Airports Commission publishes full list of long term proposals to increase UK airport capacity

The Airports Commission has put together the long list of airport proposals, and other proposals including many on surface access, that have been submitted. The majority are for the main contender airports, (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Thames estuary options, Birmingham etc) but with several from small airports or airfields and some in areas not currently airports, such as rural Oxfordshire and the Severn Estuary.  The Commission will now consider all of these, and publish “a shortlist of the most credible long term options, taking into account the Commission’s assessment of the need for additional capacity” in December 2013.  It is possible for anyone to send in further comments on any of the schemes submitted, until 27th September.  The Commission has also published an information note, considering its work programme for Phase 2 – which is after December 2013.  It says:  “If the Commission reaches a view in its interim report that a significant increase in aviation capacity is needed, the second phase of our work will develop the list of credible long term options into detailed schemes, and subject them to a thorough appraisal process.”



Publication of long term options 

7.8.2013 (Airports Commission)
As set out in the Airports Commission’s Guidance Document 01, the date for submitting long term proposals (19 July 2013) has now passed.

We received a number of submissions and items of correspondence, some of which offered detailed proposals for long term options whilst others offered commentary and analysis. This commentary and analysis will be taken into account alongside the detailed proposals. The purpose of this note is to inform you that we are now publishing the detailed proposals that we have received.

We have published proposals as they were presented to us, only redacting personal information or as requested by the authors e.g. to protect commercially sensitive information. Where the proposal had previously been published on a sponsor’s website we have only included the link to that web site.

Anyone wishing to make specific comments on the detail contained within any of the proposals published here is welcome to do so. To enable us to take them into account we will need to receive comments by 27 September 2013 at the latest.

Those who have already written to us with comments need not resend them, these will be considered alongside other comments received.

All detailed comments on specific proposals should include for ease of reference, the name of the proposer and site in question and should be sent to

In exceptional circumstances we will accept them in hard copy, which can be sent to: Airports Commission                                                                                                                           6th Floor Sanctuary Buildings                                                                                                            20 Great Smith Street                                                                                                                        London SW1P 3BT

If you wish to make further comments of a general nature not related to the detail of these proposals, and to view all our discussion papers so far as well as responses to those where the deadline has passed, please refer to our website

Please also note that we will be publishing a shortlist of the most credible long term options, taking into account the Commission’s assessment of the need for additional capacity, in December 2013.

There will be further opportunities to comment and submit views on these shortlisted options in 2014



This is the spreadsheet of all the long term airport proposals that have been submitted to the Airports Commission, for their consideration.

Long term options: spreadsheet listing the organisations that have submitted proposals to the Airports Commission

MS Excel Spreadsheet, 30.5KB   (with links to the actual documents in some cases – others are in zip format on the very large document to which there is a link below)


Aras GlobalHeathrow Airport
Avery Water SchabasSurface Access Options
Beckett RankineGoodwin Sands
Birmingham AirportBimingham Airport
Buro fur MEHRVarious
Fairoaks AirportFairoaks Airport
First Class PartnershipStansted Airport
Flagship ConceptsFoulness
Foster and PartnersIsle of Grain
Gatwick AirportGatwick Airport
Greengauge 21Surface Access Options
GrimshawLondon Hub City
Heathow HubHeathrow Airport
Heathrow Airport LtdHeathrow Airport
Imperial CollegeDispersed London Hub
Infratil Airports EuropeManston Airport
Interlinking Transit Solution LtdSurface Access Options
International Aviation Advisory Group (IAAG)Cliffe
Kent County CouncilDispersed London Hub
London Medway AirportCliffe
MAKE ArchitectsStansted Airport
Manchester Airport GroupStansted Airport and Manchester Airport
Metrotidal Tunnel and Thames Reach AirportIsle of Grain
MSP SolutionsSevern Estuary
MSP SolutionsStansted Airport
Pleiade AssociatesOxfordshire
Policy ExchangeHeathrow Airport
Private IndividualGatwick & Lydd
Private IndividualHeathrow
Private IndividualHeathrow & Stansted
Private IndividualHub Airports
Private IndividualMaplin Sands
Private IndividualMERLIN -Surface Access
Private IndividualSevern Estuary
Private IndividualSurface Access Options
Private IndividualThurrock
Private IndividualTwyford
Private IndividualUniversal Hub – Surface Access
Private IndividualWalland Marsh
Private Individual2Heathrow
Private Individual2Surface Access Options
Progressive Aviation GroupRAF Croughton & Steventon
Quaestus(Poppleton) LtdSurface Access Options
Richmond Heathrow CampaignVarious
Thames Esturay Research and Development Company (TESTRAD)Outer Thames Estuary
Transport for LondonInner Thames Estuary
Transport for LondonOuter Thames Estuary
Transport for LondonStansted Airport
Western Gateway GroupCardiff Airport
WestonWilliamson and PartnersLuton Airport




Long term options: proposals submitted to the Airports Commission

ZIP, 181MB

This is a very large document, in Zip format, which some older computers cannot open.


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Full list of airport schemes to increase airport capacity, including some weird & wonderful – eg. 7 runways at Heathrow

8th August 2013      The full list of airport proposals for consideration by the Airports Commission, to solve the alleged shortage of airport capacity, has been published. As well as those for the expected airports, (Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick, the Thames Estuary,  Birmingham etc) there are some weird and wonderful suggestions. Some are for sites such as rural Oxfordshire, or for RAF bases; there are plans for Fairoaks airport, Manston airport, Cardiff airport, Luton airport,  the Severn estuary and the Goodwin sands. There are also proposals for surface transport improvements, and several from enthusiastic private individuals. One of the more bizarre is for no less than 7 runways at Heathrow.Anyone wishing to make specific comments on the detail contained within any of the proposals published is welcome to do so, to the Commission, before 27th September 2013 at the latest to