Some useful dates


January 2022

10th January.  Start of CAA “Draft Airspace Modernisation Strategy 2022-2040” consultation. Ends 4th April 2022.   link

This says:

The CAA would like to hear your views on a draft of our refreshed Airspace Modernisation Strategy 2022–2040, which will replace the existing Airspace Modernisation Strategy (CAP 1711) that was published in December 2018.

The strategy will now be in three parts, plus an annex. We are seeking your views on drafts of Part 1 CAP 2298a and Part 2 CAP 2298b, and on what changes are needed to the annex explaining the strategy’s governance structure, currently CAP 1711b. (Part 3 will be published later on, once we have heard views on these.)

February 2022

Start of Luton airport consultation on plans to expand to 32 mppa.  Link to response form.  Link  to airport website about the consultation.

March 2022

April 2022

4th April. End of CAA airspace modernisation consultation.

4th April. End of Luton Airport expansion consultation (hoping to grow to 32mppa).  Link to response form.  Link  to airport website about the consultation.

May 2022


Earlier dates:



12th January 2021:   Stansted Public Inquiry from 10am on 12th January for 7 weeks.  Live stream

Information concerning the Inquiry
For further information contact Stop Stansted Expansion on
February 2021
11th Feb – Leeds City Council decision on allowing a new terminal building at Leeds Bradford airport.   Link
17th Feb – deadline for comment on application by Luton airport to increase passenger number cap from 18mppa to 19mppa.  Link 
March 2021
3rd March:   Deadline for comment on first part of DfT consultation on night flights   Link 
April 2021
Grant Shapps will report back to the House of Common on the Aviation Recovery Plan on 12 April.
May 2021
31st May:  Deadline for comment on the second part of the DfT consultation on night flights    Link   Now extended to 3rd September 2021
June 2021
15th June – end of Treasury consultation on Aviation Taxation.  Details about the section on changes to Air Passenger Duty distance bands here.

July 2021

9th July:   The Transport Sec of State, Grant Shapps, has to re-determine the DCO application of Manston airport. People have until 9th July 2021 to inform the Planning Inspectorate of any matters the Sec of State must now take into account, eg. national or local policies.

20th July –  start of public inquiry into expansion of Bristol airport.  Details 

August 2021

September 2021

3rd Sept.  Deadline for comment on the second part of the DfT consultation on night flights    Link   Now extended from May to 3rd September 2021, awaiting the results of the SoNA study in perhaps June.
3rd Sept:  End of the Commons Environmental Audit Committee call for evidence on net zero aviation and shipping.

8th September. End of the The Jet Zero consultation  “Achieving net zero aviation by 2050”


January 2020


Unknown date:  Judgement expected from the Appeal Court on the legal challenges by  councils, Greenpeace, FoE, Plan B etc against government approval of Airports NPS (which is Heathrow expansion)


24th January  – Decision by Uttlesford Council on whether to allow Stansted to increase its passenger cap to 43mppa from 35mppa.   REFUSED

February 2020

10th  February  – decision on Bristol airport

28th February. End of CAA Economic regulation of Heathrow: early costs of capacity expansion consultation

“This consultation document provides further information on costs Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) expects to incur in advance of obtaining a Development Consent Order under the Planning Act 2008 for the expansion of Heathrow airport.

“It outlines the approach to spending on these early costs that we consider is in the best interest of consumers and the regulatory arrangements that should apply to this spending.”

March 2020

4th March 2020. End of CAA  Minimum Requirements for Noise Modelling Consultation

“Up until now, it has been the responsibility of each airport to decide on the level of sophistication of noise modelling appropriate for its circumstances.

“The CAA now believes that it is appropriate to specify the minimum acceptable level of sophistication of noise modelling required for us to carry out our duties, to provide clarity to sponsors and stakeholders about the methodology they should use and therefore reduce ambiguity, and to provide consistency across different groups of airports. ”


5th March 2020   End of CAA consultation on Economic regulation of Heathrow Airport Limited: further consultation on regulatory framework and financial issues

“This consultation document provides further information on our approach to developing the regulatory framework for Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) to support the efficient delivery of capacity expansion at Heathrow airport.

“It outlines and consults on our approach to incentives for efficiency, allowed returns and other financial issues.”


April 2020


15th April to 11th June  – Heathrow consultation (partly to fill in the gaps  as their earlier 2019 consultation was so inadequate). Probably not happening as Airports NPS ruled illegal by Court of Appeal on 27th Feb 2020.  [ It did not happen ].


May 2020

18th May.   Decision on Manston DCO.   Actually came out of 9th July 2020, with Grant Shapps approving the DCO.


July 2020

10th July deadline for comments on Leeds Bradford airport expansion plans.  See link 


Some time later in 2020 ?

Southampton airport second consultation   see link


October 2020

7th and 8th  – Supreme Court to hear appeal by Heathrow against Appeal Court ruling that considered the Airports National Policy Statement (ANPS ) illegal.  The Heathrow 3rd runway depends on the ANPS.   See link 


December 2020

Supreme Court – judgement on Weds 16th December

Judgement in the case of Friends of the Earth Ltd and Plan B Earth, against Heathrow Airport, will be on Wednesday 16th December.  Details here …

The Supreme Court ruled that the ANPS was legal.  That means just that. NOT that a runway can go ahead, but Heathrow could continue runway planning, if it wants.  But those plans would have to meet the conditions and policies of the day, on climate etc.

