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Donald Trump backs extended Aberdeen airport runway and opposed wind farm

22nd December 2010    Donald Trump is planning a huge 5 star golf, housing and hotel complex on the coast near Aberdeen. Its aim is to draw in a lot of rich people to play golf in a high-end golf course, and this means he supports extension of Aberdeen’s runway. His plans are deeply unpopular with the local community. Trump is opposing an off-shore windfarm, as it would damage the view from his golf course. He is also evicting an 86 year old lady, to get her land. (TUT)    https://www.airportwatch.org.uk/?p=4482 


Aberdeen Airport’s £10m runway 124 metre extension goes ahead starting March

29th November 2010    A £10m 124m. extension of Aberdeen Airport’s main runway is to finally take off, it has been announced.  Aberdeen City Council approved the extension in December 2006 and now BAA has said work will begin in March.  Plans were first put forward in late 2005.  It is expected to finish in the summer of 2012. The longer runway opens up new destinations, and the airport hopes it will attract business to the area. Green groups are deeply opposed. (BBC)       https://www.airportwatch.org.uk/?p=3180


Possibility of extending Aberdeen airport runway due to BAA sale?

15th October 2010    An aviation travel analyst has speculated that if BAA is forced to sell either Glasgow or Edinburgh airport, it will have money available to build a runway extension at Aberdeen. That would enable the runway extension of nearly 1,000ft, which was given the all-clear by city councillors nearly four years ago, to go ahead. Meanwhile BAA said it was working out options and “what impact this will have on all of our other airports.” (Press & Journal)    https://www.airportwatch.org.uk/?p=4418 


BAA told to sell one of its two main Scots airports

14th October 2010     Glasgow or Edinburgh airport could soon be put up for sale after the Court of Appeal in London decided that BAA should dispose of one of Scotland’s 2 main airports. With one operator owning two airports within an hour’s drive of each other there has been little incentive for them to introduce competition on routes, tickets or charges. Business leaders are split over which would provide a better return on investment as BAA attempts to cut a £10 billion debt.   https://www.airportwatch.org.uk/?p=4415

Drop in Scots airport passengers in July and further decline of Glasgow
11th August 2010       Edinburgh, Scotland’s busiest airport, had a +0.6% rise in passengers in July, compared to July 2009, to 961,000 partly due to Ryanair. But Glasgow had a fall in passengers of – 3.6% to 789,000 and Aberdeen had a fall of – 4.1% to 270,000. Overall, BAA’s UK airports had a rise in passengers in July of only +0.3%. BAA’s 6 UK airports handled nearly 58.5 million passengers in the first seven months of this year – a 4.5% drop on the January-July 2009 total.     https://www.airportwatch.org.uk/?p=4284
Hypocrite Trump Blocks Expansion at Airport near home in Florida

26th July 2010    Plane Stupid in Scotland have found out that Donald Trump, whose planned housing and golf course would “lead directly to airport expansion” at Aberdeen airport, has been involved in opposing construction of a second runway at Palm Beach International Airport, near his Mar-a-Lago estate and members-only beach club. Opponents of expansion at Aberdeen airport see this as amazing hypocrisy.  https://www.airportwatch.org.uk/?p=4237 

Climate 9: Found guilty of breach of the peace at Aberdeen Airport
25th June 2010     The Climate 9 have been found guilty of breach of the peace. More serious charges of vandalism were dropped. The charges were significantly reduced over the course of the 2 week trial. Sentence was deferred until August. The protesters were campaigning against any expansion of the airport, claiming it would lead to more harmful carbon emissions. The 9 are celebrating their victory in showing that peaceful protest is a necessary and legitimate way to take the action needed on climate change.  https://www.airportwatch.org.uk/?p=4195and 
More about the Climate9 and the trial

Climate9: Day 4 of the trial in Aberdeen

19th June 2010    On Thursday, the court saw an hour-long video of the runway invasion, that was recorded by police at the time. The protestors reiterate clearly that their aim was to close the airport for as long as possible; to stop airport expansion; to end short haul flights; to get people in high-emission industry into green jobs. It also shows they were willing to leave immediately if it was established they were preventing the take off of the air ambulance.  Click here to view full story…


Climate9 trial: Ambulance worker witness tells court that protestors did not delay ambulance flight

17th June 2010    The trial of the Climate 9 protesters in Aberdeen heard on Wednesday from an air ambulance witness that the protesters were not responsible for delaying an air ambulance, as had previously been suggested during yesterday’s evidence for the prosecution. He said: “Our flight was scheduled to take off at 8.00am this morning, but in fact took off about 8.35am, but this was due to our operational delay by the medics and not the protestors”. The trial continues.   Click here to view full story…


Climate9 trial: Plane Stupid protest “delayed take-off for air ambulance” at Aberdeen airport

