New 5 minute film, by CAGNE, highlights concerns of residents about a 2nd Gatwick runway

Residents of areas around Gatwick launched a five-minute video, called ‘What does a new runway at Gatwick mean to you?”  It was put together by Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions (CAGNE), through Sally Pavey.  The film shows reasons why some of the many people, including business owners as well as residents, affected by Gatwick are opposed to a 2nd runway. Some of the issues expressed in the film include the effect of a 2nd runway on traffic congestion near the airport (and further afield), the potential loss of business premises, the need for more social infrastructure to deal with extra employees at and around the airport, and the growth in the numbers of people affected by aircraft noise. CAGNE and groups largely experiencing noise from Gatwick departures to the west and working with groups troubled by Gatwick arrivals to the east of the airport.  All are opposed to the recent increase in the concentration of flight paths, causing intense noise nuisance for thousands. There are also concerns about impaired sleep for some communities, due to noise continuing at night. Recent CAA data show an 15% increase in the number experiencing night noise in 2014, within the 48 dB contour.


New film highlights residents’ opposition to Gatwick second runway

Residents launched a film entitled what does a new runway at Gatwick mean to you on Sunday November 1 outside the Red Lyon Pub in Slinfold


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Slinfold photo group film

A film highlighting opposition to a second runway at Gatwick from business owners and residents was launched in Slinfold at the weekend.

The five-minute video, called ‘What does a new runway at Gatwick mean to you’, was put together by Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions (CAGNE) and was unveiled outside the Red Lyon pub on Sunday November 1.

In the film a number of residents speak about the effect a second runway could have on traffic congestion near the airport, the potential loss of business premises, and the amount of extra people affected by aircraft noise.

Sally Pavey, chair of CAGNE, said: “We are delighted by the turn out of local people, it plainly shows the anger residents currently feel towards Gatwick and the increase in flights and noise.”

The number of people affected by Gatwick night flights increased by 15 per cent in 2014, according to a report by the Civil Aviation Authority, although these figures include the Gatwick’s immigration removal centre for the first time.

While Sir Howard Davies recommended a third runway at Heathrow over expansion at Gatwick back in July, the airport has continued to press its case for a second runway.

The Government has yet to announce whether or not it will accept Sir Howard’s recommendations.

CAGNE said it would continue to press for less concentrated aircraft routes, which it argues is causing sleep deprivation for some communities.
The group was formed in February 2014 after trial flight paths started sending planes over Warnham and the surrounding area.

Both Horsham District Council and West Sussex County Council voted to oppose a second runway earlier this year.

Since Sir Howard published his report, Gatwick has challenged the recommendation, called the findings ‘inconsistent and flawed’.

The Airports Commission concluded that the economic benefits of expanding Gatwick were ‘considerably smaller’ than those of expansion at Heathrow, while its conclusions were ‘clear and unanimous’.
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Number affected by Gatwick night flights up 15% last year – 12,850 in the larger 48 dB Leq contour

The CAA has released figures showing 12,850 people were adversely affected by Gatwick night flights, a 15% increase from the previous year. The increase comes despite the fact the airport has changed the way it counts complaints, with multiple issues raised by the same person on the same day now counted as a single incidence. Campaigners say the dramatic increase in complaints is proof a 2nd runway should not be allowed. A review of the changed arrivals flight paths, by Bo Redeborn, is due to be completed around the end of 2015. People are very stressed by noise from night flights, adversely affecting their sleep and their health. Gatwick made an even worse than usual comment. A Gatwick Airport spokesman said: “Gatwick recognises that aircraft noise has an impact on people living near the airport and will continue to do everything possible to minimise its effects…..The increase in people affected has been influenced by an increase in aircraft movements, a change in the fleet mix from planes with propellers to small jets, and an increase in population due to Gatwick’s immigration centre being included in the numbers.” (sic) On Sunday 1st November, CAGNE released a short film highlighting the plight of residents, businesses and communities beneath Gatwick concentrated flight paths.

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