23rd December 2020
The CAA public safety Zones consultation ended on 23rd December.
See the AEF response to it at

Some time in 2021

Gatwick may submit plans to turn its emergency runway into a second runway, for use some of the time. But all seriously delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic, and only small numbers of flights for months.

The Aviation Decarbonisation Strategy will [probably] be published by Government in the first half of 2021, which should respond to the CCC’s recommendations of the 9th December 2020.

And older dates:


January 2019

8th January – start of a Heathrow consultation on airspace change. Airspace and Future Operations Consultation.  Ends 4th March.  Details 

10th January. End of Gatwick consultation on its plans to use its emergency runway as a 2nd runway.  Details 

Tues 15th January.  pre-Trial Court hearing at the High Courts in the Strand.

DfT Aviation Green Paper consultation on-going. 

February 2019

March 2019

11th-23rd March 2019 – High Court hearings of the 5 legal challenges. Details

End of March – Report by the Committee on Climate Change to the government.  Details


April 2019

11th April.  End of airspace change part of the DfT aviation green paper consultation.


May 2019

2nd May – the Committee on Climate Change publishes its advice to government on UK long term climate targets  (details), and also on aviation carbon  Details (hence the extension of the Aviation Strategy consultation to the 20th June).

June 2019

18th June:  Start of Heathrow consultation. Ends 13th September.

20th June:  End of the DfT consultation on the Aviation Strategy green paper.

On December 17th the Government published its Aviation Green Paper. This is their proposal for the DfT’s new Aviation Strategy which it wants to finalise and release in the second half of 2019.  This will then be UK aviation policy.

The Green Paper sets out proposals for UK aviation policy until 2050.

The consultation started on 17th December, and ends on 11th April 2019

Full paper at:

Details of how to respond at

There’s also a NATS paper on the new type of flight paths being introduced: nt_data/file/763085/nats-caa-feasibility-airspace-modernisation.pdf

And a CAA paper on past and future noise levels:


July 2019

August 2019

September 2019

13th Sept. End of Heathrow consultation (start 18th June)

13th Sept. End of Environmental Audit Committee call for evidence on environmental impact of travel and tourism.  Details 

26th Sept.  End of DfT call for evidence on carbon offsetting of travel. Details


October 2019


16th:  Start of Luton airport consultation on its expansion   – ends 16th December. Details and     How to respond etc, from LADACAN 

17th:  Solidarity Rally for Appeals on Heathrow Legal Challenges  –  Thursday 17th October – 8.45am

​The No 3rd Runway Coalition are organising a solidarity rally again outside the Court. The details are as follows:

Where? Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, Holborn, London WC2A 2LL

The hearing will be  live streamed on the judiciary’s YouTube channel



12 – 14th. Stop Stansted Expansion hearing at the High Court.  Details



16th:  End of Luton airport consultation on expansion  – . Details from Luton     and       How to respond etc, from LADACAN 



The proposed timeline for a 3rd Heathrow runway – from 2018 aspirations ….!

Once voted through, the NPS is then deemed to be “designated” (ie. comes into force) by the Transport Secretary. Heathrow is able to begin the formal process of seeking planning permission, which includes further consultation with local communities. That includes having obtained permission to compulsorily purchase properties for demolition.

The DfT’s Caroline Low said:  “In a written statement to Parliament on 26th June, the Transport Secretary confirmed that he has designated the NPS, meaning plans for a new runway at Heathrow can move to the next stage of planning. Heathrow will now bring forward detailed proposals for planning consent, for submission to the Planning Inspectorate. As part of this, there will be further consultations with stakeholders and local communities on the details of the scheme design, the associated compensation and mitigation packages and any changes to airspace.”

Any Judicial Reviews had to follow within a six-week period after the approval of the final NPS and could hold up proceedings.

As the runway is considered to be a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) through the Planning Act 2008, Heathrow has to submit a development consent order (DCO) to the planning inspectorate. (It is not a normal planning application, via the local authority – but it is considered in relation to the NPS).  Heathrow also has to do some pre-application consultation events, before the DCO stage. There would then be a planning inquiry and examination (taking – the DfT hopes – at most 6 months).

Heathrow will be required to complete a number of environmental assessments to support its application for development consent. These include an Environmental Impact Assessment, an Environmental Statement, a Statement on Compliance with the Habitats Directive and a Flood Risk Assessment.

The planning inspector then submits his report to the Secretary of State (within three months);  and the Secretary of State considers the report and announces a decision (within 3 months).

The DfT expects the runway planning process to take perhaps 3 years, 2018 – 2021 or 2022.  The DfT hope the runway would be operational by some time after 2025 or the late 2020s.

2025 – late 2020’s

New runway operational
Assuming the planning and construction process runs in line with the timetable set out by Heathrow, the new runway is expected to be operational between 2025 and late 2020’s.

and it says:

Putting commitments on a legal basis

Communities will want to ensure that Heathrow is held to the promises it has made. There are a number of commitments that have been made by the airport operator that could become planning obligations, such as a ban on scheduled night flights and compliance with noise targets.


