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These were the forecasts by East Midlands Airport in ? 2005

Shown by events to be hopelessly over-optimistic of the rate of growth

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East Midlands forecasts in 2005

Chart showing actual passenger numbers and cargo tonnage at East Midlands airport, compared to airport Master Plan forecasts.

East Midlands runway extension plans approved – but nohting was ever built. Runway being refurbished in November/December 2016

3rd  November 2009
The runway at East Midlands Airport will be extended by 190 metres after councillors approved plans. Officers at North West Leicestershire Council have said there are no grounds for blocking the development. The aim is to allow heavier planes to take off and make the UK’s 3rd-biggest freight airport more attractive to long-haul cargo carriers, especially across the Atlantic. Opponents know it will lead to more noise,  especially at night,  and air pollution.       Click here to view full story…
However, no more   has been heard about any work planned on the runway extension.


Runway Extension

(December 2008)
The airport submitted a planning application to extend its runway.   There was
a planning application for this in 2000, but it was not progressed.   More information
can be found in the Environmental Statement, issued in May 2008.   In summary the
proposal was:



2.2    In summary the Airport seeks permission for

– construction of 130m of new runway at the 09 (western) end of the runway

– conversion of the 30m blast strip at the 09 (western) end of the runway to
full runway use

– conversion of 30m (of the available 31m) blast strip at the 27 (eastern) end
of the runway to full runway use

2.3 The proposed extension of the runway would result in changes to runway and
approach lighting and some physical reconfiguration of the runway; most notably the landing threshold for runway 27 would be moved 150m west.
East Midlands Airport Environmental statement  (May 2008)
East Midlands Airport runway extension plans


East Midlands Airport Draft Noise Action Plan Consultation

2nd July 2009      

 East Midlands Airport has today launched a 16 week public consultation on its
draft plans to manage the impact of aircraft noise and review the measures currently
in place. The introduction of these plans is part of a European Union directive
that requires all main sources of environmental noise including; airports, major
roads, railways and urban conurbations with more than 250,000 residents, to produce
Noise Action Plans.     Deadline October 2009.  Click here for more details…


East Midlands Airport – some  general information    

Airport Contact Details:

Castle Donnington,
Derby DE74 2SA
Tel:   (01332) 852 852
The  airport is located 21km (13 miles) southwest of Nottingham.
Airport Owner:    Manchester Airports Group(MAG) which is controlled by the ten metropolitan boroughs of Greater Manchester and is the largest UK-owned airport group.
Airport Operator:      MAG
Airport website:         http://www.eastmidlandsairport.com
Airport Master Plan:
Executive Summary
Key details of Master Plan:       “Forecast is for passenger numbers to grow from 5m  now  to 9.2m in 2016 and to between 12m and 14m by 2030.   Cargo is forecast to increase from 278,000 tonnes in 2004 to 1.2m in 2016 and around 2.5m by 2030.”     “EMA is committed to ensuring that, despite the expected growth in traffic, night
noise associated with theAirport remains below 1996 levels for a further ten years,
until at least 2016.”
     Airport Consultative Committee:
Anthea Hartshorne, Secretary,
East Midlands Airport, Building 34, Castle Donnington, Derby, DE74 2SATel:     01332 852920,         Fax:  01332 810045
Email:   Anthea_Hartshorne@nottinghamema.com

For the Forum’s minutes online click here

WebTrak enables you to see air traffic in the vicinity of East Midlands Airport.
It enables you to see the general location and flow of flights, but it is not
accurate.   The data   is taken from the NATS radar.
22.3.2008     –   from an anonymous sufferer from aircraft noise   from NEMA:
In case anyone wonders if we’re making inflated claims about the nightly misery
caused by EMA’s activities, I sampled the airport’s ‘WebTrak’ system:-Breaking down the defined night period of Tues/Weds (March 19th-20th)…2300-0000 = 11 arrivals, 4 departures0000-0100 = 6 arrivals, 5 departures0100-0200 = 3 arrivals, 13 departures0200-0300 = 6 arrivals, 4 departures

0300-0400 = 3 arrivals, 2 departures

0400-0500 = 1 arrival, 3 departures

0500-0600 = 0 arrivals, 7 departures

0600-0700 = 1 arrival, 11 departures

I don’t recommend sitting down in front of ‘WebTrak’, though it is a salutary
exercise. The last time I checked the number of midweek aircraft movements at
EMA the figures were in the region of 70 to 75.   The numbers are evidently creeping upwards – and there are more departures than arrivals during the night – departures being noisier than arrivals. The argument is that this is of little consequence because the routes taken by EMA’s aircraft are over sparsely populated areas.

East Midlands Airport. Flights and CO2 emissions.

