Lydd Airport (London Ashford)

Some key information about  Lydd (London Ashford) Airport
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Local community group
Lydd Airport Action Group

Lydd Airport Action Group’s Appeal unsuccessful so Lydd expansion can go ahead

Lydd Airport Action Group (LAAG) is disappointed that they have been unable to quash the government’s decision to grant Lydd Airport permission to extend its runway and build a new terminal to support a throughput of 500,000 passengers per annum. LAAG and the RSPB both challenged the government’s decision. Their Section 288 Appeal focused heavily on process, not the merits of the facts. The impact of allowing the expansion of Lydd airport is likely to be highly negative for many people in the area, not to mention wildlife. The airport development will lead to the introduction of large aircraft, such as the Boeing 737, taking off and landing within 60 seconds flight time of the Dungeness Nuclear power complex. No other regional airport in Europe, and possibly the world, will be located as close to a nuclear power complex. LAAG contends this development will result in the possibility of an aircraft accident at the Dungeness Nuclear power complex. LAAG believes Lydd Airport’s expansion is not in the public interest. RSPB says the area round the airport is of “exceptional” importance to birds and the expansion would damage unique habitats on Romney Marsh.

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Lydd Airport expansion plans given government approval

April 10, 2013  

Plans to expand Lydd airport have been approved by the government following a pubic inquiry. This tiny airport, on Dungensss and close to a nuclear power station, has ambitions to handle half a million passengers per year, and wants an extended runway and a new airport terminal. Shepway District Council gave permission for the expansion in 2010 but the application was called for a public inquiry. Now both Secretaries of State for Communities and Local Government (Pickles) and for Transport (McLoughlin) have approved the development – subject to environmental, noise and traffic conditions. The safety issue of an airport so close to a nuclear facility have not been examined fully or properly at the inquiry. The main opposition group, the Lydd Airport Action Group (LAAG) has fought tenaciously on the nuclear issue for years, and the European Commission has already started infringement proceedings under the pilot mechanism relating to the Nuclear Safety Directive. The government is also liable to legal challenge due to infringements of the EU Habitats Directive.    Click here to view full story…



YouTube film on Lydd Airport expansion

New short trailer film, for a longer documentary that will be screened at a date not yet known, about the Lydd Airport expansion plans.

Three and a half minutes or so, on YouTube.  Worth watching!



Lydd Airport. Project runway: carving up the Kent marshes

February 26, 2012    In a long and comprehensive article in the Observer Magazine, Jamie Doward looks at the issues involved in proposed expansion of Lydd airport, to take up to 2 million passengers – a massive growth from its current, sleepy state with around 1,000 passenger per year. The area is of immense wildlife value, being a NNR, SSSI, SPA and SAC. A decision by government is due in about a fortnight. The article says: ” If Pickles approves the airport’s expansion he will be going against the government’s adviser, Natural England, Shepway’s planning officers, the majority of Lydd’s residents, the scientific consensus on the need to reduce carbon emissions, the prime minister’s perceived green credentials and the coalition’s belief in empowering communities as enshrined in its much-vaunted localism act.” If government does approve it, “The whole character of the place would change because, as studies show, airports lead to urbanisation.”    Click here to view full story…

Airport Owner:
A  Middle East-based company called FAL Holdings (FAL Aviation UK)
 -Sheikh Fahad al Athel
 Zaher Deir – Managing Director
Airport Operator:
FAL Aviation.
Airport website:
Airport Master Plan:
This has not yet been agreed.     A consultation document can be found at:
Key details of Master Plan:
– The airport plans to expand its operations to enable it to handle 2 million
passengers a year by 2015.

– It is proposed to extend the runway from 1505m by 294m plus 150m as a starter
extension. A total of 1949m. The largest aircraft currently operating at the airport is the B737 family or similar aircraft size.


Airport Consultative Committee:
Minutes of the Lydd Aerodrome Consultative Committee 10th August 2007

CAA figures:       CAA aviation statistics
Terminal Passengers:      (thousands)   CAA – Terminal Passengers

UK Airport Statistics: 2012 – annual  (Table 10.3)  Terminal Passengers  2002 – 2012

2012        445  (down – 10.3% on 2011)
2011        495
2009       0.588   (down – 64.9% on 2008)
2008       1.67   (down 37.9%)    
2007         3   (down 2%)
2006         3
2005         3
2000         1
1996       –
Air Traffic Movements :     CAA ATM statistics
2012             97 (down – 4.7% on 2011)
2011            102
2009      –     137   (down 47.9% on 2008)
2008      –     263  (down 25.1%)
2007       –
2006       –
2005       –
2000       –.
1996       –
Air Freight (tonnes):       CAA Air Freight statistics
2006, 2007,2008, 2011 and 2012   –   none
2005       –
2000       1
1996       –

Airport Contact Details:

Lydd , Romney Marsh, TN29 9QL

Tel:   01797 322400
Multimap:     Map of TN29 9QL  
Runway length:
Local community groups:
Lydd Airport Action Group
Keep the Marsh Special Alliance
LAAG quarterly newsletters:
There is extensive news and updates on Lydd airport, and associated issues, on
the Lydd Airport Action Group (LAAG) website, in their regular Newsletters.
Also LAAG’s press releases

There was a  Lydd Airport petition that stated:
“Lydd Airport is a small local airport owned by Sheikh Fahad al Athel, which
is planning to become a regional airport with 2 million passengers per annum by
2015. Lydd is not a suitable site for a regional airport being surrounded by fragile
habitats protected under European and UK laws, located under the largest migratory
bird route in the South of England, located less than 3 miles from the Dungeness
nuclear complex and less than 2 miles and 8 miles from the Lydd and Hythe military
ranges. The growth in the airport will directly and indirectly damage the rare
plant, invertebrate, bird and animal populations of Dungeness and pose a major
public safety risk as fully loaded B737s will be taking off and landing less than
three miles from the Dungeness nuclear power complex.”
Desired outcome:
Not to have any further development of Lydd Airport
Who we need to influence:
Local Councillors, local MPs, Lydd Airport management, local people, people concerned
about air safety, people concern about the environment.
Lydd airport Planning Application:
London Ashford Airport (Lydd) formally submitted the planning applications relating
to it’s expansion at the beginning of 2007.     It has been hugely delayed.
Two major applications were filed with Shepway District Council.
The first –  (Y06/1648/SH) concerned transforming their runway to handle large jets, (Boeing 737 and Airbus
A320 size), by adding 294 metres to it’s length, plus another 150 meter starter
The 2nd (Y06/1647/SH) was for the erection of a terminal building and car parking to handle an initial
500,000 passengers annually.   Copies of the planning applications and related
documents are available to view in council offices, and on the Shepway District
Council web site.
“Keep the Marsh Special”   and LAAG arecommitted to fighting these proposals.     This is what you can do:
  • Please write to Shepway District Council (or email and set out your objections.
  • Please write to the Government Office of the South East (or email, again setting out your objections and requesting that the Government hold
    a Public Inquiry into this matter.
The deadline for comments was initially  30th Jan 2008.