The London Airspace Management Programme (LAMP) which will redesign the whole of the London Terminal Airspace using Performance Based Navigation will be delivered in phases between 2015/16 and 2019.

The FAS (Future Airspace Strategy) will probably be consulted on in 2022 and finalised in 2024.

2018 dates

January 2018

5th January. End of CAA consultation on aircraft noise. See 

17th January 2018.   Start of two Heathrow consultations, for a 10 week period. Details

15th January 2018. Transport Committee hearing on Heathrow  (Airports NPS)  Details  Council leaders, Cait Hewitt from AEF, Stephen Clark from the No3rd Runway Coalition etc.

24th January 2018.  Heathrow APPG session on Heathrow.

24th January 2018.  Westminster Hall debate on Heathrow and its current consultation. Debate secured by Vince Cable MP  Details

February 2018

Monday 5th February.  2nd Transport Select Committee hearing on Heathrow (Airports NPS)   Transport Committee website on Heathrow

Weds 7th February 2018.  3rd Transport Select Committee hearing on Heathrow (Airports NPS)

Tues 20th February 2018. 4th Transport Select Committee hearing on Heathrow (Airports NPS) with airlines and the CAA  Details

Weds 28th Feb.  Hillingdon Council Leader Ray Puddifoot will be the guest speaker at the first meeting, which will take place at St Mary’s Church Hall in Harmondsworth from 8-9.30pm.  The meeting has been arranged by the Harmondsworth and Sipson Resident’s Association (HASRA) with SHE (Stop Heathrow Expansion) and is aimed at residents from the villages – including Longford, which would be totally destroyed if the third runway development went ahead.    Details

March 2018

Thursday 1st March 2018    Heathrow Public Meeting at 7pm – Community Church, Werter Road, Putney. Justine is holding a joint public meeting with the Richmond Park MP, Zac Goldsmith, on Heathrow Airport’s consultation and its latest plans for expansion. The Leader of Wandsworth Council, Councillor Ravi Govindia will also speak at the meeting.   Details  

Friday 2nd March 2018.   John McDonnell, MP for Hayes and Harlington, will be the guest speaker at the meeting at Yiewsley and West Drayton Community Centre from 7.30pm-9pm. Everyone is welcome and it’s a chance to ask questions before the Heathrow Consultation closes at the end of March.  West Drayton would feel some of the harshest impacts of a third runway, with much busier local roads, higher air pollution and not to mention the level of disruption during construction. This meeting with be a chance to discuss these impacts.      Details

23rd March.  Report by the Transport Select Committee on the draft Airports NPS  Link

28th March 2018. End of Heathrow consultations, that started on 17th January.


April 2018

May 2018

June 2018

7th June:   A parliamentary debate on the Commons Transport Select Committee report on the draft Airports National Policy Statement (NPS) – ie. the plans for a 3rd Heathrow runway – has been scheduled for Thursday 7th June at 1.30pm in Westminster Hall…/All/2018/6/7/Daily …

There is normally, but does not have to be, a debate on the report of a Select Committee.

The Transport Committee, chaired by Lilian Greenwood, produced their report on the draft NPS on 23rd March. While it supported the principle of building another runway, the committee insisted there should be a range of strict conditions that would have to be met.

The government will, in due course, respond to the Transport Committee’s report. However, this may not happen until there is a vote by Parliament on the draft NPS. The government is aware that there are numerous serious problems with the Heathrow runway plans, and that meeting the conditions proposed by the Transport Committee would be very difficult.

More on the Committee’s report at link

Parliament voted in favour of the 3rd runway plan:

Monday 25th June. Short 4 hour debate in Parliament on the Airports National Policy Statement (NPS), and Vote.  Parliament voted in favour of the 3rd runway (415 against, 119 in favour, a majority of 296). Details of how each MP voted here     More on the story here 


July 2018

Party conference season: 

TUC conference – 10th until 13th September

Lib Dem Party Conference – 16th until 19th September

Labour Party Conference – 24th until 27th September

Conservative Party Conference – 1st until 4th October

SNP Party conference – 6th until 9th October


October 2018.

18th October. Start of Gatwick consultation on its master plan, to use its emergency runway as a 2nd runway.  Details.

December 2018

Start of consultation on Government’s Aviation Strategy, for 3 – 4 months. Expected mid December.  That will then be followed by it becoming an Aviation White Paper by perhaps mid 2019.



For reference, dates in 2017


January 2017

19th – 20th January – Hearing in the High Court in London about the legal challenge brought by 4 councils and Greenpeace on the DfT backing for Heathrow 3rd runway.  Ruling at an unknown date.  Details 

20th January –  second reading of Tania Mathias’ 10 Minute Rule Bill, to get aircraft noise made a statutory nuisance, is on 20th January.  The video of the debate in Parliament where Tania Mathias called for the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to be amended to make noise caused by aircraft a statutory nuisance received it first  The bill is unlikely to become law but it is an excellent way of raising the special treatment aircraft noise gets.

