Building of a new, large airport at Viterbo (near Rome) will not happen

The Viterbo Air Force Base, some 40 miles north west of Rome, near the small town of Viterbo, was chosen, by the Italian Transport Ministry, in 2007 to be a new, huge airport, to relieve pressure on the two Rome Airports, Ciampino and Fiumicino. It now appears that the Italian Director General for Airports, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport have said, in recent public statements, that this airport project will now not happen.  There have been strong arguments against the building of this airport, by distinguished scientists, judges, academics from several universities, many social movements and environmental and human rights groups.  The government officials now agree it would be harmful and destructive, misguided and illegal.


This airport has never even reached the drawing board and that was the reason for the methods the Viterbo committee used. We are not yet clear if there has been a definite  
announcement that it won’t happen.  It could be the committee jumping the gun.  There have been years of contradictory news about this airport, and the campaigners have heroically held up the opposition. 

July 27, 2012

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with a bad translation, below, from the Italian into English:

[Viterbo is an airport about 40miles north north west of Rome – map ]



The Director General for Airports and Air Transport of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in recent public statements has explicitly stated that the infamous mega-airport at Viterbo we do not. [will not happen ??]

The Ministry of Transport and recognizes the rightness of the reasons for the civil society movement in Viterbo in 2007 that opposes the creation of mega-airport [that they see as] harmful and destructive, misguided and illegal.

And not surprisingly the reasons for opposition to the mega-airport have been shared nationally and internationally by distinguished scientists, judges, academics from several universities ‘Italian, personality’ of authoritative institutions, culture, religious life, social workers movements, environmental protection and human rights.


This is an appeal published in August 2011

An appeal to the world of culture and education:

Ladies and gentlemen,  we turn to you, people who love the culture to the point of having made ​​the call and the professional commitment of your life, asking for your urgent help. The archaeological area and spa Bulicame in Viterbo , a ‘area of emergencies and valuable historical memories and cultural and natural heritage and resources less valuable therapeutic,  and ‘threatened with destruction by the will ‘of a lobby speculative-fulfillment of a mega-airport.

The realization of the mega-airport would have the immediate consequences:

a) the  destruction of the area Bulicame and environmental and cultural heritage found there;

b) to the  devastation of agriculture of the surrounding area;

c)  the ground for therapeutic exploitation of thermal resources, and social;

d) a heavy  chemical pollution , noise and electromagnetic will be ‘serious harm to the health and quality’ of life of local people (and the area ‘also near the populous districts of the city’);

e) the  collapse of the infrastructure network of Lazio, the territory already ‘weighed down by heavy servitude’;

f) a  colossal waste of public money ;

g) a  flagrant violation of laws and constraints of the Italian and European safeguard the territory.

Certain irresponsible promoters of this senseless attack have announced that the Interministerial Committee for Economic Programming (acronym: CIPE) is about to finance the mega-airport, despite its blatant illegality ‘.

We appeal to the entire world of culture and education ORDER ‘help us to prevent the irreversible destruction of the place you wanted to remember Dante’s Divine Comedy.

We ask you to join this call for ‘the government does not fund the destruction of the archaeological and spa Bulicame in Viterbo, not finance a mega-airport harmful and destructive, misguided and illegal.

Professor Osvaldo Ercoli 
Dr. Antonella Litta 
Dr. Emanuele Petriglia 
Professor Alessandro Pizzi 
for the committee who opposed the mega-airport of Viterbo and is committed to the reduction of air transport, in defense of health, environment, democracy, human rights all.

Coordination of Associations of Lazio for the Mobility Alternative

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Wikipedia on Viterbo airport:

Rome Viterbo Airport (Italian: Aeroporto di Roma-Viterbo (ICAO: LIRV) is a proposed re-use of Viterbo Air Force Base, a civilian,commercial and military airport about 80 kilometers north of Rome, Italy.

Originally opened as a military airport in 1936, the airfield was dedicated to Tommaso Fabbri and is situated 3 km northwest of the town of Viterbo in the Lazio region.

On November 26, 2007, Italian transport minister Alessandro Bianchi announced that Viterbo had been chosen by the Italian Ministry of Transport as the site of the next Airport to serve Rome, alongside Leonardo da Vinci Airport, and Rome Ciampino Airport. It was chosen over alternative sites in Latina, Frosinone, and Guidonia.

In October, 2008, proposed operator, Aeroporti di Roma (ADR), signed a concession agreement with Italy’s civil aviation authority,Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile (ENAC).