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CE Delft report “Estimated revenues of VAT and fuel tax on aviation”

July 2013

8 pages

CE Delft report on VAT and tax revenues

If the EU decided to introduce VAT on air travel in all countries or fuel taxation in the aviation sector, it would raise tax revenues of billions of Euros per year:
 Assuming an average 20% VAT and an abolishment of other aviation taxes, additional revenues are estimated to be € 7.1 billion.
 Assuming a fuel tax of € 330-530 per m3, revenue estimates amount € 20 to € 32 billion.

Assuming an average 20% VAT on jet fuel, revenues are estimated to be € 10 billion (based on current fuel prices) up to € 14-16.5 billion (prices plus fuel tax). However, where VAT was imposed on all inputs and outputs in the aviation industry this would not be additional but rather could be deducted by the airlines against the VAT receipts from airline tickets.


2 page T&E (Transport & Environment)  briefing  ”Briefing: Does Aviation Pay its Way?”

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2014 May T&E (Transport  & Environment) state aid consultation response

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CE Delft report on the economic costs and benefits of Nantes Airport (France)

October 2011   47 pages.   CE Delft report on Nantes

CE Delft economic study shows cost of building a new Nantes airport would exceed its benefits

28th October 2011  Campaigners fighting the building of a new airport at Nantes (France) have commissioned a report by CE Delft, looking into the economics of building the airport, and whether there would be a financial benefit. This finds that, when correcting for the extremely high valuation of time and taking oil price projections and inclusion of aviation in the EU ETS into account, the costs of the new airport at Notre-Dame-des-Landes exceed the benefits. Click here to view full story…