Airport Noise Action Plans Not Fit For Purpose

6.10.2009   (Environmental Protection UK)

Following the publication of a number of Airport Noise Action Plans in July for
public consultation, we are submitting responses to the consultations, which are due for submission
during October and November.

Overall we feel that the noise action plans are not fit for purpose. They are
in essence a summary of what the airports are already required to do and, with
airport operators as the competent authority, the plans contain very little in
terms of additional controls that would avoid, prevent and reduce environmental
noise from these airports.

The main views expressed in our responses are:

  • The need to bring the airport’s idea of night time in line with the 8-hour END
  • The lack of commitment to quiet areas in agglomerations and beyond
  • The lack of transparency throughout the action plans i.e. Responsibility for
    Noise Control
  • The need for greater community engagement
  • The need for more meaningful guidance and research into aircraft noise and peoples
    attitudes to it


Responses to date are:

More responses will follow shortly.