25th January – end of NICE consultation on outdoor air quality and health.  Link 

26th January – start of the Commons Transport Select Committee inquiry into airspace management and modernisation  Details

30th January – first meeting of new group against Heathrow 3rd runway, in Hammersmith and Fulham.  Details

End January – or early February –  Publication by the DfT of the draft National Policy Statement (NPS) on Heathrow.   Expected 4 months consultation

February 2017

2nd February – Publication by the DfT of the draft  “Airports National Policy Statement: new runway capacity and infrastructure at airports in the South East of England”.    ie. on Heathrow runway. 16 week consultation   Ends 25th May 2017.  Consultation document

2nd February – Publication by the DfT of their Airspace Policy consultation.  Ends 25th May 2017.   Details

Thursday 9th February 7.30pm –  Meeting on Night Flight Consultation. Teddington Action Group. Sugden Hall, Station Road, Teddington (Next door to Christ Church)

28th February 2017   – Night Flights consultation  ends  Details

For details of the DfT consultation events on the National Policy Statement on the Heathrow runway, see below.

For details of consultation events held by the DfT (where they promote the runway to the public, and have little information on any negative impacts) see here for dates, times and venues.  There are 20 events between 13th Feb and 15th March in areas close to Heathrow, and 13 events across the country.

March 2017

24th March – deadline to submit evidence to Transport Committee inquiry into the Airports NPS. Details

28th March – air pollution meeting in Richmond. 7pm  TW9 4DU

31st March – deadline to submit evidence to Transport Committee inquiry into airspace management and modernisation.  Details 

31st March – meeting in Englefield Green with Philip Hammond (the Chancellor) on Heathrow. Details.

April 2017

3rd April – Grow Heathrow in court, for possible eviction from their premises. Support outside the High Court in The Strand, WC2A 2LL 9 – 11am.   Details 

24th April – The High Court has ordered the Government to publish a draft new clean air plan to tackle NO2 by 24 April, with a final plan by 31 July.

28th April –  PUBLIC MEETING on the draft NPS. FRI 28TH APRIL. Teddington Baptist Church 7.30pm. TAG and MP Tania Mathias will provide practical steps in responding to the current Gov proposals.

May 2017

12th May – deadline for submission of evidence to the EFRA (Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) Committee for the joint inquiry by 4 committees (EFRA, Transport, Health and EAC) into “Improving air quality.”    Details

25th May – end of DfT consultation on  “Airports National Policy Statement: new runway capacity and infrastructure at airports in the South East of England”.   ie. on Heathrow runway. 16 week consultation   Ends 25th May 2017.  Consultation document

25th May – Publication by the DfT of their Airspace Policy consultation.  Ends 25th May 2017.   Details

Purdah period for General Elecction begins – 21st April

Dissolution of Parliament  – 3rd May

Local Elections – 4th May

Party Manifestos expected to be published – Week commencing 8th May

The election means that any current inquiries not completed (such as the Transport Committee one on the draft NPS) have been paused. It will be up to the members of the new Transport Select Committee if they wish to pick up this inquiry and continue with it.

June 2017

15th June – end of DEFRA consultation on draft plan to reduce NO2 air pollution.   Consultation document here.  Other DEFRA documents here.  Online response form here. 

30th June – end of CAA consultation on draft airspace design guidance.   link 

General Election and some related dates in relation to the new parliament

General Election – 8th June

1st possible date of new Parliament – 14th June

1st possible date of State Opening – 21st June

Possible date for ballots of election of Select Committee Chairs – 13th July

Summer Recess – 20th July

After a General Election, every All Party Parliamentary Group needs to hold an AGM to formally reconstitute the Group.

July 2017 

31st July – The High Court has ordered the Government to publish a draft new clean air plan to tackle NO2 by 24 April, with a final plan by 31 July.

More aviation consultations later in the year:

Chris Grayling said (letter to EAC on 9th January) that: “We have begun work on an Aviation Strategy to replace the 2013 Aviation Policy Framework and this will include a more detailed consideration of available policy measures to address the climate change impacts of aviation. We look forward to publishing a series of green papers this year as part of this process.”

August 2017

September 2017

October 2017

Parliament Returns from Summer Recess – 5th September

Parliament in Recess for conferences  – 15th September

Party conferences

Parliament Returns – 10th October

November 2017

30th November. End of period to submit evidence to the Transport Committee

December 2017

4th December. Oral evidence session by the Transport Select  Committee. Transport Committee will begin its inquiry into the Airports NPS next Monday, 4 December, at 4.45pm.

Details at 

Watch on Parliament TV  at

18th December.  Oral evidence session by the Transport Select Committee. As above.

19th December. End of the DfT’s second consultation on the NPS.

For reference, dates in 2016


January 2016

Tues 12th January:  HACAN’s Noise and Health Report launch in Parliament

Monday 18th January:  – start of trial of 13 Plane Stupid activists who invaded the northern Heathrow runway on 13th July 2015.  Due to last perhaps two weeks. At Willesden Magistrates court.  Details.

28th January:   Publication of the independent review of changes in 2014 of Gatwick arrivals flight paths, by Bo Redeborn and Graham Lake.


February 2016

11th Feb: Parliament rises

19th Feb.  End of CAA consultation on its 5 year strategic plan.  Details  And guidance from TAG (Teddington Action Group) on how to fill in the online response form.

22nd Feb. Parliament returns

22nd Feb.  Protest by CHATR in Chiswick

Feb 23rd  – Two big aviation conferences are being held in London: The Air Transport Conference, 2016; and The Global Aviation Development Summit.

