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GACC (the main campaign group on all airport related issues, especially the 2nd runway threat)



1. GACC (Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign)

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GACC is the long-standing community campaign at Gatwick airport, and has been active for some 5 decades. It is principle group in the area, with long experience and an large amount of expertise and experience. GACC is a voluntary association, with an executive committee elected each year at our AGM.   Care is taken to ensure that our committee includes representatives from each area around the airport, and that each committee member is prepared to work for the general public welfare of the whole Gatwick area. GACC is totally law abiding, and relies on rational argument to influence government and aviation authorities. Because we represent the whole area around Gatwick, because we are democratically elected, and because we have established a high reputation for accuracy and constructive proposals, we have strong support from local MPs and considerable influence in Westminster and Whitehall.

Enquiries: Lisa Morris(Chairman); Peter Barclay (Vice President)

GACC says:

Please send us an email with your name and postcode to register your support.  This will enable us to send you news of our campaign from time to time.  It will be used for no other purpose.  There is no charge or subscription for this service, but after a year we will ask you to join GACC

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To contact GACC:

Post: GACC Campaign Office, 2 Glovers Gate, Glovers Road, Charlwood, Surrey.  RH6 0EP

Telephone:   01293 862821


 2. CAGNE (Communities Against Gatwick Noise & Emissions)

CAGNE was formed out of residents’ outrage at a new flight path being implemented over their homes without consultation on the 17th February 2014.
CAGNE aims to inform and share information between residents on the  new flight paths out of Gatwick Airport. 
CAGNE does not support a new runway at Gatwick Airport for many reasons such as lack of infrastructure to support an airport the size of Heathrow, and it will bring an even greater number of new flight paths over areas not previously over flown before.
CAGNE is a forum for concerned residents to exchange information and has individual smaller groups working to raise awareness in their specific parish. 
CAGNE is free to join and has members from Warnham, Rusper, Kingsfold, Rowhook, Broadbridge Heath, Slinfold Parishes plus areas of North Horsham.

To join CAGNE simply email CAGNE with your name, postal address and contact number join the mailing list. Email to join the CAGNE mailing list

Twitter @cagne_gatwick
Enquiries –  Sally Pavey

3. Gatwick Obviously NOT

Gatwick Obviously NOT was set up in July 2014, in response to the concern raised by hundreds, or thousands, of people in Kent about increased noise from Gatwick flights this summer. The group was started as Planes Over Penshurst, but grew rapidly into Gatwick Obviously NOT.  It is in the process of forming an umbrella group, incorporating the many other local groups that have also come into being this summer, due to the increased noise nuisance. It is a lively, active group that is keen to ensure that opposition in the area is focused, that demands are similar between different village/town groups, and that by working together, they are a more effective force than by working individually. As is the case with CAGNE, they are also members of GACC, the over arching and long established group working to oppose damaging plans by Gatwick airport.

WebsiteGatwick Obviously NOT


Twitter: @LGWobviouslyNOT 

Facebook: LGW Obviously NOT


4.  Plane Wrong


Its aims are to:

– to protest against the changes to the westerly departure route R26DVR/BIG/CLN/LAM from Gatwick Airport, effective from November 2013, and to re-instate all flight paths on this route within the NPR, which was established when the airport opened in 1968.

–  to obtain respite for those under PBN concentrated flight paths on both westerly departure route R26DVR/BIG/CLN/LAM and easterly departure route R08KENET.

– to ensure that any consultation conducted with the general public is accessible, understandable and unbiased.

–  to provide a view on any proposals relating to a second runway at Gatwick Airport.

Plane Wrong is a non political group set up by residents in September 2014 to campaign for a reversal in the recent changes to Gatwick Airport Flight Paths. It is a group of volunteers drawn from the towns and villages that lie to the north of Gatwick Airport.  They  are affiliated with other community groups campaigning on similar issues including GACC.

Plane Wrong website

Plane Wrong on Facebook


Twitter:   @lgw_planewrong

Contact to sign up for newsletter 



Contact details for all the local groups:

Guide to Gatwick Community Groups – by GACC


Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign (GACC).  Founded 1968. Represents whole area around Gatwick (roughly 20 mile radius).  Main concerns;  second runway; noise and all environmental issues.  Paid-up membership over 50 councils and over 40 groups, plus individual subscribing members, plus email supporters. (Groups range from village amenity societies, through specific aviation groups to large environmental groups such as CPRE Surrey, CPRE Sussex and CPRE Kent each of which has over 2,000 members).   Strong links with all local MPs. AGM in autumn.  Chairman Brendon Sewill CBE.


