Climate change protestors set up camp – Heathrow Climate Camp 2007

The Climate Camp set up a day earlier than anticipated, and has received extensive
media coverage.   We have some of these stories, and links to them.   13.8.2007,,2-2007370255,00.html 


Early arrivals at Heathrow



EXCLUSIVE 2,000 protesters plotting Heathrow chaos 3million travellers targeted
in climate row



Heathrow protestors arrive early



Climate protestors camp at Heathrow




Heathrow climate protestors set up camp two days early










Green protestors want aviation giants to act




Airport protest gathers strength







We should all be at Heathrow protesting







Climate change protestors set up Heathrow camp







Age of the New Swampies







Heathrow climate camp set up







Climate change protestors set up camp




Campaigners set up camp at Heathrow







Heathrow eco-protesters steal a march on police






The freedom to protest versus the freedom to fly







Airport rebels take on police







Police to use terror laws on Heathrow climate protestors







Heathrow protestors keep site a secret







A climate of change




The eco-guilt trip