Weds 24th Feb – the “Heathrow 13” who occupied the end of Heathrow’s northern runway in July 15th, are to be sentenced. They may get up to 3 months in prison.  9am protest outside Willesden Magistrates Court. 448 High Road, Willesden, London NW10 2DZ. (Nearest tube is Neasden, on the Jubilee line).    Details.

Feb – Heathrow and Enterprise Nation do a survey about impact of Heathrow 3rd runway on SMEs.


March 2016

Fri 11th March.  9am the three activists who blocked Heathrow’s Tunnel are due to appear in Willesden Magistrates Court.

14th March:  Start of Scottish  Government’s consultation on changing APD. Ends 3rd June.  Details

15th March. Start of public inquiry into appeal by London City airport against refusal by the Mayor of London, of their airport expansion plan.  Link

15th March:  Start of CAA consultation on airspace change process  Details

16th March: Heathrow ends 6 month trial of 3.2 degree landings. Details

16th March:  Budget

24th March:  Parliament rises

End of March (date?)  Gatwick airport responds to the  Arrivals Review.


April 2016

Tues 5TH APRIL, 8PM   Public meeting arranged by Stop Heathrow Expansion – CRANE COMMUNITY CENTRE, FULLER WAY, HAYES UB3 4LW (guest speakers include John McDonnell MP)   Link

11th April:  Parliament resumes

12 – 13th April: Transport Times Event. “UK Transport Infrastructure Summit.” Keynote speaker Lord Adonis of National Infrastructure Commission.  Stewart Wingate and John Holland-Kaye speaking, and also Darren Caplan of the AOA.  Details

Tues 19th April. 9am.  Trail of the three who, in November 2015, blocked the main inbound tunnel leading to Heathrow airport.  At Uxbridge Magistrates Court, Harefield Road, UB8 1 Uxbridge.  Details

Wednesday 20 April 2016.  9.30 am – 11.00 am. Westminster Hall debate.  “Effect of aircraft noise on local communities” – Tom Tugendhat (MP for Tunbridge, Edenbridge  and Malling)  Details

Thurs 21ST APRIL, 8PM –  Public meeting arranged by Stop Heathrow Expansion HAYES AND HARLINGTON COMMUNITY CENTRE, ALBERT ROAD, HAYES UB3 4HR (guest speakers include John McDonnell MP)   Link

April – date unknown – report by Heathrow and Enterprise Nation on impact of Heathrow 3rd runway on SMEs.



May 2016

Thurs 5th May:  London Mayoral Election (and some others across the UK)

Sunday 8th May:   Going Backwards on Climate Change – march (backwards) down Whitehall, to mark the first anniversary of the Conservative government, which has gone backwards on many policies relating to climate.  Building a new runway being one of those. Details    It is anticipated that there will be an aviation presence at the march.

16th May: End of Gatwick consultation on the reply by Gatwick airport on 31st March to the Arrivals Review by Bo Redeborn and Graham Lake.  Details

Weds 18th May:  Queen’s Speech

18th May: Heathrow Community Noise Forum

19th May: Heathrow Noise Forum

Thurs 19th May:  “Grow Heathrow” are under threat of eviction. Lewdown Holdings Limited (who own most of the land Grow Heathrow is on) are attempting to get a possession order
Supporters gathering from 9:00am outside Uxbridge County Court. This is not the Uxbridge court where Plane Stupid appeared. Address: 501 Uxbridge Road, Hayes, UB4 8HL.

Thurs 26TH MAY, 8PM – Public meeting arranged by Stop Heathrow Expansion  ST MATTHEWS CHURCH, HIGH STREET, YIEWSLEY UB7 7QH (guest speakers including John McDonnell MP).   Link 

May – Route 4 for take-offs from Gatwick, towards the west and turning northwards, to be changed back to its original route in the NPR.  Details

30th May: End of European consultation on state aid to airports and ports. Details

Bank Holiday Monday 30th May.  Celebrate Heathrow’s 70th birthday, in Harmondsworth.  Details

31st May. Heathrow is officially 70 years old.


June 2016 

3rd June: End of Scottish Government consultations on changing Air Passenger Duty Details

7th June:  Heathrow holds a “Business Summit” for SMEs in Manchester, to attract companies to bid for work on its (hoped for) 3rd runway.  Details

June 13, 2016: EU regulation on airport noise takes effect

15th June:  End of CAA consultation on airspace change process  Details

19th or 26 th June.  Referendum in France about proposed new Nantes airport at Notre-Dame-des-Landes.  Details

23rd June:  EU referendum


July 2016

Monday 4th July:   Seminar on Aircraft Noise and Mental Health.  3.00 – 4:30pm; Room Q in Portcullis House, Westminster. Organised by Hacan and AEF.  Details   Chair:  Dr Tania Mathias MP

?Around 18th July?? Patrick McLoughlin is due to make a statement to Parliament on the government’s decision on a new runway. Should be at least a few days before Parliament rises, (ie. several days before 21st) to give MPs etc time to question etc.   Or it could be  in the 10 days Parliament is working 5th to 15th September.

21st July: Parliament rises for the summer recess.


Summer 2016

The Department for Transport will hold a formal consultation on changes to the noise elements of the Aviation Policy Framework, and the principles behind changes to flight paths – some time in /after summer 2016, “to coincide with a further announcement on runway capacity in the south east”  ie. after a runway decision. In 2nd half of 2016.

