Publications on Economics and Employment

Economics and Employment 

Title:  AirportWatch briefing on economics and aviation
Date:       January 2011
Author:    AirportWatch
Length:    8 pages
Summary:   The Government, as it begins to draw up its aviation policy in 2011, would do well to take a long, hard look at what the aviation industry actually contributes to the economy
Link:      AirportWatch economics briefing 

Title:   “Airport Jobs: false hopes, cruel hoax”

Date:   March 2009 
Author:  Aviation Environment Federation (AEF) 
Length:  23 pages 
 Summary:   A new study of the employment provided by airports and airlines from the economist Brendon Sewill concludes that the Government should stop giving people false hopes about the number of jobs which would be created by the expansion of airports. 
Link:   The report and executive summary are at    “Airport Jobs: false hopes, cruel hoax”   





Title:  “£10 billion a year tax bonus for airlines even with increase in Air Passenger Duty (APD)”

Date:  October 2009
Author:  AirportWatch
Length:  1 page
Summary:  Treasury figures show that, even with the APD increase, aviation continues to receive significant tax-breaks.  The notional benefit that aviation receives by paying no fuel tax and no VAT is up to £10 billion a year.  By contrast Air Passenger Duty in 2009-10 is expected to raise £1.8 billion. 
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Title:   “Plane Truths – Do the economic arguments for aviation growth really fly?”
Date:  September 2008
Author:  World Development Movement (WDM) and New Economics Foundation (NEF)
Length:   60 pages
Summary:  New research says the economic case for airport expansion is unfounded, and international tourism is more of a risk than a benefit for developing nations. This report reveals that increased air travel and tourism leaves UK taxpayers out of pocket, and benefits multinational tour operators and hotel chains, rather than the poor.     
WDM press release on the launch
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