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16.06.11 Jet2 wins Blackpool Airport opening hours court case 
16.04.11 Blackpool Airport defend £10 flight tax  
18.01.11 New Madeira flights from Blackpool Airport
08.01.11 Jet2 take over ground handling at Blackpool Airport


Jet2 to pick up their own baggage at Blackpool

7th January 2011     Jet2 recently won a High Court battle with Blackpool airport after bosses there said they wouldn’t cater for late night or early morning flights.  Jet2 will now take over check-in desks and baggage handling operations to secure its future at the airport. Jet2 staff will now greet passengers, check them in and carry out airside roles. Jet2 now employs over 60 staff at the airport and plans to take on a further 10 over the busy summer season.   Click here to view full story…

Jet2 win court injunction against Blackpool airport so it has to stay open after 9pm
5th November 2010    Holiday flights were to have been diverted away from Blackpool Airport as a row with escalated. The airline had been told that all flights due to arrive after 9pm would have to find somewhere else to land. as staff could not be paid to stay late.  A high court decision has now reversed this.  The airport is due to lose £2.7m this year and could be ready to shed 85 jobs. It was no longer prepared to provide ground staff for late night Jet2 services.     Click here to view full story…

Blackpool flights to be diverted after 9pm to save on staff time

3rd November 2010    Holiday flightsare being diverted away from Blackpool Airport as a row with budget airline escalates. The airline has been told that all flights due to arrive after 9pm will have to find somewhere else to land… as the airport is CLOSED. The airport is due to lose £2.7m this year and could be ready to shed 85 jobs. It is no longer prepared to provide ground staff for late night Jet2 services, which have to divert to Manchester.    Click here to view full story…


Blackpool Airport in crisis


23.10.10   Blackpool Airport is in reported to be in crisis with two thirds of its staff facing the sack and bosses admitting they could lose their biggest airline. The Gazette reports all 125 workers were called in for a mass meeting yesterday and told as many as 85 of them could be made redundant. The shock move has come after low-cost airline Jet2 told the airport there was ‘no potential for growth’ in its European services from Blackpool. Airport bosses also told the newspaper that their business has suffered ‘substantial loss’ due to the recession. They blame a downturn in the aviation market and say a ground crew handling agreement with Jet2 is no longer viable. It has left them £1m out-of-pocket over the last five years. Now the airline is being asked to provide its own ‘handling’ staff or bring in a contractor, with fears Jet2 may opt to quit the airport, despite having a 10 year contract. (UK Airport News)  link




Blackpool Airport seeks business help for London link

25.06.10   Business travellers from across Lancashire and the Lake District are being canvassed for their views to help reinstate a sought after London link from Blackpool Airport. The airport is seeking the opinions of North West business travellers to gather vital information about preferred flying destinations, favoured flying timings and general travel arrangements.  (UK Airport News)  link

24.05.10 Blackpool Airport launch staff learning zone
07.04.10 Blackpool Airport call on public to ask airlines for flights
Blackpool Airport passengers down 25% in January

15.03.10  Blackpool Airport bosses say the hub is looking to a brighter future – despite a sharp fall of almost 25% in  passenger numbers in January compared to a year earlier.  Bad weather, with the airport closed for much of a two week period contributed to the poor passenger figures, but was largely due to the departure of Ryanair. Just 4,875 people passed through the terminal in January, compared to 6,118 12 months previous. (UK Airport News)   link

27.11.09 Blackpool Airport announce new boss
06.09.09 Jet2 announce Blackpool – Jersey flights
02.08.09 Blackpool Airport gains Bulgaria flights from next summer
14.06.09 Blackpool Airport boss to leave
19.05.09 Jet2 cut Blackpool – Alicante frequency
16.03.09 Blackpool Airport’s £2.5m redevelopment progressing
Blackpool Airport to expand car park as “demand soars” !!??