Analysis of flights, routes, and top 10 destinations from East Midlands Airport in 2011. Also carbon emissions.
And passenger growth and numbers over the past 15 years. http://www.awsw.co.uk/allco2/EMA_co2.html


CAA figures:    CAA airport statistics   

Terminal Passengers: 


2007 Terminal Passengers

UK Airport Statistics: 2012 – annual  (Table 10.3)  Terminal Passengers  2002 – 2012

2015   4,446,000   down – 1% on 2014

2014   4,506,457   up + 4.1% on 2013
2013  4,328,229 up + 6.4% on 2012

2012    4,067,915  (down – 3.3% on 2011)
2011    4,208,000 (up + 2% on 2010)
2010    4,111,000  (down – 12% on 2009)  link to 2010 data
2009    4,653,017   (down – 17.2% on 2008)
2008    5,616 (up 4% on 2007)
2007    5,407 (up 15%)
2006    4,721
2005    4,182
2000    2,227
1996    1,821

Air Transport Movements

Number of ATMs (thousands)

UK Airport Statistics: 2012 – annual  (Table 4.2) ATMs 2002 – 2012

2015   56,378   down – 1.4% on 2014
2014   57,217   up + 0.3% on 2013
2013    57,204 up + 4.7% on 2012
2012    54,643  (up + 0.4% on 2011)
2011    54,000  (up 4% on 2010)
2010    52,000 (down -9% on 2009)   link to 2010 data
2009    57,528  (down – 13% on 2008)
2008    66 thousand (up 8% on 2007)
2007    61  (up 9%)
2006    56
2005    54
2000    40
1996    35


Air Freight

Freight tonnage  

UK Airport Statistics: 2012 – annual  (Table 13.2) Freight 2002 – 2012

2015     291,689
2014     277,413
2013     266,968
2012     264,292  (no change from 2011)
2011     264,595 (down – 3% on 2010)
2010    273,669   (up +7% on 2009)    link to 2010 data
2009    255,121  (down -2% on 2008)
2008    261,507   (down – 5% on 2007)
2007    274,753   (up + 1%)
2006    272,303
2005    266,569
2000    178,248
1996     104,287




East Midlands airport deals with the second largest tonnage of air freight in the UK, behind Heathrow on 1,397,054 tonnes in 2008.  (In 2010 Heathrow dealt with 1,472,988 tonnes, and EMA 273,669 tonnes, with Stansted third at  202,238 tonnes).
East Midlands airport has a large number of night flights, for cargo.  Many cargo planes are noisier than passenger planes.



Multimap:   East Midlands Airport location


Local community group:

DEMAND – Demand  East Midlands Airport is Now Designated


AZ World Airlines page on East Midlands Airport (contains lots of info):
Proportion of domestic passengers, out of total passengers
CAA  statistics, annual figures   – comparing Tables 9 and 10.2

2006       14.2%
2007       12.9%
2008       13.3%

Business Aviation:   Number of business flights (= private jets)  
CAA  statistics, annual figures – Table 3.1

2007           2,761
2008            2,749

Night Flights

Night is defined as 23.00-07.00 —   some years ago the Airport did try to change this to 23.30-06.00, but the Airport Consultative Committed refused to accept the change.   This definition is used for counting night flights and calculation of night noise
Numbers of Night flights —   In 2008 there were 21,434 night flights.                                        (ie. about 60 per night, with more or less on different nights).

The Noise Action Plan 2013  – 2018 states:

We have placed restrictions on the use of aircraft with higher quota counts. Aircraft with quota counts of QC8 or QC16 may not be scheduled to operate between 11pm and 7am and will only be allowed to take-off in exceptional circumstances. These flights are charged at the highest night supplement rate and are also subject to an additional noise surcharge of £5000 or £10000 for QC8 or QC16 aircraft respectively. We donate all of the money from these surcharges to the East Midlands Airport Community Fund.

Flights between 11.30pm and 6am are subject to additional charges based upon the QC category of the aircraft. In the case of passenger flights, this is a 25% surcharge applied to aircraft that do not meet at least QC2 on departure. For cargo flights – arrivals and departures – the surcharge is based upon both the weight and the QC category of the aircraft. Cargo flights departing between 9pm and 11.30pm and between 6am and 7am are subject to additional charges based upon the weight of the aircraft.

Night Restrictions

 Number of night flights – no restriction
Type of aircraft – no absolute restrictions
QC8/QC16 aircraft — flights by QC8/16 aircraft cannot be scheduled at night
– unscheduled QC8/16 (e.g. because of unavoidable delay or emergency) are allowed
on payment of £5,000/10,000 surcharge.   Surcharges go to community fund.   There
was only one such movement in 2008.
Otherwise any aircraft are allowed at night.

East Midlands

Max a/c QC =  16 [8 typ]

Max dBA   – 92

92 Max dBA for: “Aircraft with a MTOW of 300 tonnes or greater” “Aircraft departing between 2300 to 0700 (Winter) and 2200-0600 (Summer) are required to operate within a maximum noise limit (measured at a distance of 6.5 km from start of roll).” [slidng scale: 100-300 tonnes MTOW = 87 dBA,

<100 tonnes MTOW = 82 dBA] “QC8 and QC16 aircraft movements must not be scheduled between the hours of 2300-0700 (Winter) and 2200-0600 (Summer). QC8 and QC16 movements between these times require the prior permission of the Airport and will incur a surcharge of £5,000 and £10,000 respectively.” “Aircraft that exceed a maximum noise limit will be subject to a penalty of £750 sterling for an infringement of 1 decibel or less and an additional penalty of £150 sterling for each decibel thereafter” <QC8 Arrivals unrestricted ? [Source: (14 Feb 08) AD 2-EGNX-1-11 ] “A scheduled service is a service that operates for at least three months of the year to a set timetable (once a week or more with the same scheduled arrival and departure times each week)”

[www.nemacargo.com/]   – this weblink no longer works.

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