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WWF’s Travel Smart commitment

WWF is asking as many people as possible to make a commitment that if they travel
abroad on holiday, they do so in a way that does least environmental damage. One of its pledges is to take holidays near home, and avoid travelling by air
where possible.
  Another is to support reputable, conservation-minded tour operators and suppliers.
Sign up at WWF Travel Smart


Check out Skeptical Science …
… a really useful website which lists almost all the possible arguments used
by climate sceptics, and tried to counter them with the current scientific position.
Skeptic Arguments and What the Science Says
For example:
 and  many, many  others.


Give yourself a  break – with Fascinating Aida

4 minutes of Fascinating Aida’s take on cheap flights.     Not to be missed.
50p flights?         Feckin’ brilliant !

“Boris Island” airport   in the Thames Estuary – petition

London Mayor Boris Johnson is still keen to push on with plans for this crazy
scheme, for a massive 5 runway airport on recaimed land.   It would have serious
consequences for wildlife and ruin irreplaceable habitat for migrating birds.  
Suitable substitute areas are not available for them. People in north Kent are
very worried about the dreadful prospect of a mega-airport on their  doorstep,
so Medway Council and Kent County  Council have started a campaign to get opposition
to any plans to build this monster.   It is not a matter of either expanding Heathrow,
or having Boris Island, or indeed having any other runways at London airports.  
They should all be opposed, strenuously.

Sign the petition against the airport at Stop Estuary Airport petition

See the RSPB statement on the proposed airport

And the Stop the Estuary Airport campaign

Sign the Manston (Kent International) Airport
Night Flights petition:

“We, the undersigned, object to any night flights (11pm to 7am) into or out of
Manston Airport is owned by Infratil, a New Zealand-based multi-national. Their
long-standing ‘S106’ agreement with Thanet District Council bans all scheduled
night flights in the 8 hours between 11pm and 7am.    Infratil now want to change
that, and recently asked TDC for permission to start scheduling night flights.

The noise from any flights in the 8 hours between 11pm and 7am is far more intrusive
and disruptive than at any other time of day.   Night flights would reduce the
quality of life for everyone within earshot of the flightpath. The runway ends
less than a mile from the edge of Ramsgate, so thousands of homes  are seriously

See     for more info.
Businesses – join the WWF “One in Five” Challenge, to cut flights
WWF’s report, Travelling Light, has found that there is great potential for businesses to fly less while remaining
productive. There are many good reasons why businesses are now flying less and
making greater use of audio and videoconferencing.  

If you think your business would be interested in taking up the One in Five Challenge,
or if you would like to find out more, please contact us at

More details at One in Five Challenge


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Take the Flight Pledge

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