Angry Heathrow residents disrupt Minister’s speech at Chatham House

The residents from West London joined environmental activists from climate action
group, Plane Stupid, and breached security at Chatham House. Some unfurled a banner
reading, "No third runway" whilst another went nose-to-nose with the Minister
in front of the conference delegates.     Other residents with banners demonstrated
outside the conference centre.   Local resident Dr John Hunt from Hounslow went
onto the stage with Alexander, and said, "For decades the government has betrayed
us with a catalogue of broken promises. In the 80s we were told Terminal 4 would
be the last expansion, then in the 90s we were told Terminal 5 would be the end.
Now we’re facing yet more noise and more concrete, and this time they want to
wipe our entire community off the map. The time for gentle persuasion is over.
Douglas Alexander is warned: the fight back has begun."   (Times story)

Angry Heathrow residents disrupt Minister’s speech