Biofuels Publications

Title:  “Agrofuels in planes – heating the climate at a higher level”

Author: Milieu Defensie (FoE Netherlands), Evert Hassink

Date: February 2012

Length:  23 pages

Summary:  The aviation industry places its hopes of achieving “carbon neutral growth” in future on extensive use of biofuels, as well as carbon offsets from other sectors. The new report shows that not only are the carbon emissions “well to wake” of biofuels for aviation small, but the conventional calculations ignore the non-CO2 effects – cirrus cloud induced by contrails, and NOx effects. These impacts are the same for biofuels as for conventional jet kerosene, and may as much as double the climate effect of jets flying at high altitude. The report points out that CO2emissions caused by the growing of biofuels are not accounted for anywhere, under the current system – creating a large anomaly in the EU ETS.

Link:  Agrofuels in planes – heating the climate at a higher level



Title:  “Bio-kerosene:  take-off in the wrong direction” – FoE report

Author:  Friends of the Earth Netherlands, and Friends of the Earth Indonesia

Date:   February  2012

Length:  28 pages

Summary :  This investigates the situation in Java, where jatropha and other crops are being grown to produce biokerosene for Lufthansa’s “Burn Fair” programme.  The report finds that Javanese farmers and workers have converted some of their land from food to fuel crops, in return for ridiculously low payments. They have had a fall in income, conflict and frustration. Indonesian farmers feel the lifeblood of Indonesia will be tapped for the benefit of wealthier people in Europe and elsewhere. Biofuel crops are putting pressure on land for food. The report says this growing of biofuels for aviation fuel is putting a double pressure on the poor in the global south: both in climate change and food prices.

Link:   Bio-kerosene:  take-off in the wrong direction – FoE report



Three short AirportWatch briefings on Biofuels and Aviation

(August 2011)

Biofuels and Aviation (1)
Biofuels and Aviation (2)
Biofuels and Aviation (3)

“Flying in the face of the facts – Greenwashing the aviation industry with biofuels”

Report by Friends of the Earth, Europe.  June 2011

14 pages.

Flying in the face of the facts

and on the FoE Europe website at link

Greenpeace Briefing on Biofuels.

(November 2009)

4 pages

Greenpeace Briefing on Aviation and Biofuels

Biofuelwatch briefing

Biofuelwatch briefing on aviation biofuels Feb 2011

3 pages


Some information on jatropha as an aviation fuel (Jan 2009)

from the Guardian and other sources

“Greening of  Aviation”

Text of Biofuelwatch presentation to AirportWatch conference)

by Deepak Rughani

Aviation and Biofuels presentation – March 2009 (with slides)

Aviation and Biofuels presentation – (without slides, so smaller)

7 pages

Biofuels for Aviation: More Future Land Grabbing and Deforestation for Agrofuels

to Justify Today’s Airport Expansion?


6 pages

Aviation Biofuels – Biofuelwatch briefing March 2009

IATA – Aviation industry point of view

IATA presentation on aviation biofuels Dec 2010

20 pages

SWAFEA final report    July 2011

The Sustainable Way for Alternative Fuels and Energy for Aviation report, submitted to the European Commission, gives details of how they propose European aviation can get up to 2% of biofuels by 2020. They claim “sustainable” biofuel, in huge amounts, can be sourced.  On aviation industry emissions reduction targets, the study finds that stabilisation of emissions at 2020 levels – using biofuels – would probably take well beyond 2030.and it sees some of the problems.

The report is at
(111 pages)

Biofuel Assessment – Prepared for Tesco

by Kevin Lister, 2007
This report takes a high level overview on the impact of biofuels on the environment and the economy through a meta analysis of the main reports and data sources that have been issued from bodies such as the World Bank, the UK government and other key academic sources

Biofuel Assessment