18th April 2009    The airport plans to extend the terminal’s car parks, by 500 spaces. There are currently 485 passenger parking spaces and 135 visitors spaces. There is also an overspill car park with 120 spaces. The airport, which made a pre-tax loss of £4.2m for the year to May 2008, is trying to attract passengers from other North West airports as it seeks to turn a profit. Bob Fielding, from the lcoal group ROAR said: “Airport expansion is now a thing of the past.” (Gazette)     Click here to view full story…


Blackpool Airport passengers down by 63%

28th February 2009   Passenger numbers at Blackpool have dropped by 63% in a year. Just over 7,000 people used terminal in January this year compared to 19,236 in January 2008. The withdrawal of routes has been blamed for the drop rather than the credit crunch. In January Ryanair pull the plug on its flights to Dublin and Girona after the airport introduced its controversial £10 airport development fee payable by all passengers aged over 16. (Gazette)   Click here to view full story…

06.02.09 Flybe / Loganair announce Blackpool – IOM flights

Huge boost for Blackpool Airport – runway improvement

7th February 2009     The airport hopes to have more long haul flights due to a £1m cash injection. The money is being used to upgrade the runway following the introduction of the controversial Airport Development Fee (ADF) at £10 per passenger. The airport wants services from Blackpool to be extended to the eastern and southern Mediterranean. There will be a partial re-laying of the runway, taxiway and the apron where planes are parked, starting on 23rd Feb. (Blackpool Gazette)     Click here to view full story…

New air route gets off to flying start
Just six weeks after Ryanair pulled its services from Blackpool, Dublin-based carrier Aer Arann flew in to save the route to Dublin.
Blackpool Gazette    3.1.2009  
Click here to view full story

Airport shrugs off Carlisle revival plan

24th December 2008     Blackpool Airport says plans to increase passenger numbers will not be affected by proposals to develop Carlisle Airport. Carlisle City Council’s planning committee has approved a £19m scheme by Stobart, which includes encouraging more passengers. A spokeswoman for Blackpool Airport said the growth at Carlisle would not have an negative impact on the Squires Gate hub. (Gazette)     Click here to view full story…


29.11.2008  ‘Not the end for resort airport’, pledges boss    (Blackpool Gazette)
Some of the stories from UK Airport News:
05.01.09 Blackpool Airport introduce £10 passenger fee
25.12.08 Blackpool Airport not concerned about Carlisle plan
03.12.08 Aer Arann announce Blackpool – Dublin flights
25.11.08 Ryanair pull out of Blackpool Airport over tax
20.11.08 Blackpool Airport – £10 charge but free car parking
08.10.08 Job losses at Blackpool Airport
14.08.08 Free parking at Blackpool airport
25.07.08 Jet2 announce Blackpool – Menorca flights
20.07.08 Blackpool Airport lose Belfast flight
12.07.08 Blackpool Airport objects to wind farm plans
07.06.08 Air race for Blackpool Airport
16.05.08 Jet2 add Blackpool Airport ski route
10.05.08 New Blackpool Airport owners target London link
06.05.08 Balfour Beatty buys Blackpool Airport
13.04.08 Blackpool Airport hopes to restore London link
10.02.08 Blackpool Airport – Jersey route scrapped
03.12.07 Blackpool Airport working on return of London route
02.12.07 Cheap flights between Blackpool Airport and Isle of Man
10.11.07 New Blackpool Airport boss has high targets
11.10.07 Jet2 announce new Blackpool – Ibiza flights
18.09.07 Woman tried to hide iguana in bra at Blackpool Airport
16.09.07 Blackpool Airport passenger growth projection scaled back
Jet2 puts Blackpool Airport summer 2008 flights on sale
27.07.07 Jet2 offer £74 winter holidays from Blackpool Airport
04.07.07 Jetstream Express scraps Blackpool flights

Blackpool Airport objects to wind farm plans

12.07.08  (UK Airport News)       Blackpool Airport has objected to plans for a £2.5 million giant wind turbine tower on the outskirts of Garstang. The airport fears that the 127 metre high turbine proposed for the Dewlay cheese factory off the A6 at Kirkland could hamper their radar – threatening the safety of planes and passengers.     Link to story

Balfour Beatty pays £14m for Blackpool airport

CONTRACT JOURNAL, 6 May 2008    Balfour Beatty has paid £14m to acquire a 95% stake in Blackpool airport.  The seller was Mar Properties, a Northern Ireland-based property developer.   The minority shareholder, Blackpool Borough Council, is supportive of the change.   In January 2007 Balfour paid £60m for Exeter Airport.    link to story


Blackpool Airport urged to go green

31.05.07   (UK Airport News)       Fylde Council and Blackpool Airport‘s neighbours have called on Balfour Beatty, the airport’s new owner, to tackle carbon emissions, the Gazette reports. The appeal comes as Fylde aims to rid itself of the unwanted tag of being one of the least energy efficient boroughs in the country.

Officers from the council have already met with representatives from the construction giant to discuss how to tackle pollution. Council leader John Coombes hopes activities both on the ground and in the air can be made more green.