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The world’s annual consumption of jet fuel (excluding military) is about 2 billion barrels.  

IATA also gives a weekly analysis of jet fuel prices.   Each week IATA updates its jet fuel price index to provide the latest price data from the leading energy information provider Platts.  The weekly index and price data shows the global average price paid at the refinery for aviation jet fuel.

IATA Jet Fuel Monitor weekly prices ($ per barrel):

(from  IATA Jet Fuel Price Monitor  and Platts Jet Fuel page )

IATA Fuel price analysis at

To see the price of jet fuel, you have to go to the website – Platts will not permit any use of its figures.  But the recent ones can be seen on the website above.

6th March 2020. Price $54.32 per barrel which is -32.4% lower than a year ago, and -18.1% lower than a month ago.

Jet fuel price was $78.12 in August 2019.
It was around $85 in May 2019.
It was $94 in May 2018, about 50% higher than in May 2017.
The price was $76.5 per barrel on 17th November 2017, which is 35% higher than a year earlier.  Price $81.3 on 29th December 2017, which is 21.1% higher than a year earlier.
Jet fuel price was $85.5 per barrel on 26th January 2018, which is 30% higher than a year earlier.  (It reached almost $140 in around 2013).