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Economics and Employment

Details of Economics and Employment publications and links to them

These include:

– “International Air Connectivity for Business”  (AirportWatch, August 2011)   NEW !

– “Airport Jobs: false hopes, cruel hoax”   (AEF – March 2009) “£10 billion a year tax bonus for airlines even with increase in Air Passenger Duty (APD)”  –  (AirportWatch – September 2009)

– “Plane Truths – Do the economic arguments for aviation growth really fly?” (WDM – September 2008)

Noise, flight paths, health  

Details of Noise, flight paths and health publications and links to them

These include:

– “Review of the airport draft Noise Action Plans”   (AEF –  February 2010)
–  Night noise guidelines for Europe (WHO/Europe – October 2009)
–  Ranch study – Aircraft and road traffic noise and children’s cognition and health: a cross-national study (Lancet – 2005)
 – HYENA (HYpertension and Exposure to Noise near Airports study    (Medical researchers – March 2008)
 – ANASE Study (Attitudes to Noise from Aviation Sources) by MVA Consultancy – October 2007)
 a few extracts only
 – “Flying to Distraction”   (CPRE  – 2003)
 – Public health impact of large airports    (Dutch Government – 1999)

Aviation and climate change  

Details of Aviation and Climate Change publications and links to them

   (See also under Specific Airport-related reports
     for Gatwick climate change data)
These include:
– “Aviation and Climate Change Policy in the UK”  (AirportWatch, by Pete Lockley, July 2011)
–  Committee on Climate Change, 4th Carbon Budget report  (CCC – December 2010)
 – “Aviation and Climate Change: Public Opinion and the Scope for Action”  (Woodnewton Associates – December 2007)
 – ‘A Dangerous Distraction.   Why offsetting is failing the climate and people:  the evidence’   (FoE – June 2009)

– “Muslim Green Guide to Reducing Climate Change” (IFEES – September 2008)

– “UK Air Passenger Demand and Carbon Dioxide Forecasts 2009”  (DfT – January 2009)

– “The future starts here – the route to a low carbon economy”  (Friends of the Earth and the Tyndall Centre – September 2006)

– “Predict and Decide”  Aviation, climate change and UK policy  (Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University – September 2006)

– “Aviation Growth – just how bad is it for the climate?”  (AirportWatch leaflet  – August 2008)

– “Aviation in a Low-Carbon EU”    (Tyndall Centre report – September 2007)

Specific airport related reports  

Details of specific airport-related publications and links to them
These include:
– “The Two Faces of BAA”   (AirportWatch – February 2006)

– Book “Victory Against All The Odds”  (by John Stewart, HACAN  –  August 2010)

– Flight Paths Report  “Approach Noise at Heathrow: Concentrating the Problem” (AEF – March 2010)


– “Flaws Galore”  (AirportWatch Aviation Economics Group – February 2008)

– Report on Heathrow economics.  “The Economics of Heathrow Expansion”  (CE Delft – February 2008)

– Submission by the WDM on the Heathrow Consultation  (World Development Movement – February 2008) Friends of the Earth Briefing:  “Heathrow expansion – its true costs”  (FoE – January 2008)

 – Heathrow.  “Emissions Impossible”  – (Aviation Environment Federation – February 2006)
 – “A Critique of The Gatwick Airport Climate Change”  (Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign  (GACC) –  August 2009)
– “Gatwick destroying climate change targets”  (Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign  –  June 2007)
  – How an airport can damage the local community  (Stop Stansted Expansion – August 2006)

Regional Airports 

Details of Regional Airports publications and links to them Including:

– “The Expansion of Regional Airports – Really a good thing?”  (AirportWatch – September 2009)

Aviation policy, future growth and growth forecasts 

Details of policy, growth and forecasts publications and links to them


These include:

– “Further Fallible Forecasts”  (AirportWatch Aviation Economics Group – March 2009)

– “Fallible Forecasts”  – a critique of the 2007 air passenger forecasts  (AirportWatch’s Aviation Economics Group – March 2008)
– “Contested Evidence: The case for an independent review of aviation policy”  (Sustainable Development Commission  – September 2008)

– AirportWatch leaflet and flyer: “WANTED – a rethink of UK aviation policy”  (AirportWatch – December 2006)

– “Pie in the Sky”  (Friends of the Earth – September 2006)

– “Fly Now – Grieve Later”   (Aviation Environment Federation  AEF  (Brendon Sewill) – June 2005)

– AirportWatch study on the December 2006 OEF report  (AirportWatch – February 2007)

– “The Hidden Cost of Flying”    (Brendon Sewill, for AEF – 2003)



– “Flying in the face of the facts – Greenwashing the aviation industry with biofuels”  (Report by Friends of the Earth, Europe.  June 2011)   14 pages. Flying in the face of the facts    and on the FoE Europe website at link

 “Greening of  Aviation”  (Biofuelwatch.  March 2009)   Greening of Aviation
Greenpeace Briefing on Biofuels.  (November 2009)
Greenpeace Briefing on Aviation


Business aviation 

Details of Economics and Employment publications and links to them

– WWF report on business air travel – “Travelling Light”  (WWF – May 2008)

– WWF report on business air travel – “Moving on: why flying less means more to business” (WWF – March 2011)

Alternatives to aviation

 – “Alternatives to Aviation”  (Campaign for Better Transport report – October 2008)


European airports and issues

Exchange – Number 1 April 2011
 CE Delft report on the economic costs and benefits of Nantes Airport (France)
October 2011   47 pages.   CE Delft report on Nantes CE Delft economic study shows cost of building a new Nantes airport would exceed its benefits28th October 2011  Campaigners fighting the building of a new airport at Nantes (France) have commissioned a report by CE Delft, looking into the economics of building the airport, and whether there would be a financial benefit. This finds that, when correcting for the extremely high valuation of time and taking oil price projections and inclusion of aviation in the EU ETS into account, the costs of the new airport at Notre-Dame-des-Landes exceed the benefits. Click here to view full story…