Protesters set up camp in forest due to be cleared for Frankfurt airport 3rd terminal and access road

The operator of Frankfurt airport, Fraport, is planning a 3rd terminal, as it claims this is needed for it to remain competitive against other European hub airports.  This new terminal would add enough capacity for 14 million more passengers a year when it opens in the first half of 2022. The airport can currently handle 64 million, but Fraport says there will be demand for 68 million to 73 million passengers by 2021.  Over 4 days, airport protesters set up a camp in the nearby Treburger Oberwald forest, that is to be cleared in the course of the construction of a third terminal at Frankfurt airport.  The peaceful event, “Forest instead of concrete,” organised by the group,  Robin Wood, made the point that not only would be increased number of flights increase the carbon emissions of German aviation, but the loss of some 60 hectares of forest for the terminal and access road would also increase CO2. The protesters also hang up a banner in protest outside the concrete and gravel supplier Sehring, which profits from the environmentally damaging construction projects. Before the construction of the new north-west runway, the activists had occupied trees in Kelsterbach Forest for 9 months until their camp was cleared in February 2009 by the police.

Summer Camp at Frankfurt airport: Forest instead of concrete – Protest at Kieswerk Sehring


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Banner action outside the factory of Sehring AG against forest destruction for the airport expansion (Photo: M. Flörsheimer)

Robin Wood Frankfurt protest 28.8.2015

In protest against the planned expansion of Frankfurt airport, this afternoon at Waldsee Langen in front of Kieswerk Sehring, activists from the group ROBIN WOOD demonstrated. Two activists climbed trees outside the factory and hung up a banner with the slogan: “We know no mercy in the forest for concrete”.

The concrete and gravel supplier Sehring is a profiteer of socially and environmentally incompatible airport expansion. The company wants to grub up 60 hectares for further Auskiesung in Bannwald am Waldsee Langen. By contrast, there are many years of resistance, including in court.  So the Hessian Land Association of BUND tried to stop the company’s destruction of the land by their action.

“Forest instead of concrete” is also taking part in the climate camp in Treburer Oberwald, which began today. It is located in a wooded area that is to be cleared in the course of the construction of a third terminal at Frankfurt airport. The new terminal makes a huge capacity expansion possible. More air traffic means more noise, dirt, more damage to health and more climate damage.

ROBIN WOOD demands: Bannwald obtained – No Terminal 3 – deconstruction instead expansion of Frankfurt Airport!


No Terminal 3 – deconstruction instead of expansion Summer camp against airport expansion in Frankfurt has begun

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(Frankfurt / Main) Summer camp against the construction of a third terminal at Frankfurt Airport has started today in the Treburer upper forest.  Environmentalists who are part of the Robin Wood initiative, are  in the wooded area south of Zeppelinheim, which is due to be cleared for the construction project of the 3rd terminal.  They will be there till Sunday, for 4 days.

Fraport AG wants to make the ground-breaking ceremony starting work for the terminal this autumn.

ROBIN WOOD calls for the renunciation of Terminal 3. The environmental organization supports the Alliance of Citizen Initiatives against airport expansion with the camp in the region. They say:

“The Rhine-Main region cannot cope with a further increase in air traffic. We request demolition [of the airport] instead of expansion”, says ROBIN WOOD activist Peter Black. “With our camp we want to experience the forest, that is due to be destroyed for The Juggernaut airport “

For the construction of a motorway connection and the site access to the third terminal, the airport plans to clear six acres of mixed forest.   [??] 60 hectares of forest for more The Project by Gravel Mining Company eats watch ring the Waldsee Langen. The total amount of land over the decades would be more than 2,000 hectares of forest destroyed for the Rhine-Main airport.

Frankfurt Airport handled 60 million passengers in 2014. After the completion of the two stages of construction of the third terminal it might be 90 million passengers.  That is a huge increase in capacity, which roughly corresponds to the passenger traffic of the airport of Dusseldorf and Cologne / Bonn. The expansion would allow an increase in the annual number of aircraft movements by approx. 490,000 to 701,000.

From the perspective of ROBIN WOOD, it is irresponsible and unfair to build the infrastructure for air transport, which is the most dangerous transport for climate change. Air transport contributes at least 5% to global warming. Only a small fraction of the world’s population benefits from it.   The people in the global South are the first to feel consequences of Climate Change.