August 2016



September 2016

5th September – Parliament returns, till 15th when the Party Conference season starts. (If no runway decision has been announced in July by the government, it is just possible it could be during this period. But unlikely).   [It was not]

12th Sept:  End of consultation by Edinburgh airport on changes to flight paths (first stage). Details

19th September:   extended deadline for Edinburgh airport consultation on airspace change and flight paths.  Details.  and Details

September 2016: ICAO Assembly to come back on global MBM (Market Based Measure) to reduce global aviation carbon emissions

?around  7th September Parliament returns from recess

29th September: Heathrow holds a “Business Summit” for SMEs in Leeds, to attract companies to bid for work on its (hoped for) 3rd runway.  Details

For reference, dates in 2015


January 2015

Transfer of Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton airports from Heathrow Airport Holdings to Ferrovial and Macquarie.  (Sale agreed in October 204).

19th – meeting by West Sussex County Council to decide view on Gatwick runway

20th – Public meetings by West Windsor Residents Assn. about Heathrow. Details

Around 20th – Horsham Council to decide on view on Gatwick runway

26th – debate by Crawley  Council on its view on a Gatwick runway  Details



February 2015

3rd – end of Airports Commission consultation. Details 

3rd –  6pm. At Main Hall, Old Town Stratford, 29 Broadway, London E15 4BQ

 Newham Council to hear City Airport expansion application to expand.Planning Officers recommend granting the planning application both for the hotel and the infrastructure, can be found at    Details

Sat 28th – Transition Heathrow’s 5th birthday party.  Details



March 2015

Tues 3rd March – Heathrow Rally  Details

Sat 7th March – Climate March in London.  Details 

13trh March:  End of Biggin Hill (Bromley) consultation on extending operating hours. Details


April 2015

29th April – International Noise Awareness day.  Protest in Berlin

May 2015

Thurs May 7th – General Election (and some local elections)

Some time after the election, Airports Commission announces its recommendation on new runway to the new government. Date unknown.


June 2015

Airports Commission likely to make its recommendation by the end of the month, before Sir Howard goes to RBS. Date unknown.

10th June:  End of EU consultation on Aviation package for improving the competitiveness of the EU Aviation sector.  Started  in March.  Details. 


30th June:  Meeting Carbon Budgets: 2015 Progress Report to Parliament by the Committee on Climate Change.  This is the CCC’s seventh statutory report to Parliament on progress towards meeting carbon budgets. In it we will consider the latest data on emissions and their drivers.


July 2015

6-7th July:  Runways UK conference in London, to discuss the Airports Commission recommendation (which they presume will have been made).  Details 

11 – 12th July. Annual 2 day protest at Notre Dame des Landes, against the proposed new airport for Nantes.

August 2015


September 2015

1st September:  start of Stansted consultation on narrowed flight paths. Ends 27th November.  Details.

3rd September:  Deadline for submission to the Environmental Audit Committee. Link 

8th September:  Deadline for submissions to the government consultation on the devolution of APD, and its reduction, to Scotland. Link

Saturday 12th September:   Meeting on the problem of UK carbon emissions and a new runway, organised by the Green Party. No New Runways.  Not Heathrow, Not Gatwick, Not any other runway either. Details.

Monday 14th September: Heathrow start 6 month trial of 3.2 degree landings. Ends 16th March 2016.  Details



October 2015

Saturday 10th October:  11am Rally in Parliament Square against Heathrow 3rd runway. Details to be announced.

Monday 12th October. End of Commons Transport Committee surface transport to airports inquiry.      Details


November 2015

6th November. End of DEFRA consultation on NO2 and air quality. Details

Announcement, with statement of intent, by government on the Airports Commission’s recommendation of a 3rd Heathrow runway.  There may be a public consultation after it. No details yet known.

Thursday 26th November: A Peoples Question Time held in Hillingdon. 7 – 9 pm.  A chance to question the Mayor & London Assembly.  Details

27th November:   end of Stansted consultation on narrowed flight paths. Details

28th November: Greg Clark (MP for Tunbridge Wells) will be chairing a public meeting with the team leading Gatwick’s independent review at 10am in the Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells.  Details   Booking beforehand necessary.


December 2015

24th December:  Edinburgh flight path trial due to end (started in June) if it does not end earlier. Details.

31st December 2015   The CCC  will publish its recommendations for 5th carbon budget, covering the period 2028-32, as required by Climate Change Act. This budget covers the symbolically important year of 2030 by which time we need to be very firmly on the path to the agreed 2050 target. The Government will propose legislation for the 5th budget in Summer 2016.





Further ahead or unknown dates:
East Midlands Airport:  East Midlands Airport runway extension  determination – and may be approved without noise controls being part of a section 106 agreement.  Also the local council has requested EMA to be designated under 78 of the 1982 CAA Act but this may be rejected.  All postponed from 3rd March 2010 “for several months”.

Prestwick:  The final version of the Glasgow Prestwick Airport Master Plan will be published at some time, but it is very much delayed. Draft Master Plan was in 2008.




