Third Party Risk Briefing


AirportWatch has produced a simple introduction to the subject of Third Party
Risk, and Public Safety Zones, at airports.
   (March 2009 – updated November 2010)  




The land close to the end of an airport runway is a risky place to be.   While
Public Safety Zone (PSZ) planning policy, if properly applied,  should prevent
significant growth in  the numbers of people at heightened risk of death or serious
injury, they do not address all of the possible risks.


Most Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) appear to believe that PSZ policy is all
that is required to protect the public.   It is, therefore, vital that campaigners
press local councils to address the dangers in their plan policies and when considering
planning applications.
In particular, a commitment to limiting risk from aircraft operations to tolerable
levels should be included in policies for airport development.   When considering
proposals for high-occupancy land-uses such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls
and sports stadia  in the vicinity of airports, LPAs should ensure that the overall
risk is kept within tolerable limits.
 Third Party Risk around airports – Briefing   (Nov 2010)   (pdf)
(5 pages)
If you want to find out more about Third Party Risk, or Public Safety Zones at airports, or if you have questions, please contact AirportWatch, and
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