Demand Issues

AirportWatch has produced two documents on the economic aspects of aviation.  
The first deals with the contribution aviation makes to the national economy,
and to regional regeneration.

Aviation and the Economy   (pdf)

The second paper deals with taxation and aviation, and equity and aviation.

Aviation, Taxation and Equity   (pdf)

Why airport expansion is bad for regional economies  

The UK runs a massive economic deficit from air travel.   Foreign visitors arriving
by air spent nearly £11 billion in the UK in 2004, but UK residents flying out
spent £26 billion abroad – a loss to the UK economy of £15 billion pounds.

This Friends of the Earth briefing shows that at a regional level these figures
are even more stark. For example the North East earned £177 million from overseas
visitors in 2004, but North East residents flying abroad spent £938 million –
five times as much, resulting in a deficit to the North East economy of £761 million.  
All regions except London run a huge economic deficit from aviation.

Why airport expansion is bad for regional economies