4th July 2016: Seminar on Aircraft Noise and Mental Health

 3.00 – 4:30pm; Room Q in Portcullis House, Westminster*

Chair:  Dr Tania Mathias MP


Dirk Schreckenberg, Senior Researcher, Centre for applied psychology, environmental and social science in Hagen, Germany, will explain the key findings of the NORAH study on noise and mental health

Chris Keady will talk about the impact on his mental health of living under the Heathrow flight paths and suggest practical solutions

Matt Gorman, Sustainability Director at Heathrow Airport, will outline the steps Heathrow is taking to provide respite from aicraft noise

There will be a good period of time for questions and discussion

*Please allow about 15 minutes to get through security

It is being staged by the Aviation Environment Federation* and HACAN*.  It is a follow-up to a report published  in January 2016 on Aircraft Noise and Health –

There is growing concern about the impact on mental health of aircraft noise.  However, there is comparatively little research on the topic.  We are therefore delighted that the keynote speaker will be  Dirk Schreckenberg, one of the authors of the NORAH Study, a recent German study which included ground-breaking work on mental health and noise



Bank Holiday Monday 30th May 2016: ‘Celebrate’ Heathrow’s 70th Birthday

12 noon.   High St Harmondsworth* – outside the historic Five Bells Pub, UB7 0AQ.

  • 70 ‘No 3rd Runway’ birthday balloons will be released.
  • There will be music, a few speeches, refreshments and a chance to walk part of the route of the proposed new runway.
  • And everybody is encouraged to bring a birthday present for Heathrow which will be kept safe overnight and delivered to them on their official birthday the next day.
  • We are hoping this will be a fun Bank Holiday event but with a serious purpose, the day before Heathrow’s official birthday.  It is also probably the last chance to have an event for a while as the news in June and July is likely to be dominated by the referendum. Heathrow Airport knows that also and is expecting its 70th birthday to generate a lot of media coverage.   It means we can interest the media in this event.  If you have nothing planned for the Bank holiday, you are encouraged to join us as the more people who attend, the more powerful the signal that there is considerable opposition to a 3rd runway.

* There is some parking available in the area.  The U3 and 350 buses stop just a short walk away.






Regular dates:

CAA release provisional statistics for the previous month for UK airports around 15th of each month.

Heathrow Ltd (used to be called BAA) produce the previous month’s figures for their UK airports, (some time approx between 10th and 15th of each month).

IATA produce previous month’s figures for the global aviation industry around the 27th of each month.





For reference, dates in 2014


January 2014

16th January:  start of Airports Commission’s consultation (end date not known) on their draft Appraisal Framework, for the impacts of schemes will be appraised and how scheme designs should be developed.

21st January.    End of NATS consultation on airspace around Gatwick, London City airport, Southend and Biggin Hill.   Details   

21st January: end of NATS consultation on airspace around Gatwick, London City airport, Southend and Biggin Hill.   Details 

January 2014: Vote in Environment Committee on the draft report by the European Parliament on aviation in the ETS



February 2014

4th February – start of local Heathrow “consultation” on its northwest runway option   Details and earlier  Details 

14th February – deadline for Airports Commission consultation on four options in the inner Thames Estuary airport.   Details

18 –  20th – hearing about judicial review challenge to Carlisle City Council decision to allow Stobart to develop Carlisle airport   details 

22nd Feb – Manifestation at Notre Dame des Landes, Nantes.  Details 




March 2014  

16th March – end of Heathrow “consultation” on northwest runway

24th March – Launch of Heathrow 3rd runway photo competition.   Details at

28th March:  Publication of finalised “Appraisal Framework” by the Airports Commission.

 25-29 March 2014     The IPCC’s (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s)  Fifth Assessment Report  WG II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability will be published   Details  ttp://

End of March:   Goverment will give its response to the Airports Commission Interim Report (perhaps with a comment on recommendation of a new independent noise authority, probably only in an advisory capacity.

31st March:  2nd IPPC report on impacts of climate change.   Summary for Policymakers of the second part of the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report    Details.


March or April –  DfT  has said it will respond to the Airports Commission’s short-term suggestions



Key dates for the aviation ETS proposal

3 March: Environment Council
4 March: Second Trilogue
14 March: Transport Council
31 March: Aviation ETS 2013 reporting deadline
2-3 and 14-17 April: European Parliament plenary sessions – The deadline for a decision


April 2014


2nd April:  The first phase of NATS public consultation on the re-design of London Airspace completed on 21 January; a report will be published on 2nd April at

4th April (to 16th May) – Gatwick airport will start a consultation on 3 runway options.  [Only option to say No to an new runway is buried in section D]   Link

7 – 11 and 13 April 2014     The IPCC’s (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s)  Fifth Assessment Report  WG III: Mitigation of Climate Change  will be published   Details  ttp://

April 2014: Vote in Plenary of the European Parliament on aviation in the ETS.

End of April 2014:   The UK government now has two months to respond to the European Commission’s legal action on air pollution.  Link



May 2014

1st May – European countries (France, Germany, UK) cease to be able to penalise airlines not complying with EU ETS  details 

2nd May:  end of Farnborough airport airspace consultation – the airport wants to greatly expand their controlled airspace.   Details

9th May – deadline for the “refreshed” scheme designs for the 3 short-listed runway schemes (2 at Heathrow, 1 at Gatwick) to be submitted to Airports Commission.

