2010  and lasted  28 days.   The Inspector will report to the Secretaries of State for Communities and Local Government and for Transport, who will make the final decision.    
Proposal: Variation of condition 8 of planning permission (reference APP/P1750/A/06/2024640
issued by the Secretaries of State on 13 March 2008) to allow an increase in the
total number of business aviation movements from 28,000 to a maximum of 50,000
movements per annum, including an increase in the number of business aviation
movements at weekends and Bank Holidays from 5,000 to 8,900 per annum.
Details on Rushmoor Borough Council website.
All the documents submitted are at  
The closing statement on Third Party Risk and Public Safety  Zones, from FARA is at
The issue of Third Party Risk is crucial at Farnborough, as the Farnborough College of Technology with 2,500 students is only around 1,000 metres from the airport, in the flight path.   FARA (Farnborough Airport Residents’ Association) has considerable expertise  in this area, and Geoff Marks is one of the UK experts in this field.   Experience on Third Party Risk from Farnborough will be of benefit to other airports.  
16th June 2009      
The operator of Farnborough Airport – TAG – submitted an application to increase
the number of flights from 28,000 a year to 50,000. TAG carried out a public consultation
on the proposed increases in January 2009. The current application is almost identical
to what it proposed before the consultation. The proposals would also mean an
increase in the number of weekend flights from 5,000 and 9,000, and comes after
TAG won a battle to go from 2,500 to 5,000 weekend flights last year.       Click here to view full story…


 Farnborough Airport fights blocked expansion plans

8th December 2009          
TAG Farnborough has lodged an appeal against the decision to block its plans
to almost double the number of planes using the airport. Council tax payers in
Aldershot and Farnborough could be left with a hefty legal bill after TAG’s boss
said he could not rule out pursuing the company’s costs – likely to run into hundreds
of thousands of pounds.   Rushmoor BCl’s planning committee  last month decided
to reject their own expert advice that TAG’s request to increase  flights to 50,000
a year should be allowed.            Click here to view full story…

Farnborough Airport application for expansion rejected

11th November 2009        
The TAG application to increase business flights at Farnborough from 28,000 to
50,000 per annum was refused by Rushmoor Borough Council.         Click here to view full story…


Consultation on the application:   Deadline for comment was 27th July 2009.



 Consultation on draft Master Plan launched  January 2009   

Ended on  28th February 2009

Farnborough – ‘More flights will make the best use of airport’

 2nd January 2009     TAG have started a public consultation on their draft master plan. The document outlines how the company sees the airport developing over the next 10 years. The consultation states: “While the physical capacity of the airport could accommodate up to approximately 100,000 air traffic movements a year, approximately 50,000 a year until 2019 is being considered in light of current safety and environmental constraints”. (Get Hampshire)  Click here to view full story…


TAG Farnborough draft Master Plan consultation can be found at: 

 http://www.farnboroughairportconsultation.com/    and the full draft Master Plan document (68 pages, pdf) is at Draft Master Plan.

Farnborough Airport Master Plan questionnnaire

The airport wants to increase air traffic movements (ATMs) annually from the current level of 28,000 to 50,000.  It claims this could greatly increase the number of local jobs and enhance the local economy.