Redhill Aerodrome


14 February 2013 – UPDATE
2012 Planning Application for hard runway and infrastructure
The Council reviewed additional information which was received in January 2013. A further response was submitted to R&BBC. Click on the link below to view the letter:-
R&BBC have confirmed that the application will not go to Planning Committee until April or may 2013.
Salfords and Sidlow Parish Council agreed to object to the application at the Council meeting on 3 September 2012. Please see the link below for a copy of the of the objection letter.
The Parish Council held a public meeting on Wednesday 29 August 2012 at Salfords village hall. There was excellentbpublic participation with over 110 attendees. Redhill Aerodrome Limited (RAL) provided a brief presentation on the new application.

Please see the link below for the Planning Application Summary Report:-


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TA/2012/1027  Redhill Aerodrome Hard Runway

Additional information


I refer to our previous objections to the proposed hard runway and associated works.


We still continue to object on the grounds previously set out. We note that Surrey CC also continues to object with regards to the poor access.


We are concerned to see that the business plan and economic case are confidential.

We object to this. We understand that consultants are to analyse the economic case. However, if the information sent to them is suspect  and third parties are unable to access it and evaluate it, this is an unacceptable approach.


We would hope that the environmental effects are sufficient to warrant refusal but if the matter goes to appeal it is essential that data as important as the economic justification is in the public domain.


I hope you can assist on this matter.



Yours sincerely,