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Aerotropolis Developments

Title:  What is an Aerotropolis?

Date:  March 2015

Author: Rose Bridger, for GAAM (Global Anti-Aerotropolis Movement)

Length:  5 pages (+ footnotes)

Summary: All over the world, major developments called an ‘aerotropolis’, or airport city, are being constructed, planned and announced. These new cities are not settlements for people. They are a new urban form enabling explosive growth in aviation dependent tourism and trade. Aerotropolis projects vary in scale and sectoral focus, but a catch-all definition is airportcentric urban development. Clustered around an existing or new airport, commercial development is integrated with air services. This briefing sets out a lot of the issues relating to their development, including social, economic and environmental problems.

Link:   What’s an aerotropolis ?


Other Publications

A list of some of the most useful publications, with web references, has been
produced by Airport Watch. See link below (Word document, 2 pages).


List of useful publications