APCAG (Association of Parish Councils Aviation Group).  Founded 2016. To press for fair distribution of flights over West Sussex.  Six member parishes. Pulborough, Wisborough Green, Kirdford, Loxwood, Plaistow and Ifold.  Leaders Peter Drummond and Ian Hare


Back Ifold, Plaistow & Loxwood Against Noise and Emissions (BIPLANE).  Founded autumn 2015 as result of increased noise over these villages in West Sussex south-west of Gatwick.


Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions (CAGNE).  Founded 2014, originally to protest against a new flight path over Warnham and Rusper, near Horsham, now sharing Gatwick information with residents of West Sussex.  Main concerns: flight paths, new runway.  Supported by parish councils, councillors, and MPs.    Chair Sally Pavey (who is also GACC press officer).


Cagne East.  Founded 2014 (formerly Bidborough Environmental Action Group).  Based on Bidborough, near Tunbridge Wells. Main concerns aircraft noise in Tunbridge Wells area, other environmental issues. Now linked to GON.  Leader Simon Byerley.


East Sussex Communities Campaign Against Noise (ESCCAN).  Founded 2013.   Based on Crowborough.  Main concern aircraft arrivals over East Sussex, especially Ashdown Forest.  Leaders Dominic and Miriam Nevill.


FAIRPLAYnes.  Founded 2016.  Based on Newdigate and Leigh (Surrey).  Main concern: revised route 4 (take-offs).  Contact Nick Proctor


Gatwick Anti Noise Group (GANG).  Founded around 2000.  Based on Hever.  Main concern aircraft noise in the Hever area.  Founder David Baron.


GatwickObviouslyNot (GON). Founded 2013 mainly to protest against aircraft arrivals over Penshurst and surrounding area. Covers part of Kent, south of Penshurst and Tunbridge Wells. Email circulation of 2,000.   Leader Martin Barraud.


High Weald Councils Aviation Action Group (HWCAAG). Group of 26 councils in the High Weald (Kent, Surrey, East and West Sussex).  Founded 2013 after Gatwick was shortlisted by the Airports Commission. Campaigns on all aspects of environmental impact of aviation on the High Weald. Chairman Richard Streatfeild.


Pulborough Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions (PAGNE).  Founded 2015.  Based on Pulborough.  Chairman Ian Hare.


PlaneWrong.  Founded 2014 to protest against new concentrated departure flight paths over Beare Green, Holmwood, Brockham, Betchworth, Reigate, Redhill, South Nutfield and Bletchingley.  Chairman Mike Ward.


One’s Enough.  Founded 2001. Crawley focused.  Supports one runway, two terminal Gatwick, against second runway. Concerned with lack of transport infrastructure, air quality and pollution. Cross party Borough and County Councillors. Supports GACC and CAGNE in wider airport related issues.   Executive committee lead Derek Meakings. 01293 428193


Speldhurst Against Gatwick (SPAG).  Village 3 miles west of Tunbridge Wells.  Contact Claire Himmer.


Route4NoMore.  Founded 2016. Based on Norwood Hill.  Opposed to revised Route 4.  Contact:


Tunbridge Wells Anti Aircraft Noise Group (TWAANG). Founded autumn 2015.


Tunbridge Wells Aircraft Noise Study Group (TWANSG).  Formed 2016.  Contact David Howden


Weald Action Group Against Noise (WAGAN).   Founded 2013.  Area: Sevenoaks Weald and surrounding villages.  Campaigning for a better environment.  Main concerns – aircraft noise and quieter road surface for A21.  Chairman:

Tim Olley,



Gatwick Can Be Quieter (GATCAN).   Active 2009-12.  Based on Marsh Green near Edenbridge.  Formed working group with GAL.  Disbanded 2013.  Chairman Peter Breen.


Haslemere Noise Action Group.  Active approx. 1970 – 1995.  Disbanded when leader, Martin Muncaster, retired.


Plane Facts.  Based on Cowden.  Active 1990-95.  Disbanded when leader left area.


Quieter Skies.  Based on Godalming.  Active 1985-95.  Disbanded when aim of higher vectoring achieved.


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