15th June 2010    On the 2nd day of the Climate9 trial in Aberdeen, the airport’s duty manager told the court that emergency helicopter flight was unable to leave because the airport had been shut down. However, the defence advocate established that there was no physical reason why the helicopter could not take off, as the activists only occupied a very small part of the runway. The airport says the helicopters could not take off as the airport was technically closed for safety.  Click here to view full story…


Aberdeen Climate 9 trial – for invasion of runway in 2009 – hope to set precedent

14th June 2010    The trial of the 9 activists who invaded the runway at Aberdeen in March 2009 has started in Aberdeen. Their action was designed to stop carbon emissions from aviation and to highlight the links between Donald Trump’s planned hotel and golf course complex and the expansion of Aberdeen airport. The Climate 9 are arguing the defence of necessity. They argue that their actions were justified because they were trying to prevent runaway climate change.   Click here to view full story…


Aberdeen Climate9 trial starts on 14th June

8th June 2010    The Climate9’s trial starts in Aberdeen on 14th June. The 9 are charged with vandalism and breach of the peace. Their defence, at the most important climate change trial ever in Scotland, will be that they committed a smaller crime, in order to prevent a larger one. That was the defence that won the case for the Kingsnorth Six in ~September 2008. You can send the Climate9 a message of support, or read the dozens from around the world.   Click here to view full story…

David Lees new MD at Southampton airport, as Kevin Brown moves to Edinburgh
20th June 2010     David Lees has been appointed the new managing director of Southampton Airport, after three years working there. He will take on the role from July 31 and replaces the Kevin Brown, who is is currently managing director of Aberdeen and Southampton Airports. Kevin Brown now takes control of sister BAA airport Edinburgh. The move follows last month’s announcement that Gordon Dewar – current Edinburgh MP – is moving to be chief executive of Bahrain Airport.  https://www.airportwatch.org.uk/?p=4183
Shetland Isles route gets extra weekend flights

3.5.2010   Loganair  has added extra flights to Sheltand on the back of an agreement to carry weekend newspapers to the isles after the collapse of Highland Airways. There will be an extra flight in each direction on Saturdays and Sundays.  Details …..


Nine in court over alleged Aberdeen Airport protest

18.11.2009  The appearance relates to an incident at the airport in March this year.  Nine people have appeared in court after protesters allegedly stormed a Scottish airport forcing it to close down.  The five men and four women denied the charges when they appeared at Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Wednesday. They will all appear at the same court on trial next year.     Details …..

Scotland – Funding needed for new international air services

4th August 2009     The Scottish Council for Development and Industry said financial support from government was needed to develop new routes and claimed a Scottish route development fund, axed by Brussels under state aid rules, should be restored after a court ruling questioned the ban. It also called for the restoration of the Heathrow service from Inverness, a guarantee for the existing service between Aberdeen and Heathrow and other help. (Press & Journal)    Click here to view full story…


Aberdeen: North-east’s new link with Cardiff is launched


 22nd April 2009   Transport links between the north-east and Wales were strengthened with the launch of a direct flight between Aberdeen and Cardiff, which will fly 6 days a week. It is the 9th route provided by Flybe and Loganair from Aberdeen. The firms became franchise partners in October. The service will operate from Sunday to Friday with fares available from £44.99. It is expected to be used bybusiness travellers, students, tourists and residents. (Press and Journal)     Click here to view full story…



Aberdeen Airport £7.2 million runway rehabilitation programme starting

18th March 2009    A multi-million pound programme of work is about to begin at Aberdeen Airport, which will involve a complete resurface of the main runway. It starts on Sunday 29th March 2009 and should be completed by the end of October. The process involves removing the top layer of runway, in small areas at a time, and replacing the surface, which could add 15 years to its life. (BAA)   Click here to view full story…


Plane Stupid Scotland shuts Aberdeen airport – 9 arrested

3rd March 2009    Nine Plane Stupid Scotland protesters shut down Aberdeen airport by setting up a golf course on the taxiway. They surrounded themselves with fortified security fencing whilst others occupied the roof of the terminal building and unfurled a banner reading, “Nae Trump Games with Climate Change”. The peaceful protest began at 2.15am whilst the runway was closed. The protest delayed the scheduled opening of the airport at 5am, until 9am. – the aim being to prevent the release of thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.
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February 2009

02.02.09 Loganair / Flybe announce Cardiff – Aberdeen flights

January 2009

24.01.09 BAA concerned over Aberdeen Airport taxi plans
bmi add Birmingham – Aberdeen flights
Eastern launch Aberdeen – Oslo flights
Competition Commission wants Aberdeen Airport passenger rebate
Flyglobespan drop Aberdeen – Canaries route after 2 weeks