“Aviation is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. The protection of the forest is the most effective way to protect the climate. We are here to [?] prevent the dual climate damage caused by the planned third terminal, as well as the loss of the forest “, says ROBIN WOOD traffic manager Monika.  

The Summer Camp cordially invites all interested parties to come.   They will be offered a varied program:   this includes a botanical tour (10: 00 ), trial climbing lessons (from 12 noon), workshops on nuclear shipments (14: 00) as well as noise and ground water pollution (5: 00) and a concert of singer-songwriter Siggie Lama (8: 00) on Saturday (Friedrichswerder ). A journey through the history of resistance against airport expansion expected visitors from 11:. 00 on Sunday (30.8) Then, the traditional cake stand of civil initiatives in the region takes place at 14: 00. [? !]


For Further inquiries:
ROBIN WOOD contact at summer camp, Tel 0176/94 92 09 56th

Monika put, traffic officer, Tel. 040/380 892 21, Monika Lege, Transport Officer, tel. 040/380 892 21,

Ute Bertrand, Press Officer, tel: 0171/835 95 15, Ute Bertrand, Press Officer, Tel 0171/835 95 15.


Frankfurt Airport to Build Terminal 3 as Spare Capacity Runs Out

By Richard Weiss
April 15, 2015
Fraport AG, the operator of Frankfurt airport, said it will build a third terminal at a cost of as much as $3.2 billion in a bid to remain competitive against other European hubs.
Terminal 3 will add capacity for 14 million more passengers a year when it opens in the first half of 2022. The airport can currently handle 64 million, which will be overtaken by demand for 68 million to 73 million by 2021, Fraport said.
“We are already late in realizing the third terminal, we would need it in 2020 rather than in 2022,” Chief Executive Officer Stefan Schulte said at a press conference at the airport today. “We must remain competitive against state-of-the-art terminals in London, Paris, and Barcelona.”
The building in the southern part of the airport will cost almost  €2 billion, and the price for connecting it to local rail systems is another €500 million, Chief Financial Officer Matthias Zieschang said.
Costs to build highways may bring the total to as much as €3 billion, he said. Fraport previously said the terminal would open in 2021.
Fraport shares rose 3.1% to €58.13 at 3:22 p.m. in Frankfurt, taking the advance to 21 percent this year.
Istanbul Growth
The airport may soon lose its place as Europe’s third-largest hub. In 2014, travelers through Frankfurt rose 2.6 percent to 59.6 million, while numbers at second-placed Paris Charles de Gaulle climbed 2.8 percent to 63.8 million.
Istanbul airport saw an 11 percent surge to 57 million, fuelled by expansion of Turkish Airlines, taking it past Madrid and Schiphol, with a growth rate that suggests it may take third place, or even second, in 2015.
Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Fraport’s biggest customer, has capped its fleet at 400 aircraft compared with earlier plans to increase it to 480, and is shifting some long-haul operations to Cologne airport to save costs.
Two alternatives to Terminal 3 suggested by the local state government will continue to be evaluated but wouldn’t add enough capacity for projected passenger growth or the additional space needed by larger planes such as Airbus A380s, Schulte said.


Robin Wood Frankfurt and Istanbul
Robin Wood protesters in solidarity with fellow campaigners fighting against the huge environmental destruction, and loss of land including forest, for a planned new 3rd airport at Istanbul.

Frankfurt Airport given planning permission to build Terminal 3, to increase passenger number

Frankfurt airport currently has 2 passenger terminals with a capacity of approximately 65 million passengers per year, plus 4 runways. In 2009, the German government decided there should be a new Terminal 3 in order to handle the expected passenger flow of 90 million per year by 2020.  The new terminal is scheduled to be built by Fraport, south of the existing terminals. Fraport has now announced that it has been granted approval of its planning application, by the city of Frankfurt. However, it still needs a demand assessment. The building of a new terminal has been deeply controversial, and has been strongly opposed – as it is a means by which the airport can grow substantially. Fraport hopes the first phase of construction will start next year. Fraport say the airport will reach its maximum passenger capacity of about 64-68 million passengers a year by 2021 and that the new terminal when finished will allow it to serve up to 25 million more. Opponents say the airport already creates too much noise and does not need to be expanded. The CDU and the Greens said in their coalition agreement at the end of 2013 that they were in favour of looking at alternatives to building a new terminal. Opponents say they will keep fighting the expansion plans.