16th May – end of Gatwick consultation (start 4th April)   Link

22nd May – local elections for parts of England.   For all 32 London boroughs, all 36 metropolitan boroughs, 76 second-tier district authorities, 20 unitary authorities and various mayoral posts

22nd May – European Parliament elections. Most of the results of the election will be announced on Sunday 25 May, after voting has closed throughout the 28 member states of the European Union.

 23rd May  – deadline for Airports Commission consultation in which respondents are invited to submit analysis, evidence, and additional research or comments on an inner Thames Estuary airport.   Details 

23rd May – start of Gatwick 12 week consultation on future fight paths. Details



 June 2014

 1st June –  Deadline for submissions to Heathrow 3rd runway competition.  Details at

9th June – start of Airports Commission consultation on its discussion paper on the role of the regional airports.  Ends 25th July   Details

9th June – start of NATS consultation on changes to Stansted flight paths.  Ends  8th September.   Details

 18th June –  Gala evening to judge Heathrow 3rd runway competiiton

26th June – RunwaysUK conference on a new runway and land use planning.  Link

June and early July – convergences of people from across France to Nantes, many on foot or bike, to take part in the gathering at Notre Dame des Landes on 5/6th July.


July 2014

5-6th July:  ACIPA, the group fighting plans for a new Nantes airport at Notre Dame des Landes, is holding another huge protest.  Facebook details 

15th July – like to be the date when the Committee on Climate Change report on climate progress, including comment on Airports Commission’s December interim report.      Details 

15th July – Government is expected to give its response to the Airports Commission’s Interim Report, which came out in December 2013. This response was initially expected at the end of March.

15th July – The Defra/Dft approved Noise Action Plans for all the airports will be issued.

24th – Gatwick Airport Ltd to publish results of runway consultation and  summary of runway plans

25th July – end of Airports Commission consultation on its discussion paper on the role of the regional airports.  Details

10th July – Airports Commission carrying out 4 studies to assess the feasibility of
the Inner Estuary Hub concept (one on surface transport).  Final studies will be published for comment in July. link    First report, on Environmental Impacts, published on 4th July.


August 2014

8th August – End of consultation period for comment on the Airports Commission paper on Environmental Impacts of a Thames estuary airport.  Details.

15th August –  end of Gatwick 12 week consultation on future fight paths. Details

15th August – end of Airports Commission call for evidence on delivery of new runway capacity.  Details


 Mid – 2014  – Airports Commission will decide if a Thames Estuary runway option, at the Isle of Grain, should be given more consideration in the second half of the year. Their interim report said (seems like an afterthought):”If a decision is reached that it should, it will be subject to similar appraisal and consultation processes as the short-listed options, although not necessarily to the same timescale.”



September 2014

2nd –  Commission announced its decision not to short list a Thames Estuary airport

2nd – Start of Stansted consultation on its draft Sustainable Development Plan (SDP). Details

4th –  Start of London City Airport consultation on airspace changes are RNAV. Ends 27th November. Details

The London City Airport flight path consultation document is more explanation, FAQs etc at

8th September – End of NATS consultation (started  9th June) on changes to Stansted flight paths.     Details


October 2014

10th October:   Meeting with Heathrow, chaired by Michael Gove MP, for affected residents of the 3 villages (Lightwater, Windlesham & Bagshot)

13th October: Public meeting to be held at the Pavillion on Ascot racecourse at 7.30pm  (doors open at 7pm) about Heathrow flight path trial  Details  

Oct 2014 – the Airports Commission will publish the “refreshed” scheme designs for the three runway proposals (Heathrow north west option; Heathrow western extension of north runway; Gatwick southern runway).  And a consultation would start, on these schemes, lasting perhaps till December.

22nd October – Meeting organised by Plane Wrong in Beare Green about Gatwick flight path changes.  Details

23rd October – Meeting organised by Plane Wrong in Redhill about Gatwick flight path changes.  Details

24th October –  Meeting in Englfield Green (south west of Heathrow) about new flight paths. 7pm.   Details.  Organised by  “Stop trial Flight Path Routes over Englefield Green”

27-31 October 2014    The IPCC’s (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s)  Full Fifth Assessment Report   AR5 Synthesis Report (SYR) will be published  Details  ttp://

31st October 2014 – end of consultation by GLA (Greater London Authority) on their Infrastructure Plan for London till 2050.  Boris Johnson still pushing his aspiration of a 4 runway airport in the Thames Estuary. Link 


November 2014

7th – end of Stansted airport consultation on its draft SDP (Sustainable Development Plan). Details 

18th November – meeting by Betchworth, Buckland and Brockham Parish Councils on impacts of Gatwick runway plans.  Details

19th November – deadline for submission of comments on Heathrow appeal against refusal by Hillingdon Council of works to enable take-offs to the east from the northern runway. Details

22nd November – protest meeting by GACC (Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign) against Gatwick flight path and 2nd runway plans. Gatwick’s BIG Enough.  Details.

At the Apple Tree Centre, Crawley RH11 0AF.
2.00 pm (doors open 1.00 pm) to 3.30 pm

 27th – End of London City Airport consultation on airspace changes are RNAV.  Details


December 2014

3rd – Airports Commission public evidence session on Heathrow.

16th – Airports Commission public evidence session on Gatwick.